She’s a Million Dollar Copy Expert Turned Business Mentor

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merel kriegsman

Her name is Merel Kriegsman, and she is a million dollar copy expert turned business mentor. She has broken the chains of generational scarcity and empowers women to become the Hermes bag of their industry. 

She was a professional opera singer in Europe before realizing that she had only ever made a total of $7,800 in her lifetime and vowing to change that for herself and her future daughters! Now she has doubled her revenue every year, and is on track to have her first 7 figure year! 

She’s written business owners all the way to their first 6-figure launch, doubling their email list from 6k to 12k in less than 2 weeks, and making bank with sales pages converting at a whopping 14,8%. She is an inspiring story of success, and creates ways for women to thrive. 

What inspired you to start your own business?

I remember that day! I was in my mid-twenties, a successful up and coming concert Soprano living in Europe with my tenor hubby, and I wanted to get my money shit together. On that day, I did an exercise that was part of an online money challenge and it went like this: “Tally up all the money you’ve ever made in your life – to prove to yourself what you’re capable of financially, you’ll feel great!” 

I FELT LIKE TOTAL SH**. Why? Because I discovered that despite being talented & ambitious, I’d made no more than about $7,000 in my entire life (that’s included the dollars my mom paid me for washing dishes as a kid).

What’s worse? I realized not only I sucked at making money. So did my mom. And my grandma was so caught up in scarcity, she would take the old newspapers she used to cover the floor of her chicken coup, shake out the poo, and hang it over the heater in the hallway overnight, only to use it as a “fresh” floor cover the next day. No way in hell was I passing this on to my daughters to be (I somehow knew I was going to have gals, and I did).

In your own words, what do you do? 

Officially I help online coaches & service providers get to consistent 5-figure months and do 6-figure launches. Un-officially? I help women stop asking for permission. OWN who they are. My teaching centers around this Question: If you had 10x the courage, what would you do?

Because we already know what to do. We’re usually just afraid to actually do it. I help women overcome that, a massive increase in income is just the happy side-effect of becoming a courageous badass wonder woman stepping fully onto the arena.

What fulfillment does being a business owner give you? 

When I open up my FB groups and see multiple women posting their big, big financial breakthroughs, that’s HUGELY fulfilling for me.

I’ve just had a client admit that when she signed up for my signature program “Clients Anytime Academy” she had $1,400 in her account and secretly went into debt (she didn’t tell her hubby) to join.

By the end of the program a few months later she had $20k sitting in her bank account. She has just told her husband that she didn’t need her $3,000 monthly allowance anymore. And that they are in such great financial shape, they can now buy the house of their dreams.

BOOM! That opens my heart WIDE OPEN <3 

Also, making $50,000+ a month (sometimes a $150k in a month, depending on whether or not I’m launching), being able to support my family and take my husband (he’s the co-owner and CFO of our business) on a trip to Toronto splurging about $10,000 on new clothes – without feeling guilty or weird about it. 

What are your goals currently? As in vision and mission?

Goal/mission/vision: make women more powerful. The way I do that? Put a STOP to financial depency, and get as many as possible to 5-figures a month (for starters).

I grew up with a mom (bless her) who had a special drawer where she hid her brand new clothing purchases from my dad. And then she would drip them out over the course of months, in the hope he wouldn’t notice she’d spend money on herself.

At times, when my parents had a serious fight, and my mom would talk about moving out… we all knew as kids that she wouldn’t. Because she depends on my dad financially, and despite working her butt off as a stay at home mom – has almost nothing to show for it.

I want no girls to ever have to experience witnessing things like this. Because it so influences what we believe about ourselves, our worth and the world.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?

The more I put in, the more I get back. The sky is the limit. I make up my own rules. Experimenting wildly (what works, what doesn’t) and seeing the result in my bank account AND in how the lives of my clients and students shift forever.

What 5 steps would you advise and give our ladies who starting their own business?

  1. Get a mentor – I spent half of my yearly income in my second year in business on a mastermind with a gifted mentor. It was life-changing and took YEARS off my learning curve. It’s the fast track to success.
  2. Unearth and release your limiting beliefs – if you believe that being successful will emasculate your husband, or make your friends & family see you as a total bitch (or want to steal your money) you’re going to sabotage yourself. Work on your limiting beliefs and upper limit problems and you can grow and grow. 
  3. Learn sales – there’s very little you really need to start a successful business. In fact, you don’t even need a website. BUT… the one thing you do need, is sales skills. Learning how to sell is nothing less than a rite of passage for women. And especially when you master HIGH-END selling, you can make so much money, FAST. 
  4. Find your tribe – the reason I started my online mentorship groups is because there’s something MAGICAL that happens when women get together and truly support one-another. If you want to do something right, don’t go it alone. Find (or create) a posse of women who aspire to do the same, or join a group who’s just a lil’ further along than you are with your business and it’ll light a fire under your butt!
  5. Expect shit sandwiches & don’t let it stop you – I hear so many women say things like “it’s just too hard, if this doesn’t change I’m quitting and going back to 9-5 – dammit!”. I was faced with HAVING TO step up as the breadwinner in my family and I’m so grateful. Because I never had the option to quit. It was sink or swim (I love necessity) and I swam. If you want to succeed at starting and building a thriving business, COMMIT. Like, marriage vows kinda commit. Anything weaker than that will not stand the long string of moments where you doubt yourself or sh** hits the fan (it will, repeatedly <3). 

How did you learn to write copy? Are there teachers, books or resources you can recommend?

Read about selling & sales, and you’ll understand copy way better. 

Great resource is “The Copy Cure” in my opinion (I was an official mentor in this program by Marie Forleo and think it’s high-quality, especially great when you’re starting out). Love Dan Kennedy.

And follow me! I’m always talking about creating content & copy that converts (and I’m incredibly good at explaining what to do).

What sacrifices have you had to make during life as an entrepreneur? 

Sleep. Living in my comfort zone (lol) 

Time with the kids (I have them in daycare during the week) – and I want to note that I have an incredible relationship with my kids, I’m just not the traditional “mom” and my husband and I equally share our parenting role <3. Some “stale” relationships with friends and family members who were holding me back 

Dates with my husband – we’re getting better at it though! Right now we’re on a 3-day trip to Toronto just with the two of us! YAY!

Do you believe in destiny or do you think you can control your fate?

I believe in a mix. The universe places meant-to-be opportunities & connections on our path. But we have the power to either make the most of it, or screw it up. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza, and how he explains how our thoughts (and how we FEEl) send signals to the quantum field that shapes our experience of reality. 

Tell us about your proudest achievement? 

Going from zero to half a mil/year in 3 years. Being the breadwinner of our family. Having influencers hire me to do their marketing. Women break free from financial dependency and get to 5-figures a month in a few months time (my fave).

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