Salon Owner at 21 to Owning 5 Business at Age 28

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    March 11, 2021
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Salon owner at 21 to owning 5 business at age 28

Meet Laychin S Yeung an Entrepreneur who lives in miami since the age of 11, who learned about the digital marketing through educational youtube video to be able to learn and acquire all the talent she has today. She owns a Credit repair company Layshing credit solution, which is NEwLifeLegacy today in which people will learn how to have a good credit score and invest in their future to change their lifestyle. This is what she did. She opened her Podcast Channel as well with the same name NEw Life legacy to teach the young adults coming up how to make a 6 figure and more by getting the right mindset and following the inspirational leaders and find themself a motivation to enhance their future.

My name is Layching Yeung and one day I would like to leave a Legacy of starting a new life.

”I lost my Father who teached me how to be strong and independent since I was a child and that women don’t need a Man to be successful, you look for love in a relationship not money.  After I lost my dad I learned how to work strong and smart with my mother in the city of Miami and follow my heart to do it differently , I do not believe you need to wait until you get retired at 60 to start enjoying life, I always had a vision to become a millionaire before the age of 30 by working smart with the new era tools and digital world.”

The sky is not the limit, your mindset is.”

Layvhing says: ”I think that as a Latina young mother entrepreneur and head of family, the sky is not the limit, your mindset is. If you can change it you can achieve it. The key to having multiple businesses is creating the structure with a working team and making them understand that they don’t work for you, you work for them and we are a working family with a decent paycheck, so they can help you take your companies to the next level and grow. Life is all about challenges and believe, you need to believe in being a good human being, having God in your heart and having discipline toward your goals.”

Instagram : Newlifelegacy_

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