Meeting New Like-Minded Women While Sharing The Passion For Traveling In Style

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    February 10, 2020
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Let the spirit of the group take you to new discoveries and getting to know new ambitious women and maybe, to lifetime friendships. For sure, you’ll have a lot of material for your Instagram and Social Media.

Who hasn’t wished for girlfriends like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda? Who hasn’t dreamed of exploring the city like those extraordinary women? Well, six girls will live that dream as Six & the City takes in the best the city of Munich and surroundings have to offer. Six & the City will be leaving Carrie and her friends way behind!

Six & the City will invoke the power of 6 to bring you an unforgettable Six & the City boutique experience. You will enjoy this green city, known for its beautiful lush parks and gardens, many museums, and beautiful palaces and extraordinary 18th-Century architecture. But it’s a modern city too, a place of great contrasts and surprises, always stylish.

You’ll enjoy fine dining together, great bars and extraordinary entertainment, in places known only to locals with a fine sense of the best … and the most fun! Before you all need to say goodbye you’ll also take a day trip to the magnificent Lake Tegernsee at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

Kathrin, founder of Six & the City

I am Kathrin Di Lauro, founder of Six & the City, a long weekend insider experience based in and around Munich. In time we will offer other European cities too. We want to inspire women to embrace and enjoy female solo travel to the full. I’ve traveled the world, mostly solo, for more than 20 years (yes, I started early). I’ve loved every minute of it. Making good friends all over this planet has given me a powerful, positive view of everything around me and of everyone in my life. Now, through Six & the City, I’m sharing that power, strength, and confidence with other women too. 

If you have a taste for all things wonderful, enjoy good service, want to get lost in a refreshing ambiance and you appreciate high quality without spending a fortune, then join me and you’ll be in good company.

My passion for Bavaria and Munich, the Bavarian capital city, means you’ll experience the best of both through the eyes of an insider. My love of travel brings the knowledge and creativity to ensure your time in my company will be an exceptional experience. You will never be anywhere as unusual and unique as the Munich you’ll enjoy with me.

What is the trip to Munich about?

Six & the City is an insider experience in Munich, my hometown. It’s a unique and exclusive offering for women who travel solo and want to meet up and enjoy five days together with like-minded female traveling companions. 

We take in all the highlights and the very best the Bavarian capital has to offer but the casual tourists rarely discover. We also take a full day trip to the fairytale Schloss Neuschwanstein and visit the magnificent Lake Tegernsee at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Our program is a five-day experience, based at a beautiful 4-star boutique hotel in the heart of the old town. Our days are filled with lunches and dinners in authentic and delicious bars and restaurants, including the world-renowned ‘Hofbräuhaus’. There are private tours of the city and castle tours, private transportation by a chauffeur and so much more….and there’s still time for everyone to quietly stroll around my beautiful city or rest in the privacy of their own luxurious rooms.

What are the Six & the City trips about?

Six & the City is a community for independent women who want to be out there and discover the world through solo female travel … but travel in style! The focus is always a niche quality and great service.  

I often hear women saying they’d never do what I’m doing by themselves; they’re worried about feeling lonely or encountering circumstances they’d not feel at ease with. Six & the City is a great way to break out of this anxiety, it gives women the opportunity to travel alone, without the need of waiting for a friend to come along. It offers a safe and exciting opportunity to join like-minded travel companions. We aim to enrich our fellows through a safe and trustworthy ambiance, where we can all grow and overcome limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. Through a shared appreciation of what makes us all great individuals and remarkable women, we create an atmosphere of acceptance instead of judgment. At Six & the City, we’re creating a space for trust, good company and maybe lifetime friendships.

How do you organize a trip?

My talent is an organization, especially when it comes to travel. All my trips are planned intricately to take in the best of every place I visit. I’m a loyal guest of Four Seasons Hotels worldwide and find their concierge service exceptional. This high standard has inspired me to focus first on the quality and service we offer our Six & the City guests.

I plan every Six & the City event with excitement and attention to detail as if it were my first. I want the best without being overly luxurious or expensive, not so scheduled that there’s no time to chill or stroll. Recognizing that our clients want to feel cared for, without hassles or concerns, we offer private chauffeured transportation and reservations at high-quality restaurants and cafes, combined with time to laze in an excellent hotel room that meets the needs of experienced travelers who appreciate the best things in life. 

Do you join your trips as well?

Yes, I do!  I’m there to make sure five women have a wonderful experience. I’m there to make sure they don’t miss the best by wasting time on the lesser things. I’m there to build companionship. That’s the best part of it, five women and me. Let the fun begin!

What is the one message you would like to convey to travelers?

A very famous, but rather ancient Roman has said it already:

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking”.

Marcus Aurelius

Nothing is more important for personal growth than travel. Through leaving your comfort zone you enter the unknown, you widen your horizons and your old and maybe outgrown beliefs and behavior patterns. Treading the familiar path is a great way to stay stuck in a rut. Focus on acceptance and curiosity and you will be empowered.

How do you deal with fewer good days?

I am the creator of my mood; therefore, I am the creator of my day. 

I understand the universe as a sequence of waves, sometimes you are on top of the wave, sometimes you are on the bottom. So it is with everyday life! When I am on the bottom, I prepare for the next wave to put me on top again. I allow myself those negative feelings we all have from time to time.  I know these shall pass. Ultimately, we are in charge of our thoughts, so we should consciously, deliberately, choose the ones that make us feel good. When I feel heavy, sad, worried or down I align with a positive thought, as little as it might be, pushing me out of depression or self-pity, I consciously decide not to be a victim of my thoughts. 

How do you balance work and life?

Passion! I love my work. But when time becomes a pressure, then I find time to meditate. I always find time for meditation whenever I need to restore my mental equilibrium.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just starting out?

To every woman out there who feels the calling to do something on your own, but your ideas are not yet quite clear, join our community and become a host in your hometown. We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to be part of the Six & the City network. Drop us a mail to

This is an opportunity to try out something new, exciting and personally rewarding without needing to invest. I’m here to help – who knows, maybe you will find your soul calling though our beginning this adventure together.

Thank you in advance for supporting Six & the City!

What is your secret to being an effective director in terms of managing the company you lead?

There is no secret. Only values. All those values I apply in my personal life I apply in my business life too. I put the greatest emphasis on being myself and walking my own path. I put honesty, equity, loyalty, moderation and respect above all things. 

I consider my work and Six & the City like any other aspect of my life, it is a part of me, it comes from my innermost self, from my soul and heart. The success of Sex & the City matters to me, but never to the exclusion of my personal values. 

I am not trying to be like someone else, I want to be the best version of myself, day by day, through personal growth.

Where do you get your inspiration from daily?

My inspiration is my life experience, both, through travel and personal growth.

I started traveling alone when I was at school. Even then, my urge for freedom overcame my worries and fears.

Solo travel builds confidence, broadens the mind and promotes tolerance, cultural awareness and a love for diversity. We all strive for perfection and we find fragments of it in every corner of the world.

Four Seasons Hotels inspires me for all these same values. Their pursuit of perfection is grounded in their global integration and adoption of humanity’s best qualities.  

My greatest inspiration? My husband. He inspires me every day through his unshakeable love … and we’ve been married a long time!

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