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    May 17, 2021
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“The life you live is within your power, and sometimes all it takes is to give yourself the love and light that you so incredible deserve to hear and turn that into your mantra.”-Intentional Mantra.

Hi, my name is Amy, and I am the creator of Intentional Mantra. I am passionate about creating a more decisive shift between who we are and what we want to become! As humans, we deserve to see the FIRE within our soul; we deserve to ignore the negative influences and RISE to our most potential and creating your Intentional Mantra. 

The vision behind this concept is to empower women, children, and men in helping create your Mantra. This journey starts with finding your word, intentionally reading your affirmation cards, and creating a space where you can embrace the positive shift and wearing your Intentional Mantra Jewelry. I am passionate about creating a more decisive shift between who we are and what we want to become! Your story is worth hearing. What’s your Mantra?

What inspired you to start Intentional Mantra?

Intentional Mantra has subconsciously been a part of me my entire life. I was born into a family with severe trauma only a few months after I was born. My father and my two uncles tragically died in a plane accident all before I was the age of one, and for that, my family had an underlying tone of hardship and trauma. I realize that many people deal with trauma much differently at a very early age, and my family dealt with it by not speaking about it. Although my family did not talk about it often, I always had an extraordinary gift; at the time, I had no idea what this gift was, and truthfully I was unsure how to accept it. At the age of 6 was my first experience. I could “feel” the emotions from others, and I could have a sense of peace even though I was not aware of where this was coming from; I could feel it and hear it. I later in life realize that I was an empathic soul and people with this ability to connect with someone they know deeply, or it could even be someone they barely know; I always knew it’s a very unique and beautiful gift that I was given. At times, this made me think that people couldn’t be relatable because I spoke; differently. I heard things; I felt things differently, and I didn’t know how to explain it, but I knew it was real. Some say it’s from the trauma, and I believe I was just born this way, and I get the gift to connect with people on a soul and physical level in such a beautiful way. 

Intentional Mantra has been a part of my journey using healing stones for grounding and protection, using words of affirmation to rebuild my confidence and understand exactly who I was, and then most of all, allowing myself to feel comfortable with who I was within my soul and not being ashamed of any part of my existence. I genuinely believe that we are the creators of our intention, and we can turn that intention into a daily Mantra, and it is my love and passion to design jewelry and embrace those who may not see themselves the way I see them and by giving them the tools to start their path of intention and self-discovery. 

As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I wanted to make beautiful jewelry with a powerful and protective meaning. That was my overall perception and goal. I have higher education within the field of Children’s Mental Health, and I have dedicated 20 years to embracing and shifting the beautiful minds of children and families to understand that any mental health it’s not your disability; it’s your ability. You can learn; differently it’s your ability to think; differently, it’s your ability to live your life differently. And throughout this journey, I’ve noticed so many people listen to the naysayers and accept being ridiculed and made fun of for something that is a beautiful gift given to you. So then, naturally, Intentional Mantra was born. It’s been an awareness of how much people deserve to have love and passion and guidance. Often, we surround ourselves with people that are not healthy for us, and it takes an awakening to understand your worth and understand the value of who you are and what you contribute to the world and never look back. Once you’ve made your shift, it’s challenging to allow people who are negative and drama-seeking into your space for extended periods because you don’t need that energy anymore. You can embrace and educate and inspire all within having incredible boundaries to protect who you authentically were born to become. Intentional Mantra has that vision insight for every piece that I design, for every detail that I make within each piece, and for every concept that comes to fruition within Intentional Mantra. 

To what do you attribute your success?

My success has come from being a Mother. I have been parenting my daughter independently since she has been born, and that has come with triumph, losses, dating horror stories, financial disparity, challenging conversations, and among all that comes to a lot of stress and tears. But I can say even 11 years later, and I would do it all over again. I would take every heartache, every tear, every fear, and I would do it all over again without even a question. Because my daughter is the most incredible soul, and I raise her with extreme intention because that’s what children need and deserve. Izabella is the light in the room wherever she walks in, she is the humor to any circle, she’s the engineer in the classroom, she is the creative director within her play, and she is the love that I am so fortunate to embrace every single day. Because I am certain people walk into your life, and you know why they were brought to you. I am full of gratitude that she chose me to be her Mother. 

If you could go back by ten years, what would be some of the top tips you would give our audience? 

If I could go back ten years, the top tips I would give…… I would say, “we don’t quit, Amy”. Because no matter what, you are responsible for your life, your actions, and your success. If you are sitting around waiting for someone to save you or even help you on the journey. You are wasting your time; only you have the power to shift your life. You need to be willing to accept your life, forgive your past, take responsibility, and don’t quit! So many people are not brave enough to shift their hardship into successes. You don’t need permission to live your dreams. Be particular about whom you share your story with because many people don’t hold your truth sacred. Next, be proud of exactly who you are and the journey you’re on because life evolves, people come and go, but how you treat yourself is an essential part of your story. Don’t forget, people are intimidated by many things, don’t take that personally. That’s their journey, their story, and you don’t need to be a part of that conversation or energy.

And most importantly, how you treat yourself will reflect the people you allow in your life. If you treat yourself well, you will notice the people in your life and will treat you well. If you don’t treat yourself with respect, you will see the people around you won’t treat you very well. The journey of self-love starts today, and this journey goes until the end. So embrace it. Don’t quit on yourself; nothing comes out of quitting besides knowing that you didn’t finish. We finish everything. If you start it, finish it. If you’re going to do it, do it all the way. You are not trying to be better than anyone else, just being the best for yourself. You deserve that level of self-love. 

Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?

My design style is classic, elegant, and timeless. I love the creative beauty that fashion can give you, and I love putting pieces together that are unique and personal. I love the look of them, and I love how I feel when I wear them. Feeling beautiful within your skin is something we all deserve to feel every day. So I take that energy and passion into my jewelry. I am obsessed with the quality concept that meets beauty, which is my intention in every piece that I design. I incorporate stylish lines and trends, but ultimately, I make jewelry that I am proud of, and I love at the end of the day. When you wear Intentional Mantra, you will feel it too. 

Each piece of my jewelry I spend enormously on the quality I purchased through people I trust and my stones are genuine, and my materials are all made with quality. I also wanted to have a line where the everyday man, woman, and child could embrace. And you can wear these pieces to business meetings, family engagements, vacations, weddings, nightmares, anxiety, co-parenting, sleepovers, or just making a Target run. Because when you’re feeling anxious or need some level of protection, you’re able to wear any peace anywhere and feel confident. The men’s line inspiration came from incredible men I have met through dates, friends, and relationships. After a time, it became apparent that so many men are struggling with identifying their confidence and self-worth. So, I wanted to make pieces that they could also wear with confidence with a reminder of their worth and making that into their daily Mantra. My daughter inspired my child’s line, and she is a remarkable child with the empath gift. Creating a beautiful line for children was extremely important to me, so she has a hand in the design and what stones kids will most relate to and feel proud to wear. I genuinely am passionate about allowing people to feel incredible, safe, and secure with precisely who they are meant to be. These are beautiful pieces that can contribute to that journey.

How do you think modern women can be more fulfilled within their lives? 

One of my favorites is from Teddy Roosevelt, “Man In The Arena.” This is a speech I not only live by, but I also repeat on the hard days, the accomplished days, and the reflective days; 

“The Man In The Arena” Theodore Roosevelt From a speech at the Sorbonne Paris, France April 23, 1910 

“It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

Just reading that gives me chills!! Some so many people have many opinions and hold their mindset true of their reality perception. Yet, they are never in the arena, and they are naysayers who are yelling from the cheap seats and creating insecurities for those IN the arena. They are not devoted to a worthy cause. Never forget that YOU dared greatly within the arena, even with your shortcomings. Use this as you manifest YOUR dreams, goals! And I genuinely believe that everyone in this world deserves to have a piece from Intentional Mantra to allow them to grow into a confident, balanced, and even more loved human because every human in the arena deserves to dare greatly within their life, their soul, and their dreams.

What has been your key (or keys) to success?

 My best key to my success is that I live by three core principles, and then I allow the rest to happen naturally. The first core principle is that what others know has been learned, and I will never accept that I am less intelligent than that person because I can learn it too, and I will get into the arena with that information. The second core principle is that I am protective of myself. We need to protect our past just as much as whom we are becoming. I have become protective of whom I allow in my friendship space, my energy, with whom I share my stories, and being entirely at peace with not letting specific energy from others distract my vision or my vibe.

My third core value is creating space for my thoughts, visions, insecurities, and forgiveness. I take time every day by writing down my daily goals, affirmations, and gratitude. Every day I write my daily affirmation cards, I give gratitude, and I set aspirational milestones. I also GO BIG! I believe in the Mantra what you send out has the full potential to come into fruition, writing your affirmation and goals down every day as a ritual so you know your path and you know your vision.

Because there are so many people with many opinions and the opinions that we listen to the most, unfortunately, when people don’t understand your concept they will try to knock it down or throw off you off balance. Living by these core values every day, and even if I fail, I know that I’m confident in my growth as a human, woman, and Mother. I then take that energy and pass that on to more women and children to see their worth and inspire them to have their goals and dreams come true. Because if you do not know who you are when you feel vulnerable, you are probably accepting people in your life that are moving you away from whom you want to be. Rise up, learn the knowledge, set your goals, say your affirmations, and give gratitude. You’re the one person you can’t get rid of. I believe in you. 

What is a skill you think all women should learn and why?

I believe women should know their worth because we can spread this love to more women. But it all starts with you, understand your worth, accept that you are enough, and your journey is beautiful. I am then passing this on to our younger generations. I truly believe it starts with daily affirmations, and this creates a pattern of positive thoughts, vibes, and surroundings. Affirmation cards were the inspiration to everything Intentional Mantra has become. I made a divine deity of transforming everyone’s energy, representing the truest and the highest creation of oneself.

In a world that has told you that you are weak, you are not beautiful, you are not successful, you are a failure, or you are not enough. You now have turned those words into your mindset. Well, today, we are going to shift together! Today is the day we STOP listening to those in the cheap seats and today is the day we start YOUR Mantra. Let’s light that fire! Intentional Mantra has created handmade affirmation cards for you to display throughout your house, office, locker, car, desk, vision board, favorite book, or anywhere you can start to create your Mantra by reading, saying them out loud, and shifting your mindset into your highest, most authentic self. 

I am cards are the creation from the root chakra-” I AM….” Using the first person speaks to no one besides YOU, I am, I have, I will…..

Your thoughts create your reality. Please choose an area in your life where you want to make more abundance, and then write an I AM statement. On each card, write a word, phrase, or declaration statement. 

The more you repeat positive affirmations, the more it will reinforce a pattern of positive thinking. You must feel your positive affirmations as you say them out loud; otherwise, they become just words with less meaning rather than your Mantra. Words are powerful! (avoid negativity). I am passionate about the dedication of the heightened energy Affirmation Abundance Cards will bring you. 

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