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    July 14, 2020
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Having the Internet at our disposal is an amazing thing. Never before have average people been able to reach a global audience with such ease. There are literally millions of blogs online, and bloggers have the ability to connect with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people each and every day!

Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. Blogs can be used for personal use, business, news, and networking.

We had the pleasure of being able to interview Ulyana Reena – the Lady Boss Blogger for her own magazine Off White Mag. This blog is a platform to collect all the posts about young women empowerment and self-care which Reena believes is the success of a healthy mind and, therefore, a healthy lifestyle. She shares many ideas which anyone may often see on other influencers’ pages but most of what Reena shares is new and embracing to the soul. 

‘’I hope you don’t just read through my posts, but truly applicate them to your daily routine and the habits you may have. We are all learning to better ourselves so let’s learn together!’’ 

What inspired you to start Off White Mag?

I’ve always been researching beauty, wellness, and empowerment tips for my own wellbeing. Having come across intriguing or influencing ideas, I wanted to share with more. Instagram gives the ability for a quick boost of motivation, the magazine page allows for detailed reads, and my email newsletter boosts your mental wellbeing amidst the chaos in your inbox. 

Tell me about what you’re working on now.

Off White Mag is currently looking to raise money for Mental Health America (in the U.S.) and Mind (in the U.K.) who promote mental health and provide support to those experiencing a mental health problem. They each impact millions every year and work earnestly to continue today. We are having three chic t-shirts designed and printed. You can dress them up or down, and 100% of the profits will be donated. 

Can you share some tips on how to taking care of yourself and empowering each other? 

Have you heard of the analogy you can’t fill someone else’s cup before overflowing yours? Taking care of your wellbeing is not selfish; it’s necessary to flow with the nature of this world. You cannot fill someone’s cup until you fill yours first. Self-care is about preserving you as a human being, as well as your soul. Replenish those stores of your mental, emotional, and physical energy. It may be pausing life, or it may be an energy life gives out. 

How do you fill your cup?

  • Spend some time on you. Get a mani/Pedi or a spa treatment. Maybe merely a bath! It means that you need to stop and recharge yourself. Call up a friend and catch up. Fill your cup with joy — and energy life is giving you.
  • Take time to eat your meal or indulge in a desert. Nourish your body this way — another joy.
  • Attend a workshop — there are plenty of online ones today. 
  • Learn a new skill or pick up a musical instrument you haven’t touched in years. Bring back memories. Brush up on those skills you still have in the back of your mind.
  • Write a note for someone to make their day. It’s fulfilling for your soul and will completely brighten up theirs.

When you take time to replenish yourself, it allows you to serve others. Stop short-circuiting yourself to grow others. Focus on yourself so much that you become the most important person to yourself. Until you become the most important to yourself, you will be useless to everyone else. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

What would you advise our followers who have want to start their magazine?

Firstly, start and start now. A month from now, you will either have a month of progress or a month of excuses of why you didn’t. 

Starting digitally rather than in print is inexpensive, and you can reach a wider audience today. After getting set up and putting some content out, find your ideal readers. This can be organic growth by discovering your page, sharing your magazine page on social media by your current readers, or paid advertisement to bring in new readers to your page. In my book, I explain each in detail. 

Top tip — big numbers aren’t everything. Real, loyal readers who are genuinely impacted by your writing is the goal.  

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Struggling with (over)-worrying, the most significant advice given to me was by my boyfriend, who watched worry take over my life. He said, “Worrying about a situation is like living through it twice. You don’t want to live through it once, so why are you making yourself live through it twice?”

What is a skill you think all women should learn and why?  

Making a plan — anything from writing tasks down in a planner, to setting time limits, and creating smaller goals (steps) to reach a bigger one. In many of my articles, I emphasize that creating a detailed plan of action will refrain from procrastination and keep you moving along the path towards your goals. Even if you are not confident while working, a detailed plan will keep you going and growing. 

Would you say you have to have specific potential needs in order to start as an entrepreneur? If so, what are the specific potential needs?

To start as an entrepreneur, you need three things — the mindset for it, wifi, and a laptop. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle you must be willing to create, and it’s not for everyone! You must be your own boss and learn to manage your time, stay on top of tasks, be self-motivated, and be willing to put in extra work. Most importantly, you must be doing what you love, but also be good at it. A gap in the market with the need for your product or service is your step into the market of potential success. 

Share two advice for female entrepreneurs.

1. Attend as many zoom conferences or webinars as you can. Everyone gets ads from free masterclasses. They’re free and full of useful information.

2. Connect with people like you. Connect with others on LinkedIn or in a Facebook group after the online sessions to get conversations started. Many opportunities form from connecting with your peers. Your customers may be your fellow zoom conference attendees, or they may share you with their readers. 

You’re currently writing a book, can you tell us what this will be about?

Why Females Are Today’s Business“men” is coming out late July. Females have become more confident in their positions and have created ideas of their own, becoming entrepreneurs. Many have become very successful CEOs in their companies, and others have started their own businesses that bring success to them. In the past few years, this has risen more than any other time in history and, I believe, 2020 is the year for more growth. 

Females choose an entrepreneurial lifestyle for many reasons, whatever their drive is (freedom in time, be their own boss, ability to stay home with kids, traveling, etc.). Men are still being paid more and hired over a female in many industries — this is factually true. However, we have shifted the spectrum recently. The way society chooses to think and prioritize comes to a female’s advantage. Females love a “modern” vision — whatever it may be today, whether it’s vintage, minimalistic, chic, or sustainable. And this vision may be towards product creation (fashion, lifestyle, medical, etc.) or a service (counseling, mentoring, education, financial, information, etc.). This is our expertise — vision for design, vision for planning, and vision for executing. Females choose to base their lives on their entrepreneurial vision.

Included is who is this for, how to start your online business, how to create a strategy, and how to create a community of customers.  

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Believing I can do it all myself. There was a time I put too much on my plate, even with Off White Mag. One can only do a certain number of positions without assistance or employing a second person. If you don’t want to hire anyone yet, use some resources that are available to you already. 

Also, I only have so many talents. Others are talented in the areas where you are weak. Getting a partner on board (who is best in that particular area) will take away anxiety, give you time for other tasks, and ultimately your business will move forward. 

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