Interview With ‘Your Most Beautiful Plan B’ Founder Jennifer Appel

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    November 1, 2021
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I just want to see women of God financially thriving online and creating lives they truly love, marked by serenity, Grace and love abounding! I am a business coach who helps women establish their business properly so they have a brand and an offering they really like and are authentically aligned with and that they can scale for years to come if they so choose. I also make sure they are able to make at least $100k a year without tech before they start getting into funnels or ads.”

What was the inspiration behind Your Most Beautiful Plan B?

We are wired for heaven. This is never going to be it. We are in the world but not of it. However, God has overcome the world.  Jesus was the perfect sacrifice. It is finished. And He is our provider and our source. Since He is in charge of our life, anything is possible and it is his good pleasure to bless us, therefore, He will give us a beautiful Plan B. Plan A was Eden but Adam and Eve messed that up and we have been living in the downfall ever since. We rely on God Himself because He has overcome the world. Once we are “citizens of Heaven” we are in this world but not of it. We bring His Glory to the planet and the human experience. We do not rely on the world or man for anything. 

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Being online was always the future anyway. The pandemic just forced the issue and made it real for everybody.  If you’re not online, you’re missing it. However, I also make it a huge priority to make my real-life offline…with horses, dogs, plants…in nature.  Online is for business, the planet earth is still for life. 

Please tell us about you and your role at Your Most Beautiful Plan B?

I am the creator, designer, curriculum developer, teacher and coach.  I’m a value creator, life designer and about as intuitive as it gets. I have a piercing discernment and gift for vision so I can usually see my client’s full potential and dream realized and then I help them get there, no matter their age or perceived “limits.”

What has been the biggest challenge/ hurdle you have faced so far? 

Many Christians are stuck in religion and suffer from the spirit of religiosity. Religion was made by man. It is imperfect at best and dead wrong at most. Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life. Jesus is the answer. Period. The Word of God will teach you directly, (once you receive the Holy Spirit so you can acquire the revelations.) Pastors and preachers and ministers can help you, for sure, but do not put a middle man in the way. You need a direct relationship with your creator and the creator of all. Stop relying on man and religion.  If you aren’t sure if you have received the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus to forgive you and acknowledge He took your sins on that cross. And your life will never be the same.

What has been your biggest milestone/achievement so far? 

My ladies are growing exponentially and making money within the first month. They are also finding out who they are and embracing her. They are on fire for God and excited about their own lives. I’d say that is pretty miraculous! They are also working with clients who they truly like and would want to hang out with. It is very organic and enjoyable. I love that I can guide women to this option in life and deliver them to their dreams realized. 

What are the mistakes people make using religion? 

Religion is not God. It is man-made. Look to God. Yes, we want to tithe and support and participate in the church. But THE church and THE BODY OF CHRIST are different than A church. Study what Jesus says about religion in The Bible. The only time he gets mad is when he is confronted by hypocrisy in His Father’s Temple. 

Share some tips for more engagement on IG.

There is a systematic way to get engagement on social media that converts to customers and clients. I don’t sell likes or followers. I teach my ladies how to make money while staying in integrity about who they are and how they want to serve.  It’s very simple, as most real things are. But it isn’t easy because you are up against all of your own limiting beliefs.  You have to grow as a person, but the actual logistical work is super simple.  Making $100k without much investment within the first year is pretty easy.  Then you can reinvest that into adds and make double or triple and once you have that system going, the sky is the limit.  If you do it right, you don’t go into debt and within two years you have set up what could become a multi-million dollar business that is almost self-sustaining with just a few assistants. But you have to start it right. The first month in my Precious Prosperity Program is ALL about setting up your IG as your storefront and making sure your clients know exactly who you are and what you are selling the second they “step foot in the store.”  

What else should we know about you? What sets Your Most Beautiful Plan B apart from the competition? 

I’m all about real growth. Setting up a firm foundation that you can build on for years to come. Not hype. I set up your business the way billionaires do, not pop up fly-by-night hustlers.  The mega-wealthy are always thinking “legacy”…they are not in a rush or desperate, they are strategic. And it works. We are not in a rush either or desperate because we are the richest trust funders in the world – our father is G-O-D.  Read that again. He OWNS THE WORLD and can supply us with ANYTHING. Chill. Plan. Trust. Believe and walk out in faith. 

On a more personal level, can you share your strategies about how to stay calm and sane during these difficult times?

Yes. I actually think this is the most important question you could have asked. God. G-O-D. Seriously, Jesus. The Holy Spirit. GOD GAVE YOU A SOUND MIND. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER. You MUST get INTO THE WORD so you get THE TRUTH that will overcome this insanity the enemy is creating. If you are anxious or fearful it is NOT from God. 

Who or what inspires you? 


What has been your key (or keys) to success? 

Waiting on God and trusting Him.  And doing the work with a spirit of excellence. Success is 100% biblical.  But keep in mind that none of this was noble. I was in pain. Anguish. And I wanted more. And I had the sense that I should have more. But I had no idea how to do it. So I cried out to God and demanded that if He was real He needed to come and get me and fix this. And ya know what, He did. Immediately. He came and got me and set me on a path that was long and arduous but so worth it. He changed me from the inside. He refined my character. He got all of “the world” out of me. And I hated some of the moments of growing and learning, just as a child would, and He remained patient and faithful and I eventually got it. And now I like who I am. I trust myself. Because now there is way less of “me” and way more of Him. I think that is what is meant by an exchanged life. I gave up. I totally surrendered. And God just keeps taking over and making me look good. He is a really merciful gracious God. And now, we are working on me standing up tall again and not cowering in a corner anymore, afraid of all the evils of this world. I believe He is trying to teach me that what I fiercely do for others, I can now do for myself. We’ll see how I do. As a coach, you are always growing too. You can’t sell what you don’t do. 

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