Meet Will; My Best Friend. Will changed my life.

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    September 8, 2015
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There are many people who have met Will. People who want to be winners. People who want to be the best at their sports, top of their class, the greatest in what they do.

Will also has met people who like the idea of being a winner. Let me tell you the difference between these two people.

Both are putting in work. Both make promises to themselves. But, one group is only putting in work when other people are watching. Will calls them Spencers. They only work when other people are telling them to. They only work when they feel like it, or when they see some inspirational quote, that makes them remember their dreams.

The problem with this group of people is that they, just like the other group of people, want to live their dreams, but let their decisions be guided by external factors. Such as letting their circumstances determine whether they are able to work on their dreams and goals. They like shortcuts, want to get from A to B very fast. They go and tell people how they are going to make it and talk about it, but never actually get there.

Than you have this other group of people; The Robins.

They made promises to themselves under the same circumstances as the Spencers. They did it when they were in pain. I’ll let you in on a little something, change always start from being hurt. They told themselves enough is enough. They were tired of coming up short. Tired of losing. So they changed.

They met Will. They stopped talking and took action. They started to understand that in order to bring their dreams to live, they needed to set goals. In order to achieve these goals they needed to make choices that are in alignment with what they want to accomplish. Sometimes they feel like giving up. Than they remember the pain and the promises they made to themselves. They know that they have the power to create victories. They realize it is a process that they are going through and when they fall, they get back up and try again. They realize that they they can develop certain skills. The only thing they need is Will.

My name is Lisa and I am a Robin.

I accomplish my goals. I have met Will. Will changed my life.

See, Will is going to help you develop, help you to be persistent, going to make you responsible, help you to learn how to focus, learn how to prepare yourself, teach you how to work, let you achieve what you want out of life.

Every week I am giving you 5 guidelines in order to help you become a winner. Everyone can be a winner. It’s not easy to be, but it’s simple. The only question is; Are you making Will your best friend?


By: Lisa Charless

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6 thoughts on “Meet Will; My Best Friend. Will changed my life.

  1. Hi Robin,
    I’m Spencer, soon to be known as Robin. At one point in my life, Will and I were best of friends. Will, was always there to catch the bus with me to the local college, so I could earn my GED. Will told me every morning, “work hard now and play later”.

    Will was right! At seventeen, my sister and I supported ourselves, worked hard and got and education. Will, was my best friend for so many years. Will was there when I became an RN and began to raise a family of my own.

    But suddenly, Will stopped coming around. Between the long hours at work, fights with the “husband”, taking care of baby with no help and the drinking, Will and I lost touch.

    Lately, I have been thinking about Will. All the dreams and hopes we spoke of. Where have they all gone I ask myself? Will came around recently and answered the question for me:

    “Hi Spencer, long time no see. Wow, you look different”, Will exclaimed. “Tired, hopeless and you lost that fire in your eyes. In fact, I believe the last time we met, your name was Robin!”

    We sat down as I explained to Will my troubles. The reply he gave me was jaw-dropping, “Spencer, your real name is Robin. We lost touch over the years because I couldn’t locate you by your alias”.

    Will promised to always be my best friend…so long as I never change my name again!


    1. Hello Robin.
      I am sorry for my English, it’s not my first language. This article set me on my feet. I had a rough week. I found out that I have not passed the subject on my studies (microeconomics), what seemed impossible, because the other scored on A and B. I felt frustrated because I work very hard for what I have. I have my goals and I am trying to implement them despite jeer from my family. They say that I have exorbitant ambitions, and I should be satisfied with what I have, but I want something more than the monotony in which they live. I think it’s good, right. I know that failure is a part of a success but when you see all this people who did nothing, party all night and drinking, you feel like failure. You’re trying to be better everyday and you earn nothing. I am a person who don’t be afraid to do something big and I am ready to pay the price. But it’s hard. It’s very difficult when negativity surrounds you.


      1. Hi Anna,

        First of all thank you for writing and for not letting your English be a barrier. It’s not bad at all!

        I am sorry that you didn’t pass the exam, but it is a first step. You know what you can expect from the exam now. If you are able to re-do the test. Find everything in your power to achieve the result what you want. This is how I recommend you to do it; Go and find a tutor. Ask your professor to review your test. Ask your professor for previous test on that same subject or course. Make these tests and ask you professor to meet him and discuss them.

        When you talk about those people getting A’s and B’s while partying. You can look at it like this; That same people whom are partying and get A and B’s they are maybe doing something different, reach out to them. Maybe they plan different, maybe they study different. Maybe they have a different way of using resources that they have. Ask them how they preparing themselves. Ask them what they do different? If you don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask questions. Not only to a tutor or professor, but to anyone whom may know something about what you need to know. Not understanding something is okay, there is always someone who can help you or something that can be helpful. You just need to go and look for it. Put in the effort!
        About your family. Your family sees all the hard work you put in. They must be very proud of you. They might think it’s enough. That’s understandable, but don’t forget. This is your journey. You may be on a certain level and you want more out of life. Go for it! It is true. The journey is hard. You will not see immediate results. You will doubt yourself every time. You will want to give up so many times. You will want to give in, so many times. Don’t. I am telling you follow through. Don’t take immediate gratification for something you want in the long term. Try hard and keep going. There is this saying of Muhammad Ali. It says: “I hated every minute of training but I said to myself, Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” About the negativity: Replace them with positive thoughts. Think about things you are grateful for and things that bring positivity in your life. Hold on to those things. Keep me posted about how your journey is going and don’t give in. You will get through, keep going!

  2. I realised a while back already that, I’ve become a Spencer, and that realization, gives me quite a low view of my self and it saddens me. In my Robin days I used to be so driven, no challenge was ever too big. The bigger, the more excited I would be to take it on.
    Then life happened, I lost my mom to breast cancer. My biggest fan and cheerleader, with that Will and I drifted apart. I must have to Will, I cant be entertaining wild dreams with you while I needed to hold the fort, my little brothers needed me to keep the household going, I cant let them down.
    Years later, I realise I’m no longer Robin, with life’s battles still continuing. I try to resuscitate the Robin in me, but end up procrastinating until the opportunity passes, with “no time” as an excuse.

    I really miss my Robin self and Will. Life seems so pointless now without them.
    I really need to find my way back to them and keep them in my life. Spencer’s time is over.

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