Online Fitness Studio That Helps Busy Women Develop a Balanced Relationship With Fitness & Wellness

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    April 6, 2021
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Online Fitness Studio That Helps Busy Women Develop a Balanced Relationship With Fitness & Wellness

A cat mom, fiancé, professional dancer that has toured the world, Barre/Pilates instructor, and owner and creator of ReddyFit, LLC. But beyond that, Jadyn Reddy a kind and self-driven individual with a tremendous passion for finding balance within fitness, health, and wellness, who will break down her story on how she went from dancer to employee to now 26-year-old business owner.

For as long as Jadyn can remember, she has lived and breathed dance. Dance was her identity at a very young age, and she always knew it would be her career. While dancing in college at the University Of Arizona, her main priority was having the perfect ballet body so that she would get casted in shows and book jobs. This path towards perfectionism made her lose sight of who she was and who she wanted to be. It was a toxic, negative downward spiral that brought Jadyn to a really dark place. Jadyn didn’t actually realize she had an eating disorder until halfway through her sophomore year of college, and she fought this reality for a very long time.

ReddyFit founded by Jadyn Reddy is an extremely fun, challenging, grounding, upbeat, positive, inspiring, and motivating environment. It brings everyone a fitness boutique vibe experience at affordable prices, all from the comfort of your own home. They emphasize toning, strengthening, and sweating, but also focuses on the mind-body connection, breath, and connectivity.

What inspired you to start ReddyFit?

When COVID hit, I lost my job dancing and touring professionally and wasn’t sure what my next move would be. So, I started thinking, what else in life do I absolutely love? What else can fuel me with that same fire that dance had done for so many years? The only thought that crossed my mind was fitness, wellness, and nutrition, and here’s why. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder in 2016 then later diagnosed with celiac disease. I had an obsession over exercise, fitness, and food and it completely took over my life. Finding balance day to day was non-existent. After years of therapy and support, I developed a huge passion for helping other women who are going through similar experiences. Spreading body positivity and speaking about anti-diet culture fuels me with such passion! I had a vision to create a space for women to help them develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, fitness, wellness, and nutrition. So, I took the leap of faith and started ReddyFit; an online virtual health and fitness studio that now offers 50+ live classes monthly plus a video library for 50+ workouts on-demand. For me, ReddyFit is so much more than fitness classes. I’m in it because I want to make an impact on women who are ready to start their journey through full body and mind acceptance so they can live freely and confidently!

Who is your training ideal for? 

Training with ReddyFit is ideal for the busy woman on the go who feels like she doesn’t have enough time for herself. The woman who likes efficiency and an effective workout all from the comfort of their own home, from anywhere in the world, regardless of time zone. The person who wants to experience a mental and physical transformation, and craves balance and full mind body acceptance, would be the perfect fit for our program. ReddyFit offers accountability, community, and support throughout your fitness journey so you never feel alone. If you’re the type of person that likes to work out at night, if you’re a busy mom, or a busy business woman, you can pick from 50+ videos day to day ranging from 15-45 minutes long so that you can move your body when your schedule allows. ReddyFit is ideal for anyone who loves pilates, barre, and cardio workouts! We offer a variety of pricing options to fit your needs and use the MINDBODY app for easy booking. You will feel stronger, more toned, and confident while working out at ReddyFit!

What sets ReddyFit apart from its competitors?

ReddyFit is a standout in the fitness industry because we bring the boutique vibe studio experience right to your living room. Despite being virtual, our clients tell us they get an in-person class experience and feel motivated, encouraged, and loved. At ReddyFit, it is our goal to help you find balance within fitness, health, life, and wellness so you can become the best possible version of yourself. You will develop a strong community with other women with the same interests through our private Facebook groups and Whats App groups. You can expect to develop a productive routine that will make you feel good and proud of yourself every single day.  At ReddyFit we focus on our mental transformation and let the physical transformation follow. We upload 2-3 videos daily to our video library and plan to increase this number and the amount of instructors we have as we continue to grow. Our program gives you variety and flexibility making it a perfect fit for the busy women on the go!

How did you get into the fitness industry?

Like most women, diet-culture drew me into the fitness industry. I was obsessed with exercise, how I looked, and what I ate at a young age. I was always curious about the newest diet trend and I lived by the words, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Fast forward nine years, I finally got to a point in my life where this restriction became too much, and I knew I needed help. During my eating disorder recovery, I discovered barre and Pilates. Due to my extensive dance background, I loved barre classes right away. It was a workout for me that toned me in all the right places that I needed for ballet. Pilates was a way for me to work on lengthening my muscle tone and to become more aware of my body. Both of these methods transformed my relationship that I had with fitness. I realized that low impact workouts made me feel amazing and I didn’t need to sit on a cardio machine for an hour a day to burn 500+ calories to feel and get results. As negative as diet-culture and the commercial fitness industry can be, they both drew me in. I came out stronger, more knowledgeable, and passionate about rewriting this story for others who are experiencing something similar, it was a long journey.

To what do you attribute your success?

I am fortunate to have the support from my fiancé, family, and friends throughout my business endeavor. Given my history, graduating with a BFA in dance from the University of Arizona back in 2016, dance has been a major focus in my life. The self-discipline and drive that I have developed because of dance, has given me the tools to learn from my mistakes, the courage to take risks, and ultimately the faith to believe in myself. Throughout my professional dance career, I manifested and put in the work and more times than not, it paid off. Despite my dance career being on hold due to COVID, I am taking that energy and drive and putting it into a program that will change lives as it has mine. I am appreciative for my dance training and career and all of the teachers I have had a long way. They helped shape me into the strong and independent woman I am today.

I am especially grateful for everyone that is currently a part of the ReddyFit community. Thank you for inspiring me daily and spreading your love for our program to your friends and family. Your excitement and testimonials have brought other women in who want to create change from the inside out too! When we see you thrive, it keeps us motivated to inspire more! So, thank you, I love you, and I am so grateful!

In your own words, what do you do?

I educate, share, and inspire others who are looking to find balance with their relationship with fitness. My vision is to help others develop a solid self-care routine that will better their lives. Choosing to move daily makes them feel great and sets them up for success so they can live strongly and confidently in their own skin. They are free to live a happy and sustainable life without an unhealthy attachment to food and exercise.

I teach about 7 live classes per week in the morning, work on my business during the day, then teach dance by night. ReddyFit has several amazing instructors to bring more variety to the program. It is a top priority for our team to also carve out personal time for self-care. No matter how busy our lives get, it is important to move for 10-45 minutes every single day, solely for you.

I wear a lot of the hats here at ReddyFit, between website, marketing, content and administrative. I am learning more every single day and am so glad that I took this jump to start a program that I believe in whole-heartedly. 

How long did it take you to get to where you are now?

I launched ReddyFit in April of 2020. I saw it as an opportunity to keep people moving while fitness centers were on lockdown. Throughout the launch, I realized just how much I loved working out from home and saw how others loved it too. People love our program because we offer so many live and recorded classes from a variety of instructors. The motivation, inspiration, and corrections are live and in real time which makes us very unique. So many women struggle with body image, confidence, and are overwhelmed by expensive diets and unrealistic fitness programs. I know this because I have been there. This drive to make a change within the industry has gotten me to exactly where I am today and I know that in time, ReddyFit will impact thousands of women who are ready to create change.

Share us some tips on how to find a workout program that fits you.

There are many steps to finding the perfect workout plan to suit your needs. First, figure out the type of workout you like to do. Maybe that’s Pilates, cardio, barre, strength training, yoga, CrossFit, HIIT etc. Second, figure out the setting you prefer, whether that’s one on one with a personal trainer, working out by yourself or guided from an instructor with a group. Third, find out if you can stay motivated working out from home either live, recorded or in person. Ask yourself if you need accountability or community to stay inspired. Lastly, have a clear understanding of your struggles and your personal goals and finding out what keeps you the most accountable and motivated to accomplish your goals. That may mean trial and error to find the perfect program for you. Go where you feel the most motivated and confident! Go where you feel the most loved!

What is your next big goal? How do you think you can achieve this one?

My next big goal is launching our Change From Within 31 Day Program on May 1st. This program is specifically for women who are looking to rewrite their relationship with fitness, wellness, and nutrition. We will be choosing 8 women to work with who are ready to invest in transforming their lives. The program will include: 50+ live classes, video library for workouts on demand, private accountability group, live weekly check-ins, eBooks with 31 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, desserts and cocktails for different dietary needs, and weekly guest speakers. The lineup of guest speakers include: a Pilates instructor, holistic nutritionist, therapist, and naturopathic doctor. These professionals will discuss mind-body connection, eating disorders, diet culture, body positivity, nutrition, holistic wellness, hormones, anxiety and more. I am so excited to create a personal space for 8 women that are ready to invest in transforming their lives.

What has been your key (or keys) to success?

My key to success has been to be unapologetically me, to teach from a place I have been, and to stay true to my vision in a world of distractions. These commitments and my experiences have allowed me to attract others who are seeking something similar.

Seeking out guidance, reaching out to other entrepreneurs, asking for help, and being open to learning is number one. Having an open mind and staying humble is key to being successful. The moment you think you know it all, you have already lost. I stay hungry to learn more and always improve. I continue to push myself out of my comfort zone as that’s the only way to grow. I give my best to help others be their best!

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