It’s Make Moves Monday! Are You Ready? 

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    July 16, 2018
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The weekend is over, your mind and body are rested, it’s time to make moves on this awesome Monday!

Although heading back to the office on Monday can be a challenge, if your mind is set on the positive possibilities of what today can bring, you won’t dread this day and rush through it!

Maximize your day

Instead, you will live in the moment and maximize your day. I want you N-Powered today, therefore, I am going to provide you with three tips on how to make moves on this Monday!

Tip #1: Be Mindful:

Don’t think about all of the things you need to get done before the end of the day. Instead, focus on the most important task at hand and become aware of what you’re doing! Being mindful will keep you present and more focused!

Tip #2: Think about what you’re thinking about:

If you find yourself feeling stressed or not as patient as you normally are, think about what you’re thinking about. Your thoughts drive your mood. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a 5-minute brain break and come back to your work!

Tip #3 Just Breathe:

Deadlines, follow-up emails and the list of to-dos on Monday can add up. Therefore, when you feel overwhelmed, just breathe. Deep breathing creates more oxygen in the body and relaxes tense muscles, decreases blood pressure and heart rate! Your body will say thank you!

You’re an N-powered woman who knows her stuff, it’s all about you making moves to get projects going and making an impact in the world around you today. On your way to maximizing this day, don’t forget to take these three tips with you! Breathe, you got this!

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