Interview with Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Katt Monteleone

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    September 29, 2021
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A personal trainer is a fitness professional who motivates individuals to improve their physical fitness through exercise. They also give advice on general health and nutrition. This Interview with a Personal Trainer is with my friend Katt Monteleone, a personal trainer and nutritionist. Here, she answers 10 questions on health, fitness, dessert, and balancing it all.

What inspired you to start your own business?

What inspired me was freedom. The chance to have financial freedom and independence, and knowing that I don’t want to work for someone else forever. It feels extremely empowering to help females on a daily basis reach their best selves.

In your own words, what do you do?

I help women to feel confident, empowered, and learn the skills necessary to build their health and fitness habits. I utilize online training and nutrition coaching to help my clientele build these habits through consistency and accountability.

What else should we know about you? What sets you apart from the competition?

I’ve been a personal trainer since I was 18, so it’s been a little over 6 years. I’ve been a nutritionist for 3 years. I’m extremely passionate about my work and giving my clients results. I have worked with clients as young as 14 to others at the age of 78. What sets me apart is my ability to help my clients get to the root of their roadblocks, and to work on healing those and navigating a plan to create a successful environment. Along with this, all of my programming is customized and my main focus is always sustainability.

What are your current/future goals?

My current goals are to continue to build my brand and attract strong women who are ready to change their lives and become the most badass version of themselves!

Do you have any special kind of advice for other ‘personal trainers/life coaches out there?

I have 2 tips!

  • When working with your clients, give the client what they need. Don’t give them something that is cookie cutter just because it may be easy for you. Each person is different, therefore their regimen should reflect that!
  • When creating a program make sure it is sustainable and the client is able to be consistent!

These are the 2 biggest things I see coaches struggle with. If the client cannot be consistent, they will not see results. If the client finds the program isn’t sustainable, this will not elicit a lifestyle change.

What is the ultimate dream for your business?

Ultimately, I’d love to continue to help create a positive environment for women through online health coaching, training, and nutrition. A lot of times, us women feel we have so much responsibility in other aspects of our lives that we cannot take care of ourselves because its a “burden.” I want to show that this is far from true, and if you want something you have to claim it! Creating a safe space is extremely important.

What is a skill you think all women should learn and why?

I feel all women should learn how to provide for themselves and be independent. Whether this is through starting your own business about something you’re passionate about or working a job you absolutely love. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t; keep working day in and day out to give yourself the life you deserve!

What have you learned most through entrepreneurship?

I have learned most that you have to be patient, you have to invest in yourself, and to trust your hustle. Nothing happens overnight, and I’m personally still working on getting my business off the ground. As long as you stay driven, and you put the time, effort, and money towards your goal you will be successful. You will attract the right people at the right time, so keep marketing yourself and hustling.

Are there any interventions you would not advise? And why?

I would not advise starting a business based on something you aren’t passionate about. Passion is the thing that will force you to get the work done even when you’ve had a long day, and to keep you striving to achieve your goals long term!

What’s your favorite social network and why?

My favorite social network is instagram! I love the ability to be able to be your most authentic self through your content. I also really enjoy the opportunity to be able to have a large outreach and help those who aren’t in close proximity to you. Being able to give complimentary tips and daily motivation is such a wonderful tool in the health and wellness space. My IG is @kmcoaching_

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