The Six Female Personality Types You Should Know About

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    May 12, 2022
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The Six Female Personality Types You Should Know About women on topp Wana Miri

Wana Miri - Founder & CEO Women On Topp

Women, like men are often categorised by common personality types. When we learn about these personality types, we’re able to better understand each other to know the types of professional roles that would suit us, why we might be a certain way and the best way we can communicate with other personality types in order to optimise the exchange and better support each other and our teams.

You may have heard of the six personality types below. I think there’s something special about each of them. I’m drawn to the Sigma type, as she encompasses a bit of all of the other types and it makes most sense to me and who I am. See if any of them resonate with you.

The Alpha

  • Confident (self-assured and values her Self)
  • Charming (easily mesmerises her audience in a natural way)
  • Decision-maker (quick, analytical approach)
  • Independent (is not reliant or dependent on others)
  • Leader (may need to allow someone else to take the lead sometimes)
  • Popular (is respected and envied by both men and other females)

The Beta

  •  Anxious (stems from wanting to fit in, instead of being explicit and open about what she wants)
  • Avoids conflict/ Unreactive (prefers not to say anything if it brings about conflict)
  • Kind (to be accepted)
  • Friendly (needs to balance this so she’s not taken advantage of)
  • Submissive (social constructs because she wants to fit in)
  • Helpful (needs to balance her want to be respected with her true Self)

The Gamma

  • Achiever (sets goals for herself and is driven to achieve them because she’s confident in her abilities)
  • Confident (secure in herself)
  • Driven (self-motivated to achieve her goals)
  • Independent (ensures her needs are met first before giving to others)
  • Organised (consistency and logic enable her high-achieving lifestyle)
  • Self-validating (doesn’t seek approval from others or people-please)

The Delta

  • Communication skills (ability to express her needs and see from the perspective of others)
  • Observer (tends to be reserved around new people and in social situations)
  • Realistic (lives in practicality instead of fantasy, which also grounds her in patience)
  • Shy (enjoys the comforts of her home and to be around people she’s familiar with)
  • Self-conscious (magnifies her flaws in terms of appearance because she is confident in other aspects so these become prominent to her)

The Omega

  • Deep connections (with a select few and can hold on to emotions instead of releasing or expressing them)
  • Intelligent (always reading, learning and picking up new skills and has high standards)
  • Loyal (willing to be of service and to help friends and loved ones)
  • Romantic (deeply and privately lives in a world of romance hoping to one day connect with a like-minded partner)
  • Timid (tends to be reserved in social situations with unknown people)

The Sigma

  • Confident (similar external traits to an Alpha with the ability to balance being seen as approachable versus intimidating)
  • Deep thinking (she’s analytical and has probably seen a situation from multiple perspectives and run it in her mind several times before making a decision)
  • Emotional (forms emotional ties that can be challenging to let go of)
  • Independent (is not reliant or dependent on others)
  • Loyal (willing to be of service and to help friends and loved ones)
  • Self-assured (in a mysterious way that appeals to others)

There’s something about the Sigma female where she encompasses many traits from the other personality types and when you bring that all into balance, she’s really something to admire but only because it’s true to her and suits her nature and essence. 

  • She does not seek validation from society. 
  • She is independent and doesn’t need other people.
  • She is loyal to a few people that are close to her.
  • She can be introverted with an air of power and charm.
  • She’s unconventional.
  • Neither a leader, nor a follower.
  • She makes up her own rules.
  • She is respectful to all and not exclusively within social hierarchical structures.
  • She sees everyone as equal.
  • She is a deep thinker and observer.
  • It may be a challenge to read her.
  • She’s not into societal and conventional labels.
  • She’s mysterious and does whatever she wants without conforming.
  • She easily adapts in social situations and is open minded.
  • She’s not into the latest trends and fads.
  • She makes her own choices according to her timings and her journey.
  • She’s interested in the ways of the world, introspection, developing a spiritual connection and purpose because she is not tied to the demands of societal convention.
  • She values science, philosophy and ethics.
  • She is the SIGMA female and will probably agree and disagree with this, let it go and accept it. 

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Divya Chandegra

Divya Chandegra is a global agency programme director turned life and wellness guide. Teaching clients how to resolve childhood conditioning and re-connect with their true Self to create the life they deserve to live through conscious living.

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