The Beauty Of Using Emotions In Business

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    July 24, 2019
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The Beauty Of Using Emotions In Business women on Topp

Anyone can spit facts, but can anyone spit authenticity?

I always hear people say how destructive it is to involve emotions in business. However, I really don’t understand how that can be true. The heartbeat of any business is emotion. There was a fire of emotion that was used to build the business, fight for the business, and market the business.  It was the connection with people who invested in the business that made it a success. Facts, stats, and robotic measures are not what will keep a business successful at its core. People connect with people. They want something real and raw to resonate with. So, I say emotions are beyond important in the fires of business.

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Why emotion is listed as “taboo”

I believe that this idea of emotion being detrimental to a business originated out of fear—fear of looking foolish, desperate, or weak. No one sees success in terms of massive vulnerability, but rather as a series of slaying goals and crushing deals. But it takes a fair amount of emotion to flip through the series. There are certainly moments of being human behind the scenes of success to get to the top, or else everyone would have success.  

We fear being perceived in a certain way because we think that our audience/consumers will be less impressed with our projects and in turn not invest in them. But are those the people you want to target anyway?  People who can’t stand by your vulnerability, story, and uniqueness?

I believe that when you express yourself, unapologetically, the right consumers will attract naturally to your business, and the fear will alleviate itself.

When to accelerate and when to slow down.

Sometimes emotions can yield a degree of impulsivity, so it’s important to make sure you are still in control of your actions and reactions. This is where the gray lines appear. People assume that the only way to stay in control of their business is to take emotion out of the equation. In fact, you need to be diligent about harnessing the heat of your emotions and use them to your benefit where you can. 


Check in with yourself consistently! See where your emotions are at. Why are they the way they are? What is sparking that passion in you? How can this be used to state what you want and gain momentum to that vision you have?

Checking in and being honest with yourself is the absolute game-changer when it comes to mixing emotion and business. Being self-aware of what your standards and expectations are is essential to reaching the next level.

Know when to use your emotions to speed the process up, and know when you need to take a step back as not to destroy what you have created off the impulse of how you’re feeling in a fleeting moment.

Let them judge.

Just because you’re doing it differently doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.  

You should most definitely keep your morals and standards at the forefront of your vision for your business, it is a reflection of you after all. Do not let anyone’s opinion or judgment of how you are doing your business make you lower your bar. Morals first, feedback second. The impact will come only from authenticity.

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Christi Pratte

Christi Pratte

Founder of The Passion Warrior Project, Christi is a multi-passionate lifestyle blogger and advocate for women who are looking to find more self-love and purpose within their careers. Having spent years juggling five plus jobs simultaneously, scratching out weekends, and becoming an avid coffee lover, Christi has become passionate about helping others find adequate time to devote to self-care, fight for what they believe in, and organize the chaos of life so that they can continue doing what they love most. Speaking from personal experience, she brings a high level of expertise and insight when it comes to hustling with heart. She believes that all women deserve to live a life they love, starting with loving themselves. She has dedicated her time to continuous personal development via podcasts and literature, opening up an online book club, The Chic Lit Collective, to invite women to do the same. This is a space used to encourage connection and community because life is more powerful when shared.

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  1. Thanks for the great article. I agree we need to show people who we really are to win business regardless of your profession. The challenge I have is when my male colleagues see my taking a position against them and seeing me as a bitch rather than a person who has an opposing view.

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