Multiple Streams of Income: Interview with Angelica Johnson-Dávila

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    June 14, 2021
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Multiple Streams of Income: Interview with Angelica Johnson-Dávila

In today’s world of hustling and making the most of the opportunities presented to us regularly, entrepreneurship sure enjoys its own space. However, there is another breed of empowered dreams that are being fulfilled by Mompreneurs. 

For many mothers, beginning to live this hustle begins with striking enough balance between their families and their entrepreneurial pursuits.  In a bid to inspire other women with some success stories of how mompreneurs can be their own bosses, too, we sat down and interviewed Angelica Johnson-Dávila.

With 3 businesses and kids each, Angelica knows that by obtaining a balance between her business and family she can master a “serial entrepreneur” life and excel as a wife and mother. She is an excellent role model who fits the bill, and with a new cleaning product company and an upcoming book launch in July, let’s hear directly from her how she does it all!

Can you please tell the readers your background? 

I am a 25 year old California native, wife and mother of 3. I am a former business law and English professor. I am REBT, NLP and CBT certified practitioner.  On the professional front I own 3 businesses. I am the owner of Alivad Home Solutions, co-owner and head of corporate legal affairs at After Hour Plumbing Inc and I am furnishing the last steps to the grand opening of my online therapy business- Kaldea Online Clinic.. 

What do you do as part of your businesses? 

First, I am the owner and producer of Alivad Home Solutions “Clean Collection. I create all of the eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products from my home in Monterey, California. Secondly, I created and run the corporate legal affairs department at After Hour Plumbing Inc where I handle the more sensitive office aspects of the company, my team calls “Big Angie” because I take care of the big problems if ever one is to arise. Lastly, I provide affordable short-term mental guidance as I am an REBT practitioner. Starting our local was great for a while but now I plan to expand my services so I’ve created an online clinic that I plan to fully open by the end of July. Also in July, my book will be launching where I elaborate on all that I do and different points of life that I’ve overcome to inspire women. 

Wow! That sure seems quite a handful! What drives you to manage it all? 

Helping as many people as I can before I leave this world is my absolute main goal and I love that everything I do professionally and socially allows me to do just that. Alivad Home Solutions was created with the health of others in mind. My boys suffer from asthma, allergies and eczema so I created homemade cleaning agents that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, free from fumes and harsh chemicals so that people who suffer from similar or the exact things my boys do can effectively disinfect their homes and other spaces without compromising their health. 

After Hour Plumbing Inc was a business power plan created by a man who knew how to work with his hands and his woman that knew how to build a business, I saw my husband’s skills and pushed to make it pay us. After extensive research on the competition and the plan would be that our technology, pricing, communication and service would be unbeatable and beneficial for both the customer and us. The reviews speak for themselves and I love hearing and reading how impressed customers have been with details and services we’ve provided for them. 

I’ve always been the go-to-for-advice person in people’s lives, the “mom” of the group, shoulder to cry on, no judgment zone, you name it! Frankly, I absolutely love when people find me a sort of safe haven for their thoughts, fears and mental needs. The combination of my own life experiences so far with my ability to cope and find control of my mind and spirit led me to want the same for others. However, I found that even with insurance, therapy just isn’t something a lot of people can financially attain. So I decided to earn what I needed to provide affordable mental health services and so far I love what I do, it’s hard some days and others are phenomenal but as I work adamantly to help people of all ages find mental stability and inner peace I see that it’s all worth my efforts. I will never give up on these beautiful people. This new book talks about the businesses that I run while managing a healthy home. What better than serving as an inspiration to help and empower other women to do the same?

What do you think have been the hurdles through your whirlwind journey? 

Being a mom is a full-time job in itself. I’ve never heard someone say they have two or more full-time jobs, but here I am! Progressing professionally while ensuring that my sons feel my love and attention and that my husband feels my respect and support were the significant challenges at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. I never wanted them to feel like I’ve placed them on the back burner. With research, hard work and consistency I have found the key to obtaining financial liberty and a happy, thriving home. I invite everyone to learn what that key was for me this coming July! 

What is the one thing you have learned that the readers can learn too? 

After everything I’ve been through so far in life, the people I’ve gotten to know the experiences that shaped me I’ve concluded that success is a journey, happiness is the destination, and it is okay to ask for directions. 

On a parting note, what message would you like to share with the other serial entrepreneurs out there?

Multiple streams of income are vital to financial liberty, for they rely on each other to keep you from falling short one way or another. It is important to remember that a relationship between your goals and your role in your home needs an organized list of priorities for it all to operate smoothly. Most importantly, this process will probably make you feel like it’s only meant for the ‘lucky ones’ . It is absolutely meant for anyone and every one that chooses to brush off a few no’s and take rejection as a form of inspiration to continue striving for that yes that will change your life and business forever! 

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