The Seeds of Becoming a Woman Entrepreneur

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    February 19, 2018
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The world we live in. The seeds we plant. We cultivate. And then we feed the world of its hunger. One day I woke up beneath a summer dream

I was wondering if my entire life will belong to the system, it’s as if the world we live in is concentred in four things:

  1. Birth
  2. Education
  3. Work
  4. Death

I realized that if I put the hard work and effort in the right places, I could live a life called my own. The world is full of barriers, the world where a woman has a say but honestly have no say. We live in a diverse country but we can’t seem to grow. They always run short of fertilizer for the woman land.

Without a purpose to grow, the land isn’t able to receive the seed of knowledge in a land that isn’t treated first. The day has come where the land showed the world that it had no treatment and it wanted them to understand that without their land there’s no growth, I believed women are the land of this world without the land there’s no shelter or food. As for the nineteen-year-old, I am today, I believe that this evil cycle is restraining our land to grow.

Beneath the summer Dream

One day after a day at work, it was a hot summer day, which is normal for a city that is known for its humidity, however, the nights were full of the wind that would make it a breeze to sleep.

I had a dream, I decided to quit my part-time job, I decided to start doing things my own way. The dream started as a blur, I opened my eyes full of tears, I pondered if it was alright for a student to quit her job, to work in the field she loved, by doing so I did but was called an artist, a volunteer, that if I kept on going the way I envisioned my path, I’ll get destroyed and I will live the consequences. The dream kept on giving me an agonizing feeling in my heart which turns into despair.

The following night I had another dream. This dream was somewhat better than the previous one I was walking, walking and walking until I reached a land full of weeds.The land was dead, but to my eyes, I saw life. I had the urge to scream I wanted to live for myself and for the world. I wanted to help, I wanted to feel an accomplishment, I wanted to become a cultivated seed that will eventually become so fruitful for the world we live in, that men will be scared of my abundance. However, I needed to treat this land in order to become cultivated.

I started pulling the weeds, so many, it felt as if they didn’t want to leave, they wanted to rule the land. However, each time I would pulled out a weed, I gained a little bit of happiness as if I was getting rid of evil and helping the victimized land.

The dream stopped.

I woke up the next day with the resolution of how to help the world around me. As an economics student, I wondered how can I make our economy better? How can everyone get a dollar? Night came and fell upon me, I dreamt about how I can make the land better. I looked around for resources, I asked myself am I able to help this land and become one with it? I needed to find the answer. The answer was in my heart, in my gut feeling, the feeling of making myself happy and another which was the land. I wanted to grow with it.

I found a local shop, it was empty but it had the tools for me in order to learn to grow the land. With every step I took and hard work, the land looked livelier than it did the night before. With the land being treated, I woke up from my dream and started the day with a smile.

During the day, I gained confidence, and I started my research, with the right tools of the internet and found what I was looking for. The answer was a no-brainer, and then I went for it, the final piece of my puzzle; However, I started to wonder if this answer would satisfy my question…How can I help?

As nightfall began, I dozed off back to the land, the land was ready to receive the seeds, I’m in a dream! where on earth will I find seeds? And plus what am I growing?

I started walking around until I found a bag, it said “DO NOT TOUCH” on it, but my gut feeling somehow took control of my body and I grabbed the bag, as I was walking back to the land, I opened the bag, the bag was full of seeds but they had words on them. It was really strange. As I look upon each seed I read them as I was planting them.

The first seed had the word: RESOLUTION, the second seed had the word: HEART, the third seed had the word: FEELING, the fourth seed had the word: HAPPY, the fifth seed had the word: GROW, and the last seed had the word: CONFIDENT.

The sound of a bird struck my ear and I was back in reality. That day I was thinking of words on the seed and why did the bag say: “Do not open” …? I realized that the bag was the world, the seeds were forbidden. Forbidden to whom … I believe due to the fact it was my dream, someone didn’t want me to grow or that land, those seeds became my seeds of life.

Each word helped me learn a bit more about how I’m going to help, and where to start…. Summer had ended and the fall came crawling back with its colorful leaves of life. The dream stopped happening however like every year after fall there’s winter, then spring and summer came back. That summer I changed, well I felt a change in mind and heart because I gained more seeds, I felt closer to the land.

One night the dream of the land came back, and the land was bountiful, it was not fruits, or vegetables nor herbs but it was filled with women, they reached out their hand and ask me to join the land as they saw the seeds within me.

The land of entrepreneurs.

That night I learn that the land was named: The land of entrepreneurs. However, the land was mistreated by the world. It was neglected, but I believe in it and helped the land the previous summer. The land can only grow and have cultivated seeds, each seed was a woman who seek the same thing I was seeking but their seed was growing weaker because of the mistreatment. A light of hope rain on their parade and they knew with me the seed of success that the land will grow and get rid of the evil because we were the seed that made the world a new hope of life.

Ever since then I knew I was part of a land, that would help the world, I was a seed, a woman, an entrepreneur. That I’ll be a part of a new light. The world where I can call it my own.

This is my story, I believe that women entrepreneurs are a land that was looked over upon but raised and cultivated their land with the best seeds that took the world by storm. I believe in achievement and hard work, for one day to not gain result but being part of the solution.

This article was written by Claudia Ndjou’ou, Founder of Bamboo Works Marketing.


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2 thoughts on “The Seeds of Becoming a Woman Entrepreneur

  1. This inspired me more than I can explain. Thank you so much for this article. These were words I needed to give me the push I needed ?

    1. Hello Brooke ! Thank you for your comment ! It means a lot ! A word of advice, push as much as you can! You will cry, break down or even have the feeling to quit however when you push , I believe the reward is sweeter than money but an accomplishment that you achieved ! Life is short , and there’s so much to do but when you’re passionate and you can wake up to what you love to do , life will become even longer and better!
      I wish you all the best !!!
      Claudia !

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