Vicky Farrow, Managing Director Of Quintessence Yachts Who Build Aston Martin Boats

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Vicky Farrow

Vicky Farrow

There is a popular saying, “what a man can do, a woman can do better”. I’ve never believed this to be true as men always had the upper hand in this modern society and women were always considered the lesser and weaker beings. However, this young and exceptional lady has proved that indeed a woman can become successful in the midst of men. Though Vicky Farrow is a woman, she has directed a team who has uplifted Quintessence Yachts making them known globally for their wonderful boats. Her rise to power didn’t just happen out of the blue, but it was a gradual one which unfolds in the following paragraphs. Vicky Farrow remains an experienced Sales Director with over 15 years’ experience in the marine industry working with some of the best-known luxury motorboat brands. However, as a child growing up on the water, she was a fun but yet reserved person who had a strong desire for adventure. She also possessed some wonderful features that made her stand out amongst her peers.

Some Of The Features She Possessed To Highlight A Few Are:

  • Liveliness
  • An eagerness to learn
  • Good judgment
  • An adventure seeker, wanting the see the world.
  • The ability, knowledge and qualifications required to drive a boat
  • Eloquence
  • Great initiative

Vicky, being the exceptional lady she is started her career in a wonderful way. She was able to secure her first sales a job for Windy Boats at Berthon where she originally began working as a Dockmaster.  There, thanks to the superb mentoring by Sue Grant at Berthon, it was clear to see her unmatchable sales skills, coupled with her competent skippering and boating experience so it didn’t take long before she was moved to work with another luxury motorboat company, Princess. Still exceeding expectations, she moved to work for Sunseeker and then onto Fairline.    

Quintessence Yachts

Vicky’s passion for sales coupled with her love of boats made her succeed beyond great boundaries, making her limitless. She climbed higher and higher, working for different companies in countries like Dubai, Qatar, Montenegro, South of France, Spain, and the Seychelles to name but a few, where her luxury motorboat experience was further strengthened by selling Atlantis, Azimut, Benetti and Ferretti Yachts. She finally got employed by Quintessence Yachts who manufacture boats for one of the best known British brands, Aston Martin. Here things were more challenging as this company had great people working for them and Vicky knew she would have to buckle up if she wanted to succeed and achieve her dreams of utilizing her expertise to drive the business forward globally. 

Her skills and expertise were constantly tested once she started to work at Quintessence Yachts. Vicky always wanted to be the best she could be where ever she was employed and as such, she faced her greatest test. She had to prove herself by sealing a sales deal that her company has always wanted with one of the top companies that were in the market to buy luxury motorboats. This was not an easy task, because of the male-dominated marine industry. 

Aston Martin – AM37

Sales Director at Aston Martin

Vicky is exceptional. She knew most of these companies believed more in what they see and not what they heard. To that effect, she made a practical demonstration of how profitable it would be if they purchased their boats instead of doing a theoretical one. She gave them a first-hand opportunity to see the wonders of the boats in stock at Quintessence Yachts. Using her practical knowledge and expertise as a master skipper, she awed them with her presentation and they were compelled to buy what 

Quintessence Yachts offered. That marked the beginning of her new position in the company as the new Sales Director at Aston Martin. Quintessence Yachts prospered like never before, spreading its reach across the globe and to think this was only possible because of the efforts and leadership skills their now Managing Director, Vicky Farrow, possessed. With this, it is evident that there is a better chance of gender equality as Vicky Farrow has shown us that with diligence and commitment, anything is achievable no matter your gender.  

Vicky Farrow Succeeded because:

  • She played by the rules
  • She is generous and kind
  • She showed expertise, tenacity, and commitment to achieve her goals
  • She’s willing to go the extra mile
  • She didn’t ever allow mediocrity to limit her

With this, I hope this article, the inspirational story of Vicky Farrow, will not just serve as a story but as a motivation to women out there, who are bound by the chains of an inferiority complex, that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that with hard work you can succeed no matter what gender you are.

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