The Power of Women Series

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    September 26, 2018
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An Aston Martin Supported Series

The power of women is a contemporary motivational and inspirational series which brings together two extremely influential and avid superwomen to share their experiences and success stories. The show revolves around portraying the ups and downs throughout their career, challenges that came their way on the journey of achieving both professional and personal goals. The show as well projects the thoughts of the people, who were touched by these two super ladies, whether be it professionally or personally. 

The World’s Most Philanthropic, Powerful and Extraordinary Women

The series sets up the stage to feature some of the world’s most philanthropic, powerful and extraordinary women coming from varied range of industries including that of the entertainment, sports, politics and humanitarians, who reveal their secrets to success, uplift viewers and appear symbolic to show how one can make a difference to the world at large. The difference that ‘The Power Of Women’ strikes to make towards the society, is to encourage and empower fellow women to whom sky would be the limit if they begin to work towards their dreams, believe in themselves, step in with courage and optimism, in order to make the impossible happen! All the queens seen of the show appear to be- “Voice on behalf of the voiceless”.

Successes and Failures

Though all the entrepreneurial women seem to be highly accomplished in their own spaces, but one can’t get over the fact of the struggle and choices they made to climb the ladder of success, thereby mastering the balance between career, professional front, and personal front. By listening and exploring the depths of the stories the viewers will be able to learn from both successes and failures as well as the life and industry-specific experience. 

The Power Of Women Series is to explore the paths of the guests going as far back as their childhood to where they are today. This deep and personal approach at the permission and willingness of the guest allows the viewer to really gain the insights and answers that they are looking for when in pursuit of their dreams, and how to really make them a reality. 

Experienced in 360° Virtual Reality

This will be the first television series of its kind to not only be filmed as normal in 2D but will also be able to be experienced in 360° Virtual Reality that will be available on Android and Apple. This should come as no surprise being that the creators Rosemary Reed, Corrina McCann and Sophie Morris are pioneers of this field. This approach was incentivised by wanting the viewers to be able to going behind the scenes and ‘take a third seat at the table’ thus heightening the inclusion and impact of what is being discussed. 

With this type of all-access to some of the worlds most philanthropic, powerful and extraordinary women, any woman can learn and execute the right action to achieve success.

The series is designed to not only provide further exemplary examples extending beyond the creators Rosemary Reed, Corrina McCann and Sophie Morris, but to get women to get up off their seat and get working on their dreams and ambitions – to discover the Power of A Woman as themselves. 

Watch out for the best of the enlightenment and inspiration to be coming from this upcoming series!


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