Meet Phelecia Roper a Serial Entrepreneur, Author Of Sis You Better, And Mother Of 7, Who Owns A Clothing Boutique, And A Tax Office, And Is A Life Coach

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    July 14, 2022
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Meet Phelecia Roper a Serial Entrepreneur, Author Of Sis You Better, And Mother Of 7, Who Owns A Clothing Boutique, And A Tax Office, And Is A Life Coach

Meet Phelecia Roper a serial entrepreneur, author of Sis You Better, and mother of 7, who owns a clothing boutique, and a tax office, and is a life coach. Roper has been preparing taxes for over 10 years and just recently added notary services, her clothing boutique is fairly new and located in Homewood, and she coaches single women into becoming the best versions of themselves for their children and for themselves.

”I enjoy pushing other women and giving praise where due I love it so much I wrote a book to tell my sisters “Sis You Better” get up, push, pray, and Slay.”

1. Tell us in your own words what you do?

I am a serial entrepreneur, women empowerment coach, and author. I own Alabama Tax Professionals and BYOUnique Clothing Boutique. My name is a brand Phelecia Z Roper. It’s the beginning of a woman empowerment movement. I have a nonprofit Se7en Angels and I’m the author of a 7-day devotional which can be found on my website

2. What was your thought process behind starting a clothing boutique, but also a tax office?

I’ve been in the tax industry since 2013. I love my clients and I’m a people person. I love to see people happy and living their best life. Preparing taxes I’m able to see them smile (some frowns too not many but yes lol) so my tax business was first then the boutique came about because, after tax season, money still has to be made. However selling clothes, shoes, sunglasses etc isn’t just a hobby for me the same way preparing taxes isn’t. The overall thing that drives me is customer satisfaction seeing them happy.

3. How did you first become interested working for yourself? 

I first became interested in working for myself after being a single teenage mother working hard for low-paying jobs. I was working at Rally’s then Jacks and going to school. I hardly even saw my child because I would pass out when I got home I was so drained. One day I woke up with a fire burning inside me that wouldn’t go out I knew I was destined for more. I knew I couldn’t allow a job to take me away from my kid. I knew I had to be the one to make the rules. So at a young age, I began selling purses. I didn’t know that was the start to the end of my work building someone else’s dream. Now here I am still building my dream and a firm foundation for my kids. 

4. What was the hardest part of working for yourself? 

The hardest part of working for myself balanced. The balance between my personal life, my kids, and the businesses. I definitely had to learn you need a team and you cannot build alone.

5. What are you working on currently and why?

I’m currently working hard on Se7en Angels and Phelecia Z Roper (brand) they tie into each other. One is a nonprofit for building women and assisting with resources and the other is motivating and coaching women into their next. I’m so big on seeing women succeed and making moves to be the best version of who God called them to be for their children. 

6. Share with us some tips on how to become a happier/healthier person

Drink plenty of water and mind your own business lol seriously spend more time with God and build a relationship with the person who created you so that you can begin to know who you are and not what others labeled you.  Forgive and heal from past trauma if a therapist is necessary listen to seek help. Your mental well-being is very important. Live life unapologetically, do what makes you happy, and stop second guessing or asking for validation from others. Exercise and eat as healthy as you possibly can. Smile and compliment others 

7. What tips do you have for those who want to renew their life as in new job, moving etc.

Go for it! There isn’t an age limit on going into a new season either. You worry about all the what-ifs and what could go wrong, but what if this is the best thing that could ever happen for you. Silence the negativity and turn the knob up on the positivity and rock out

8. Who has been your own biggest mentor and what is the best advice they have ever given you?

My biggest mentor is My coach Dee Edwards. This woman completely came into my life and not only told but showed me. She leads by example very well. The epitome of greatness I honor this woman. She has given me much advice but the one that sticks and hits the hardest is to be in your bag but be in your Bible more. 

9. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting what would it be? 

No matter what don’t stop. Even days you don’t feel or see the vision keep pushing. Every day isn’t going to be easy. If you’ll just keep going you’ll see better days and then you’ll look back and be grateful for those bad days that shaped and prepared you for your greater. 

10. How do you improve your financial knowledge? 

Reading!!!! It’s true reading is fundamental. My favorite read is Secrets of the Millionaire Mind -Mastering the inner game of wealth by T Harv Eker

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