Marketing & Sales: 3 STEPS To Making More Sales & Getting More Clients In Your Business

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    July 21, 2022
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The most popular questions I have gotten over the years can literally be summed up as “How do I get prospects to pay attention to my brand, make more sales, and land more clients in my business”. Here’s to read: Marketing & Sales: 3 STEPS To Making More Sales & Getting More Clients In Your Business.

On a weekly basis, I am privy to the ins & outs of at least 100 entrepreneurs, and 75% of what they would like solved is always related to customer acquisition.

And who can fault them? Getting clients remains the most important revenue-generating activity for all businesses.

In this article, I would like to share with you 3 steps that if undertaken, irrespective of which industry you operate in, will result in your business making more sales and getting more clients. 

Marketing & Sales: 3 STEPS To Making More Sales & Getting More Clients In Your Business

1. Master getting attention

Attention is currency. This is why even influencer marketing is big in today’s online world. Brands leverage the attention that influencers can garner and gets in front of their ideal audiences.

You have to be able to get your ideal audience’s attention to actually sell your offers. Just because you have the best product in the world doesn’t guarantee that people will buy it.

Here is a fundamental truth for any marketer, entrepreneur, and brand out there. It has gotten harder to get your audience’s attention as the online space has gotten noisier. In the past, people weren’t swamped with tons of advertising and valuable content, and anything new or better was easily noticed by the market because there wasn’t much competition.

Today, if you have a better service, insurance plan or even a car that can fly, you are fighting an uphill battle against the masses of advertising campaigns, client skepticism, and pieces of content out there

You will need to convey the benefits of your products and services in such a way that people will want to buy YOUR brand over the other 25 000 competitors out there.

Most important of all, you must learn to stand out! Show them that you are different, better and extraordinary. You must have a unique selling point and you must tell the masses all about it. Whatever your business is, make buying from you as frictionless as possible. If you run a subscription service, have a straightforward sign-up process. If you run a cafe or shop, use a point of sale system to accept cash, card or contactless payments to boost your customer sales

2. Build authority and credibility

Branding is VERY, VERY important. Today, the average consumer is spoilt for choices and only the ‘best’ wins. Now, you may not have the ‘best’ product in the world, yet you can position yourself as the ‘best’ with a few good marketing strategies.

What makes you different from the guy down the street? In order to succeed in whatever field that you are in, do you know that you need to establish yourself as some kind of authority on the product or service that you are providing? 

People in the 21st century are inherently skeptical because there are a thousand and one other brands out there. It is much harder to acquire a new customer than it is compared to keep an existing one.

When you have authority branding, people are more likely to treat you as an authority and listen to every word you say rather than treating you like a sleazy salesman trying to get into their pockets.

My clients and even members of my community are well aware that I hammer this fact until my face is blue. If you have no authority and no credibility in your industry, It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best product or service, people do not pay attention to what you have to say

Credibility is very closely associated with branding. Branding will help you to get the first sale, but your credibility is what keeps people coming back for MORE! It is what will get Industry leaders to pay attention to you, It is what will open multiple doors for you in your Industry.

 When you have built your credibility in your business as a trusted brand, it takes far less time to get repeat sales from existing customers and the people they refer compared to convincing them from scratch.

If I googled your name, what would I find? If the answer is nothing, It could also be the reason why even your ad conversions are terrible. You have no shred of credibility!

Don’t look down on the client with a buying power of $3 or less. Even the one who downloads your free offers. A number of times I have had people that never bought anything from me refer me to clients that signed up for 5 figures contracts. A client that spends $3 over a period of 2 years can amount to a lot of money. Furthermore, they are likely to recommend other clients to your doorstep!

Remember the story about the foolish milkman? The foolish milkman refuses to service a young chap who lives far down the street. He thinks that it is not worth the trouble. He doesn’t realize that that young chap will someday get married and have 3-4 kids who will consume much more milk somewhere down the line! Never ever discount a single customer!

And that’s not all, when you are credible, you become the ‘go-to’ guy when people think of the product or service that you are offering (therefore saving you time and money in client acquisition)

3. Desperation Doesn’t Sell

Most entrepreneurs are too eager to jump through hoops for their prospects in order to win over their business. They beg and cajole their clients to buy their products and services while the customer takes full advantage of their ‘need’ to please them only to reject their offer when they are done ‘using’ them.

Make no mistake about this. If you are willing to bend over backward just to win over your prospects, you are in for a disappointment if you put your clients too high up on a pedestal.

Neither would we respect a salesperson who gives their phone number, fax number, e-mail address, pager or even their house address in an eager attempt to PROVE how good their customer service is in an attempt to score a sale!

Clients are not stupid. They know that the first thing they do after they sign on the dotted line is to run into a whole bunch of lazy customer service guys or an annoying call waiting song as they get you to hold the line.

If you want to be truly effective in your business, you must learn to separate the wheat and the chaff. 

Not all prospects are quality clients and if you bend over backward trying to please every single one of them, your business will suffer in the end. You would rather work with a few quality clients than to squeeze an unwilling prospect to part with their money, only to wind up with more customer support issues, complaints and bad word of mouth due to dissatisfaction!

In a world where there are hundreds and thousands of companies that offer the same thing you do and where there is opportunity to find more leads & clients, it can be daunting to try and stand out.

That’s why many businesses don’t survive the first few years of their life. In this article, we will share with you 3 steps that, regardless of the industry you operate in (food & beverage, legal, medical or professional services) if followed no matter how overwhelming your business might seem, these 3 steps will help you win over clients and ultimately make your business grow at a faster rate.

Tanya Kabuya

Tanya Kabuya is a Business Coach and Marketing strategist who works with people of influence such as speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, and content creators to amplify their marketing message and increase their impact while remaining true to their core. Her work centers around teaching her clients to leverage their knowledge and experience to create premium group coaching programs that attract high paying clients. She is the Founder & CEO of Wizz Digital Academy, an online academy aimed at guiding entrepreneurs. Looking to productize their knowledge and create online businesses.

She started out online in 2018 as a freelance direct response copywriter, course designer, and funnel builder. Her desire to serve others continuously tugged at her heart to expand into coaching, which has since evolved into a thriving coaching business with a growing community on Facebook of people of Influence

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