The Story Behind The Moonstone Spiritual Boutique

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    June 20, 2022
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Priscilla Aybar was going through a spiritual journey, a personal development in her life that made her realize she needed to take immediate action to start LIVING a life full of ABUNDANCE! She started to question her purpose in this life and realized that there is just so much more to life than what she was doing. So much more she still has yet to accomplish. These intention candles have and are guiding her to get in tune with her inner self and live an abundant life. She is grateful because of it! And now she wants to help others feel their higher self. Feel good, think positive, release the negative energy & live a full life. And then, Moonstone was born. Her baby – it brings the founder great joy & happiness when handcrafting these candles. She only creates them when she is experiencing her higher self when her vibration and frequency with the universe are at their highest. She is grateful for having been given this opportunity & thankful for all the support she has been given and continues to receive. 

‘’By keeping a gratitude mindset, anything is possible.’’ Priscilla Aybar

Tell us in your own words what do you do? 

I handcraft luxury crystal-infused manifestation candles with lots of love and high vibrations for my online boutique, Moonstone Spiritual Glam Boutique. In addition to my boutique, I am host & creator of the YouTube channel, The Manifestation Flow with Priss, where I take beautiful souls on a journey through my self-documented, unedited and raw, healing and manifestation journey. Through my work, I inspire the collective in elevating their thinking to transform their lives by declaring abundance and freedom.  

What was your thought process behind starting Moonstone Spiritual Boutique? 

My thought process behind starting Moonstone Spiritual Glam Boutique was to infuse my love for crystals and candles into one. My goal was to bridge the gap of manifesting your desires with everyday tools such as crystals and candles when placing our intention out into the Universe. Crystals and candles have the power to heal and strengthen, in addition to supporting one in manifesting their wishes and desires. Through the process of infusing the two into one, my candles are energetically alchemized to illuminate one’s intentions by releasing their message and sending their energy out into the Universe once lit.  

How did you first become interested working for yourself? I

 wanted to start something that I had a burning desire for and that provided me with the freedom to do whatever I wished to do at my own pace. Working for myself is an opportunity that I truly cherish and value.  

What was the hardest part of working for yourself? 

How to get started. I had no idea what vendor to use for the systems I had to put in place and where to go to obtain the products I needed to design these beautiful manifestation candles. It required me to do a lot of researching and figuring out what systems and processes worked best for me. 

Did you have any setbacks, challenges, or epiphanies along the way? 

Judgment from family and friends and the idea of no longer committing to the career I built for myself. I wasn’t sure how I would be received. For the most part, it was a mindset challenge that I was able to overcome through deep inner work and reframing my story to one that supported me in shifting my mindset to the person I wanted to become.

Tell us something about your Moonstone Spiritual Boutique what’s the style like and who are your customers? 

Moonstone Spiritual Glam Boutique is an online boutique that is filled with lots of love and high vibes. Not only do I sell products but my mission is to inspire the collective by providing them with manifestation resources to activate their higher self and start manifesting their dream reality. My clients and supporters are those who seek a high vibe life, who want to live a more prosperous and abundant life, and who seek that level of freedom and prosperity that is their birthright. 

What are the best and worst things about your job? 

The best thing about my work is when I handcraft these beautiful luxury crystal-infused manifestation candles. It’s like a piece of art! I am always in a vibe when I make them. They make me feel at ease and at peace. That’s what’s so unique about my candles. I handcraft each and every single one of them and make them out of pureness. My intentions are genuine. I make them think about my client, and how it will make them feel and support them in manifesting their desires. I wouldn’t necessarily say the worst part of my job but what I least like is having to manage it all. I do it all. From the candles to the packaging, the shipping and delivery, content, graphics, etc. I am currently looking for a social media assistant to delegate some of those tasks to that person.    

Share us some tips on how to become more a happier and healthier person. 

Love this! My biggest tip yet so simple is to incorporate the practice of gratitude in your day-to-day. Gratitude opens you up to so much abundance. It teaches you how to be grateful for what you already have and appreciate those things. A few years back, I back my manifestation journey by practicing gratitude. I started to notice small changes in my life yet so powerful. It provided me with a whole new perspective on how I viewed life and the things I had. I even found a gratitude rock lying on the pavement out of nowhere one day and I was filled with so much amazement and happiness. My life truly started to feel magical. Through the practice of gratitude, you will start to experience beautiful things in life and your mindset will naturally shift towards a happier and healthier you. 

How do you think modern women can be more fulfilled in their lives? 

By following your intuition. This is a feeling you will get with ease and gracefully take your inspired action, so as to not be confused with one’s ego. I truly believe if we all tap into our inner self, look from within, we can find our calling, our purpose in life – this will organically lead to a more fulfilled and abundant life. 

What is a skill you think all women should learn and why? 

To be unapologetic and stand by her beliefs. This mindset will naturally produce self-respect, confidence, and motivation, to name a few, to do what one desires to do without caring about what others will think. It supports women in developing character and holding their ground and I think this is an important skill for all women to have.  

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