Tatiana Lampa, Founder of The New Fitness App; “Training with T” & The Move Better program

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    January 20, 2021
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Tatiana Lampa, Founder of The New Fitness App; “Training with T” & The Move Better program

Hey, I’m Tatiana Lampa. I’m a fitness coach, corrective exercise specialist and entrepreneur. I’ve been physically active my entire life with the background of dance, cheer, volleyball and kickboxing. I never saw my life any other way. In college, I continued to stay active by being a competitive cheerleader and dancer. So choosing fitness as my lifetime career felt like the perfect fit. (non-pun-intended) I’m a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and the founder of the MOVE BETTER program and Training with T app. I’m from Queens, NY born and raised. 

How did you start and why?

I have a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences from Queens College and my dream then was to become a physical therapist. Until the universe laughed and brought me into a different road. I thought becoming a trainer, for the time being, would be a great way to work with the body, save up money and reapply to DPT school. Truth be told, I ended up falling in love with training. That feeling of changing my client’s lives is truly irreplaceable. I’ll never forget when one of my senior citizen clients told me that “because of me, she can get up from gardening.” That was the moment I knew I was in the right place. Training with T was born! I wanted to learn more, get better with my craft, network and ultimately help people move.

Where you are right now? 

Training with T has grown since 2015. Along with personal training, I’ve developed my 12-week program – MOVE BETTER where I get you from pain and discomfort to aligned and strong through my corrective exercise approach. MOVE BETTER is one of my favorite programs I offer. It’s where I give my members all my attention and focus on living a healthy, pain-free and sustainable lifestyle. I’ve recently released my fitness app, Training with T. The app has been a dream of mine since starting my business and I can’t believe it’s here!

Where do you want to be in the future? 

It’s so funny thinking about the future because every time I make a plan, something different comes up. But I definitely want to start a family, have a beautiful garden and live by the water with my husband. One thing that I see in my future is a lot of traveling. I want to experience what’s out there besides just NYC. I know when Training with T becomes fully worldwide, I would love to do some charity work and help young females grow their business in the Philippines and Nigeria. 

What have you learned from your experiences good and bad?

From my experience, I’ve learned that I’m not afraid. Whether it’s putting myself out there, showing up to castings and being fully shameless. I really saw that hard work pays off. Nothing is given, it’s earned. 

Years ago I had an audition to be a group fitness instructor and spent some time in their program to find out I wouldn’t go through. The rejection definitely stung. I remember being so down on myself. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. A few months later I was offered a great job where I had more of a chance to shine. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, although at that moment of rejection I couldn’t see clearly. My bad experience turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

What do you advice the readers?

For anyone who is looking to build your business my biggest advice is to be shameless. Show up every day for yourself, your business, your product and your clients. People will start to recognize what you’re doing and it will snowball into a success. Don’t give up if something isn’t going your way. It may be because it’s bringing you in a different direction. 

Another great advice is to stay consistent. No one will take you seriously if you do something sporadically. Wake up every day with a purpose, excited and positive about what you’re doing 

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