A Journey As An Entrepreneur In The Jewelry Business

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    November 19, 2019
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Being an entrepreneur is no small feat and in the eyes of Melanie Khanamirian, working hard at your own business should not be described as making sacrifices. 

Melanie Khanamirian is a full-time entrepreneur in the jewelry business. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Melanie’s journey as an entrepreneur was hardly pre-destined or expected. When Melanie graduated from George Washington University with a double major in Political Science and Economics, she moved back to Miami where she began working for Tiffany and Co. Melanie had a natural love for her job mostly because she always had an interest in jewelry. When she was much younger Melanie explored the art of jewelry making herself by creating a few pieces of jewelry from a broken Schonbek crystal chandelier. To prove she had always had the spark of entrepreneurship, Melanie didn’t stop at the making of the jewelry, she sold her beautiful pieces to small boutiques in Miami. 

As a hard worker, Melanie strived to be the most diligent employee in her workplace. She gave 100% each time, and this seemed to consume her life leaving little space for her own ambitions. After a while, Melanie grew tired of the corporate life and the constant expectation of giving your whole self. Melanie decided to look inwards, and she was confident that she had the drive and ethic to hold down a business of her own. “I knew that I had the work ethic and drive to start so once the opportunity for me to have my online boutique appeared, I jumped at it. I did not want to miss this opportunity, especially because it is in a field that I am passionate about and enjoy greatly.” She said.

Melanie did not lack what most successful entrepreneurs have–a role model. Hers was her father who was an entrepreneur himself and according to Melanie; he was an excellent example of a hardworking entrepreneur.

While Melanie sure seems to have it all figured out, she assures us she doesn’t – most of the time. She admits to how hard it is to get your brand out there as an entrepreneur. “It’s a one-day at a time experience; some days I wake up really motivated and other days I have to motivate myself to keep working, to keep getting excited, and to keep going—I know it will all be worth it in the end. I recently read a quote by Jeff Bezos, that says, ‘You’ve gotta accept that your business is going to be in many ways an experiment, and it might fail. That’s ok.’…” Melanie explained. 

So, yes if you are wondering about the uncertainty and lack of motivation on most days, Melanie assures you that this is perfectly normal and should be embraced. 

Being an entrepreneur is the fun part for Melanie because she has such passion for it. Marketing on the other hand has proven to be more difficult. Regardless she continues to embrace the challenge with the determination to build a successful online business. 

As for some nuggets of wisdom on financial freedom and happiness, Melanie had a lot to say. She encourages meditation, working out, talking to yourself (when you are alone of course), spending time with your family, establishing a personal routine, and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Melanie also believes that living below your means for a while and skipping those luxuries you don’t really need can guide you towards financial freedom. 

You can find all Melanie’s affordable and elegant products on her online store www.m3vkjewelry.com

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