Meshia from Goals A.F Creates Leather Goods for Ambitious Females

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Meshia founded Goals A.F April 27th, 2018. Luxe stationery, organizer and leather goods shop catered to all the ambitious females out there that love to stay organized in the chicest way. Goals A.F is a Canadian brand, based in Toronto, Ont. When creating Goals A.F Meshia wanted to create a line of timeless pieces that everyone can own years even decades down the line using quality leather and materials to produce every piece. Meshia wanted her line to be more personal, where she can connect with every A.F(ambitious females) that purchases from her shop being the reason why she makes limited quantity at a time and provides personal messages with every order.

Meshia worked three jobs until this year she decided to retire from her corporate job and focus on Goals A.F and her lifestyle blog fulltime. Goals A.F is more than a brand it’s a lifestyle, and this is only the beginning!

WOT: What inspired you to start Goals AF?

MESHIA: I always loved to stay organized by writing in my notebooks and journal, so when I was ready to transition to A5 agendas, I couldn’t find any that were super minimal, chic and different.

So, I thought to myself I should create one lol. Since I always had a passion for creating whether it was photography, web designing etc. I wanted to create a line that was more than just pretty products. I wanted my line to have meaning … a movement. That is when Goals A.F was built!

WOT: How do you think Goals AF can strengthen and encourage Boss Ladies?

MESHIA: The products that I created I wanted females to feel like they could relate for example: “The Power Seat”- When designing this agenda, Our vision signified a woman who is the ultimate boss babe. An ambitious female who handles her business with style and grace. The Power Seat boss babe always gets the job done.

Each agenda, stationery & Leather Good products speaks to our Boss Ladies. Also, I love encouraging every female to be the best them, from positive quotes I post on @goalsafco IG page, engaging with females in our comments or on their Instagram pages and DM’s.

Positive energy is important to me as an individual, so I like to spread that sort of energy to everyone!

WOT: What are your goals currently? As in vision and mission?

MESHIA: My goals are to see Goals A.F grow into something big. I want to build an army of Ambitious Females where we can help motivate and support each other.

I currently started a BA (Brand Ambassador) program with 6 A.F’s ( Ambitious Females) to help spread the word of Goals A.F by next year I would want to see my BA program grow with more females who are passionate, ambitious, confident and love supporting other women!

WOT: What sacrifices have you had to make as an entrepreneur to become the person you are now?

MESHIA: TIME is something that I had to sacrifice. I have always been an ambitious female but creating Goals A.F required me to isolate myself pretty much to get everything in order.

I’ve had to put myself in a lot of uncomfortable situations but for me to grow I had no choice, and I couldn’t be happier!

I also invested quite a bit of my own money into Goals A.F, but I knew this would be worth every penny. I am passionate about what I do, and it shows through my work and the response from my A.F’s on a daily basis.

WOT: We all have our good days and bad days. What is your typical bad day and typical good day look like? And how do you stay motivated all the time?

MESHIA: About 90% of the time I am in a good mood because of the mindset I have. I feel it is essential to understand why things happen and how we react to it is VERY important.

My typical good days start off with me waking up and preparing a smoothie for my partner and me which I then proceed with feeding and walking my dog. Then it’s time to get some work done I check in with my team (PA, PR Manager, CC and Manufacturers ) to ensure that we are on schedule and things are running smoothly as well as keeping me up-to-date with what’s new. I start working on orders and schedule my carrier provider for pickups.

I will also work on new designs, my blog and continue to educate myself on how I can perfect my craft. I will take a few minutes to check in on my social media account and post on my feed as well as check messages.

As for the typical bad day, let’s say if there are some issues with my manufacturer with getting a shipment out on time to me drives me crazy! Lol, or when there were issues with my design, so we have to fix it then wait for it to come in. I am on my team’s butt to meet deadlines and ensure they are executing correctly.

I am VERY particular and picky about all my products to the reason why I am so hands on with my business. I view every nook and cranny before shipping out products and making final decisions.

But I only let the “Bad Day” last for a few mins then switch back to being positive. If I feel unmotivated, I like to take some time out to workout, visit a new environment and relax in the sauna or on my balcony. With running a business, it is imperative that you take some time to yourself and refresh.


WOT: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful web entrepreneur?

MESHIA: My Top 3 would be:

  • 1. Do Your Research- I know we hear this, but I feel it is essential to understand the market you’re going in and find a way to dominate your Niche
  • 2.Customer Service- This is so important, and it can make or break your business if you provide crappy service communicating in a professional way to your customers and potential customer is critical these are people who are supporting you and your business. Put your foot in their position ALWAYS.
  • 3.Passion- You must have a passion for what you’re doing as it will show your work, you and your business. BE PASSIONATE

WOT: How do you make sure your customers find Goals AF?

MESHIA: Creating Ads has been driving a lot of traffic to my website. Also, working with influencers that have an impact on the community and my BA’s are doing an excellent job of getting Goals A.F out in the world.

WOT: Tell us about your proudest achievement?

MESHIA: My proudest achievement for Goals A.F is when we sold out of our Agendas. I couldn’t believe it; I was in shock and then it hit me when I started packaging all the orders.

WOT: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

MESHIA: My favorite aspect is being able to do what I love which is creating and motivating everyone while doing so. The freedom and peace of mind I have is, and I do not see myself going back to working in the corporate work it’s just not for me. I am living my best life, and it’s only the beginning!

WOT: If you had one piece of advice to women who want to start out their webshop, what would it be?

MESHIA: Put your all into your craft as much as you want everyone to know how well your process is going try and keep it to yourself till it’s in mass production.

Always continue to educate yourself about the business you’re in and make your brand stand out from the rest. Find one key thing that makes you and your brand different and OWN IT!!!

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