SHE Lash The Story – Sisters Who Build A Successful Lash Business

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    August 3, 2020
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Before it all started

Hello to all our fellow Women On Topp, my name is Sarah, me and my sister Heather want to share our story with you. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will push any doubts you may be having to the back of your mind and go out and achieve all you have ever dreamed of because believe me when I say, the harder you work the luckier you become.

We are two sisters coming from a small town in Shropshire called Wem. I (Sarah) 27 started a Nursing degree in 2016, I loved people, and supporting them was my passion. To start my first month of my degree I thought I would treat myself to some individual eyelash extensions for the first time to impress my fellow students, little did I know that this impulsive decision would change my entire life and those closest to me. After my 2 hours individual eyelash extension appointment I looked in the mirror and could not believe the transformation! I felt instantly better about my appearance with them on, they gave me so much confidence. After paying £50 for my set and recalling my lash technician saying she had 4 girls in after my appointment,  working out at roughly around £250 a day!!

”I wonder if I could give it a go starting by myself”

As a finically struggling student, it made me think ”I wonder if I could give it a go, one to help fund my degree & two to make others feel like how I felt with the lash extensions on.” I fully believed in this beauty treatment and how it can work wonders for your self-esteem. I took a 1-day course the following month & from that moment on I was lash obsessed! I worked every hour I had spare in my converted attic room to be the best I could possibly be, I did a lot of research and practiced day in day out. I was so passionate about this industry. As a Leo I am very proud by nature and wanted to be a recognised lash artist within the industry alongside my idols. I luckily had a lot of friends to practice on, with those free sets came to their friends & relatives asking me for appointments, and before I knew it, my small “Lashes by Sarah” business was fully booked.

That’s when my sister Heather who had recently flew back home after working a season in Ibiza trained & joined the business! With the two of us now working 7 days a week, we knew we had to rebrand. We decided that our initials were perfect for the rebrand. S-arah H-eather E-dgerton & SHE was born! That is when the fun really began. With our growing female client base averaging around 70 per week, came our passion for empowering these women and making them feel their absolute best! 

SHE Lash was born

Rule no.1 at SHE Lash is unforgettable customer service, every client must leave feeling like the queen she truly is! We realised we had something special, our clients were not just complimenting our lashes they were complimenting their experience whilst receiving treatment from us. We needed to grow, so from then on, we decided to expand our team of two. One by one we started the process of training and recruiting new SHE artists for the team. Today, we have built a successful brand that has no intention of slowing down. We have lashed many celebrities & influencers such has charlotte Crosby & Daisey O’Donnell to help promote our brand nationally. We have given opportunities for fellow ambitious career-driven women & taken on a staff of 13 beautiful women who inspire us daily. We all hustle together to lash from 4 of our studios based in Shrewsbury, Chester & Ibiza. 

When we are not lashing we have a sister company called SHE Academy which trains and motivates women daily in lash extension applications to believe they can achieve their dreams if they hustle hard enough. With the success of SHE LASH & SHE Academy We also decided to start an online store that provides lash technicians all over the world with Lash extension supplies. 

SHE as a brand is undeniably growing bigger, day by day.

We are so excited for what the future holds. Our vision and mission is to franchise and have a SHE Lash store in every major city in the UK eventually advancing further to the USA & Australia, remember our name ladies because one day SHE LASH will have a studio near you! Every year we see our annual turnover increase and there is honestly no feeling like seeing your hard work paying off. We are not the same Girls who started this business 4 years ago we have grown into women, women who are unapologetically themselves, we believe in the power of girls and above all kindness.

We have learned more about business these past 4 years from growing our brand than any university lecturer or degree ever could have. Passion is energy feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. All you need in this world to succeed is courage, ambition, a positive mindset, and the motivation to work really hard for your goals. For SHE Lash there has been no such thing as luck or handouts during our journey, we just won’t stop hustling until we have achieved our goals and made ourselves proud. Remember queens bosses you will have setbacks, it’s how you progress through them, that’s what sets you apart, without struggle there is no strength, When you’re heart is pure and you have no hidden agendas, everything always works in your favor. Lots of  Love SHE x

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