Kristen Martin’s Journey to Becoming a Bestselling Author

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    March 11, 2019
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 Word on Alphabet Street is that The Alpha Drive is comparable in some way for fans of The Matrix and Divergent. NOOO, HONEY! It isn’t. Kristen has just smashed the proverbial glass ceiling with her stunning YA debut – she obliterated it. Thanks to the incredibly gifted Martin, the genre will never be the same. Nope, it won’t. Ever. Hallelujah! In fact, Martin’s contemporaries may soon find themselves getting scratched on the glass the new Princess of Fantasy has shattered to bits, as they struggle to catch up with this ingénue’s level of commanding storytelling. Martin has writing skills, Martin has world building skills and Martin has character designing skills. Pfft! Martin has skills. Period. – Amazon review from an elated fan.

The beginning of the journey

For Kristen, the journey to becoming a bestselling author started long ago when she was six. As a child, she expressed her creativity through writing stories and plays, and would use her father’s camcorder to bring them to life. Her entrepreneurial side was revealed in her preadolescent years when she decided to start a neighborhood babysitting club in the suburbs of Indiana. Right from the start, she has always wanted to leave her mark.

I remember being so excited to earn my first dollar outside of my allowance. From that moment on, I was hooked

Amidst health problems and having to undergo surgery, it was in 2015 that she finally took the plunge and decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an author. Since that time, she has had one purpose and vision: to elevate and inspire passionate and driven women to go after what they truly want in life by sharing her knowledge and experiences.

A health scare

Prior to the onset of her writing career, Kristen worked in the corporate world. She was well paid, had health insurance, a company car, a 401k, and all the good stuff, but all of this left her feeling unfulfilled. A health scare in 2015 prompted her to start doing what she loved most, writing. She started working on an old manuscript and had a finished book a few days prior to her surgery. From then on, she has embraced her writing career and has since written five bestselling books, runs a YouTube channel with over 35,000 subscribers where she offers up inspiration and advice for aspiring authors, a podcast (That Smart Hustle), and offers two coaching programs, one for writers called Valiance, and one for creative entrepreneurs called Elevate.

She has worked with hundreds of women via international writing retreats, workshops, and coaching programs to help them pursue a meaningful and fulfilling life. She is committed to empowering women to go after what they truly desire. 

She is of the opinion that women ought not to downplay their intelligence, their creativity, or their opinions just to make others feel comfortable. Women are not meant to play small or succumb to societal pressures of “who a woman should be”. A woman should decide who she wants to be. Period.

 My mission is to elevate and inspire passionate, driven women to go after what they truly want in life by sharing my experiences, knowledge, and expertise.

Kristen lives in Texas, but enjoys traveling and experiencing new places and cultures. Her body of work includes The Alpha Drive trilogy, the Shadow Crown series, and Be Your Own #Goals.

On her own, without a publishing house, marketing team, or literary agent, Kristen was able to achieve her lifelong ambition of becoming a writer, a bestselling author. Your dreams are not there by mistake—they are your calling. Be brave enough to make the decision to start.

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