Shelbi Spicer’s Mission To Help Women Earn More Money, Invest More, and Become More Empowered

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    August 23, 2022
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Shelbi Spicer's Mission To Help Women Earn More Money, Invest More, and Become More Empowered

Meet Shelbi Spicer who’s been a Licensed Financial Professional for the last 7 years, on the side of the industry helping people set up accounts with retirement, Life insurance, and college plans for kids. Shelbi Spicer formerly ran an office in Los Angeles where they specialized in minimizing taxes in retirement and showing families show to leave generational wealth. 

Shelbi Spicer is the Founder of Spice’n up Your Finances. Spice’n up Your Finances covers financial literacy, money Mindset and Business. Spice’n up Your Finances’ mission is to help women earn more money, invest more, and become more empowered. 

‘’My company encompasses every aspect of financial knowledge. We start with Money Mindset & Money Psychology and teach the technical side of how to make your money work for you. We also help women scale their business to the next level with business coaching and money mindset coaching.’’ 

As a mother of 2, Shelbi runs the business for women to feel more confident with making more money, investing more and saving more.

What motivated you to start your company?

After years in the financial industry and training licensed agents to become successful in the industry. I noticed that Money is 80 % mindset and our stories along with it and 20 % the knowledge of what accounts to put it in and how to make it work for us.  Don’t get me wrong knowing where to put our money is important too but understanding why we are the way we are with money is the start of it. 

I noticed that I kept running into people that were in relationships and women who had no clue what to do with their money. They would say “ Oh my Husband is the one that knows this stuff: or “He is the one that makes the financial decisions” 

Did you know that most women don’t learn about money until its too late? Too late meaning they are divorced or widowed. That’s when I ended up getting calls from women. Is when they were in a financial mess. 

My mission women to feel empowered before a relationship, during and even if there is a separation in a partnership. 

Did you have any set backs, challenges or epiphanies along the way?

Honestly, most of this didn’t even hit me as how important it was until I became a single mom.

 I was in the industry for 4 years at this point was making six figures with my partner (who I share my first son with & shared prior biz with). 

I didn’t have things set up legally or financially. I just trusted people by their word. So when I became a single mom. I lost everything, My income because I was no longer a part of the business. I lost my car because I didn’t have any income. All I had was my, My 6-month-old son. We had to move into my mom’s because I had no money in my bank account. I was on Medi-cal and Food Stamps. I was depressed and the only thing that kept me moving forward was my love for my son. 

God provided though. 

 I was able to pay off my attorney’s within the first year and buy a car in cash and get a fully funded emergency fund. 

Since then I have been able to move into the house I was dreaming of when I was living with my moms. Found & met my dream man ( who we have a 1-year-old together). Raised my credit from 480 to 700. 

Because I had this financial knowledge I was able to get myself out of this dark hole however during this challenge.

My second epiphany was when I got to the point where I felt like I was on the other side. I looked back and realized that what really brought me through was me focusing on myself. I dove into my relationship with money because I never wanted to be in the same spot ever again. This was my driving force. 

I now teach women how to have a great relationship with money so that they can increase their income, investments and scale their business! 

Can you share a few financial mistakes that women often make?

  1. Having a partner, parent or friend make their financial decisions.  
  2. Believing they have to sacrifice family, fun and other thing to be successful 
  3. Thinking that their situation will change without diving into the beliefs or relationships they have with money

Tell us about your academy what is it about and who is it for?

I have two courses: 

  1. Wealthy Women Academy – A program that is a blend of relationship with money and the tangibles on how to make money work for you. This 7 week journey helps women to start nurturing an abundant relationship with money in the physical form and their habits and mentality around it. This academy was created for women who work hard for their money and want to start having money do the heavy lifting for them so they can achieve goals faster.  
  2. One with Prosperity- (My Signature Program) This program is for women who want to slingshot their income, saving  to where they haven’t achieved before.  This program also dives into the mindset around eliminate the debt cycle. One with prosperity, really helps you understand how you view money. What your money personality is and how to shift the relationship so you can create the financial dreams you’ve been wanting to achieve. This is an 8-module course. This is where women shatter your glass ceiling and leave with a new beautiful relationship with money. I work one on one with people.

What are the company’s plans in the next 5 years?

Helping thousands of women start or scale their businesses and breaking through barriers. This to me is more than just a women-making income. It’s a reflection of changing generations to come. The work that a woman does with a money and money mindset can change their family’s future for generations to come. I want my clients to feel so confident with money that they pass down what they know to their children. 

What are your current areas of focus?

My current area of focus is working 1 on 1 women with about their relationship with money on the mindset side to help women increase their income with ease and enjoy their life. 

What is the one piece of advice that has impacted you the most?

How you do money is how you do life. So make sure you master your relationship with money and it will trickle out into other areas in your life. I have seen this for myself first hand. I honestly believe this is why I attracted my partner. 

Tell us about your proudest achievement.

I’m still growing and evolving with my own personal relationship with money but my biggest breakthrough for myself was doubling my income while working half the time and being able to be the mom that I wanted to be. Which is Present for the soccer games and practices and being able to give my 1 yr old the attention he needed. 

I’m sure there is more to accomplish but I am very grateful that I learned to condense my time frames with earning money. 

Client wise: Not only does this work that I do personally with someone change their course for their financial future but it changed multiple generations. I love seeing my clients teaching their kids about money habits and owning a business. 

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them? 

Wow,  I honestly don’t view things that happened in my life as failures. I have no regrets on what has happened. I am more grateful for the experience. Even though during those times I felt like I was never going to make it though.  I believe that I have been through what I have been through so that I am able to grow to be the best version of myself. I also believe that there is someone out there who is going through or has been through what I have and I have the power to share the message to help pull them through. People were there for me during my hard time and growth in my business and I get to pass it on. 

My biggest lesson over the last 5 years was to trust myself & my intuition.. There were so many times that I didn’t all trust my gut and I ended up being in a bad situation. I gradually allowed myself to start standing up for myself and what I needed. Once I tried it once and had a mini win. Kind of like going to the gym after not going for a while you need to start with the small weight and then work your way up.  I started getting in tune with trusting myself again and focusing on what untimely led me to where I am today and I believe has made me a better partner and mom. 

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