Stuck In a Worthless Relationship? Then It’s Time To SPLIT! 

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    November 15, 2018
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Split Greeting Cards

Sometimes relationships suck. Have you been cheated on you with your best friend? Has your significant other skipped your sister’s wedding to watch a basketball game they could DVR and watch later? 

Are you in a situation where you are uninspired by your partner, have grown out of love, feeling under-valued or you just don’t feel like your relationship is worth the effort to anymore?

If you’re in any of these situations and you are thinking of ending your relationship then yes, it’s definitely time to SPLIT, and SPLIT Greeting Cards is here to help you say what you should have said a long time ago.

SPLIT Greeting Cards’ primary purpose is to empower – specifically, those that feel stuck in their relationship(s). SPLIT Greeting Cards aims to give you permission – permission to put yourself first and permission to no longer settles for less than you deserve. We welcome you to your breakup card destination and more… Let’s SPLIT.

Lanice Wilson your business and story is very new for us! Can you tell us what inspired you to come up with SPLIT Greeting Cards?

I’ve always loved greeting cards – I could spend hours reading them (often times not finding a card that said what I wanted, or really needed it to say). I always danced around the idea of having my own greeting card company, but I didn’t want to be 1 of 1 trillion online greeting card companies.

It wasn’t until I was going through a very difficult time in my life – a time where a transition was not only necessary, it was critical to my being. That’s when I decided to start SPLIT Greeting Cards.  I was at a crossroads professionally and personally as both my job and my romantic relationships were coming to an end. It was through the death of these two things that SPLIT was born.

What was going through your mind on that day?

A million things! Trying to launch a business, particularly a greeting card business while nursing a broken heart was difficult, however, these experiences gave me tons of material to work with.  I think I wrote close to 300 cards in the first few weeks, which helped me cope with my situation.

Many people would say splitting via a greeting card would be very impersonal, because it would be same as breaking up via text, what can you say about this?

I guess I would have to disagree with many people.  Nowadays, you can pretty much text in your sleep – no energy necessary.  A greeting card – now that takes thought.  It also takes effort, time, money and more. It’s very personal. And to send a SPLIT Greeting Card – it’s extremely personal.

What investment did you need to start SPLIT Greeting Cards?

Initially, what I needed was what I always had – sweat equity, passion, resourcefulness, a clear vision, and a savvy business sense.

With regards to financial investment – I started SPLIT Greeting Cards with bare bones.  I built my site myself through trial and error. My daughter’s husband created my logo (for free), I tapped into other relationships for favors, my family and close friends were my focus groups and my husband purchased my first card.  It just evolved from there.

When would be the ideal moment for someone to send a SPLIT Greeting Card to an ex?

The ideal time would be right before he/she is your ex.  You have to remember; all breakups aren’t forever.  Sometimes, you must give a wakeup call; a final warning if you will.  However, I do know that this is not always an option.

I have had customers send SPLIT cards months after their breakups. I had one guy ask me to send a card to his ex-wife that cheated on him and left him for the man she cheated with 1 year after their divorce.  I have also had customers send SPLIT cards (or have me send SPLIT cards) as gag gifts. It all depends on the situation.

How do you make sure anyone can find SPLIT Greeting Cards?

Social media has been great to drive traffic to Also, I recently opened an online shop on Etsy, which has been really good for SPLIT.  I do vendor events every chance I get, and word of mouth has been a blessing.

Is SPLIT Greeting Cards your full-time job too?

SPLIT is definitely a full-time job, but no, it is not my primary source of income currently. Trust me, I can’t wait for the day SPLIT can be my one and only “job”. However, that time hasn’t come yet.  I have another full-time job, additionally, I am a wife, mother, grandmother and so much more –  I’m a busy lady, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Do you focus only on breakups?

I am starting to expand into more traditional cards, however, breakups were my entry point into the greeting card industry.  It was important to differentiate myself, and I think I was successful in doing so.  With that said, I will always write about breakups.  I believe I have a unique perspective and a unique style and delivery.

Who are your customers, can you describe them?

My customers are male and female, Gen Xers and millennials.  Some of my customers are total badasses and feel like I am speaking their language, while others feel I am saying all of things they want to say, but do not have the courage to say. It brings me great joy to be their voice and speak on their behalf.

Tell us about a time when someone didn’t like SPLIT Greeting Cards, what did you do about it?

I’ve had a few people tell me SPLIT Greeting Cards were negative and they would never need a card because they’ve been with their significant others for X amount of years.  My answer is and will always be the same: everything is not for everybody, and I pray you never need one of my cards.

I think there is this perception that greeting cards are supposed to be about rainbows and happy birthday wishes, but the fact of the matter is SPLIT Greeting Cards expresses the feelings that many people feel with their (romantic and professional) relationships are coming to an end.  I am not here to celebrate the pain that one experiences during and after a breakup, I am here to celebrate the fact that there is life after a breakup.  That it’s ok to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.  That we all deserve to be in a relationship with someone that loves, respects, and appreciates us. If this is missing in your relationship, then perhaps it’s time to SPLIT.

What popular entrepreneurial advice do you agree/ disagree with?

When people show you who they are, believe them THE FIRST TIME! Maya Angelou said this to Oprah and in my mind, Oprah said it to me (a few times)!


This is huge!! I don’t know how many times I thought I could change a man, or a friend, or a family member. I was all about their potential, instead of being all about them – exactly as they were.  I looked past all of the red flags which said to me: he’s a liar, he doesn’t respect you, you can’t trust her, they are not nice people, etc.  I bought into a story that I so desperately wanted to believe, one that I told myself to make me feel better about engaging with people that were not good to me.  Had I stayed with the facts, which was only the truth, I would have believed who they were when they showed me the first time and I would have spared myself the pain and disappointment.

What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

Writing is freedom to me.  It’s unapologetic. I am not conscious of tone or worried about offending anyone – it’s just me and I am free to bare it all.

What is your next step, do you plan to write more cards or start another business?

I recently started an apparel line — Wear It Out Loud.  It’s a fun collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies that have sassy and clever graphics on them.  However, my love is and always will be greeting cards.  I love writing them, it’s my passion, it’s my freedom.

How would you describe your work style while running your business?

I do not work to a schedule.  I do not write a card, because I need more cards.  I do not post to social because I should be posting at a specific frequency. I work my business by way of inspiration.  When I’m inspired to write or post, that’s when I do it, organically.  I do not want to do anything that feels forced – my spirit wouldn’t allow it and my customers wouldn’t believe it.

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