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Fabiola was born and raised in a beautiful island from Caribbean Dominican Republic. At the age of 18, Fabiola moved to the USA after graduating as a System technician. Even though her passion and her dreams were all into acting and becoming a very famous and successful actress. However, moving to the USA, having to learn a new language, culture, made Fabiola put her dreams aside for a little.

Fabiola started to work at a restaurant as a cashier, meanwhile, she started to study English and also Real Estate. Right after turning 21, something woke up in Fabiola and she decided she wanted to pursue her dreams. Long story short in a matter of 5 years Fabiola lived in Mexico, Los Angeles and Miami; all because she was determined that she was going to make it in what she loved. In the process to be able to make ends meet she worked as a hostess, waitress, assistant.

The doors started to open

Until one day after moving to Miami to participate in a Reality Show called Nuestra Belleza Latona 2010, the doors started to open. For almost 2 years Fabiola was working in what she loved. Did few series, short films, special appearances on TV shows and finally got a contract for a soap opera. Meanwhile she met the love of her life and got married. Truth to be told Fabiola believes that’s the reason she needed to move to Miami… To meet her love!

After her contract was over and having to go back to ground zero of castings rejections, castings rejections; a part of her wanted to start a family and the other part was afraid and continue to postpone it because of what if she gets a contract and financially didn’t have the life they wanted to provide for their kids.

Herbalife Independent Distributors

In this stage, Fabiola and her man Alan decided to give it a try to an opportunity that had knocked on their doors a few months prior and they didn’t open.  Fabiola and Alan decided to start their own business as Herbalife Independent Distributors. That’s what they have been doing for the past 6 years, and it has been the best decision they have taken. Fabiola and Alan have been able to work around their kids and enjoy every milestone. 

‘’To me this is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Helping others get healthier and/or also start their own business became our mission and gave us a bigger purpose in life!’’

Alan Phillip Photography

What inspired you to start The Herbalife Opportunity?

They say you start either by inspiration or desperation, in this case we were desperate. We were looking for an opportunity that will help us make some extra income so that maybe Alan (my husband) didn’t have to work 3 jobs over 60 hours a week. We were newly weeds and would barely see each other.

At the moment we were doing magic to make ends meet and I was sad, depressed you could say, for not finding a job in what I loved. I was Working so hard and still getting rejected.

In the other hand my priority list started to change. We wanted to start a family. We wanted to be able to have a lifestyle and we wanted it to depend on us. This is something that was already happening to our sponsors, the people that had introduced us to Herbalife before.

This is when we decided to give us the opportunity to try Herbalife and contacted our sponsors. 

So does The Herbalife Opportunity really work?

This is the million dollar question. The one thing I would say is that I don’t live the life of my dreams because it’s more than I ever dreamed. Of course it’s like everything requires hard work, heart-work, consistency, passion and all of that that we usually do when working for someone else’s. 

We help people get healthier and live happier for a living. Since I was a little girl helping others was in me. I would always give away my clothe to people that needed it more. While growing up I would send money to my mom and grandma even if it was not much. My husband and I would go feed the homeless and also donate to different charities.

So finding an opportunity that allows us to continue helping others has become our passion. 

What fulfillment does being a business owner give you? 

The sense of ownership of your life. At least the type of business we have allows us to have the best of the world opportunity for better health, time freedom and financial independence. 

What makes The Herbalife Opportunity so special?

The fact that every single penny we make changes people’s lives for the better. The fact that in other for us to grow is done through the ripple effect of us helping others grow. 

Who or what influences you?

My mom. My mom is the most hardworking, determined, self driven woman I know. She’s been my biggest example of never settling, of being fearless, of fighting for my dreams, of being hungry for more.

She has taught me to be kind, to never forget where I come from and also to be strong, to have character and stand up for me and what I believe.

Who are your clients, any great stories from a client?

The best people in the world Hahahaha! We have a big client base from all over the USA and different countries. We are an open book and help anyone who wants a change in their life.

Omg I have so so many!! All my clients messages thanking me for changing their lives, their health, improve their lifestyle! You name it. It would actually be hard to pick only one.

I remember one of my clients thanking for not only helping her but because of that her mom health improved so much. She was feeling energized and being able to walk better! Can you believe?

Also, we have a pharmacist in our team and he’s so appreciative of starting Herbalife because of his mom as well. She was having to take like 7 different pills for health issues and after dropping 40 lbs and taking our nutrition she was down to only 1 pill for high blood pressure. Of course we do not cured anything but when you nurture your body with good nutrition it thanks you for it. 

What 5 steps would you advise and give our ladies who starting their own business?

  1. Make sure to have a clear WHY you want to do this
  2. Have a clear list of the things you are willing to sacrifice for some time
  3. Have a clear goal
  4. Have a plan of action that must be done every day no matter what. Consistency is key
  5. Have the correct mindset. Work on yourself, on your mind. Nurture your mind with personal development. 

What steps would you advise and give our ladies who want to start a business with their partner?

In my opinion communication is the key factor. Both must be on the same page and be willing to listen to each other’s ideas and respect each other’s opinion. It’s crucial for both to learn to have the separation of business and personal; and that not all the time both will agree.

That’s why to me communication is that key component of working with your husband. 

How do you make sure anyone can find The Herbalife Opportunity? 

We make sure we share in our social media about Herbalife everyday. We share what it has done for us and share our story with our clients.

We also always wear the brand to make sure we open conversations about it with the people we encounter.

I’m a big believer that everyone deserves to know about this opportunity. That every mom deserves to be with their babies and enjoy every single milestone without the need to leave them in a daycare since baby just like we have been able to enjoy them. I believe every family deserves to have the option to say “yes or no”, to have ownership of their lives.

How do you want to improve yourself in the next year? 

I think humans are a constant work in progress. We must always try to expand our knowledge,  vision, skills, habilites In order to continue evolving.

Definitely continue reading books about personal development. I would loved to learn a new skill like to play piano; and maybe a new language, but haven’t decided which one yet Hahahaha!

Do you believe in destiny or do you think you can control your fate?

I’m a firm believer that nothing happens by casualty and that life shapes you for what you are meant to be or do. However I also believe that luck only sticks to those who are out there doing.

Tell us about your proudest achievement? 

Definitely seeing my family’s transportation!

Even though there is more work to do, currently we have about 10 family members doing Herbalife as a career and seeing them succeed, achieve their dreams and goals has been the most beautiful part of our own achievements. I am so grateful for each NO that I received in acting because that redirected me to what I was meant to do.

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