Interview With A Remarkable Individual, a Professional Event Stylist: Lyn

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    June 7, 2021
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Interview With: A Remarkable Individual, a professional Event Stylist: Lyn

Lyn is a remarkable individual, a professional Event Stylist and the Founder/Owner of Indulgence Table, specializing in decadent grazing tables and luxurious pop-up picnics for styling events.

Lyn has history working restaurant jobs, phone operator, in-branch customer lending and later an authorized signatory. Serving in these capacities, she learned the skills in leadership, teamwork and organization unique to the business world and brings them to bear in her company to serve clients. 

A first generation Australian-born Vietnamese woman, Lyn has built a name for herself as a creative and passionate industry professional. She has served and consulted with top industry executives including a five-star historic mansion hotel that exclusively hired their picnic set-ups. Lyn and her partner have also been featured in event magazines, and a made an appearance on a major news channel for a story on Valentine’s Day 2021.

A tenacious industry player, Lyn and her company have now broken into the wider luxurious event styling space, and have built and maintained excellent working relationships. With the belief that passion is the root and foundation of a successful life; to build strong communities, we must fortify the root! This is Lyn’s motivation towards using her knowledge and skills to serve those whose lives would be enriched by it. 

What opportunities has the pandemic confinement created?

Whilst starting a new business during the pandemic has definitely made for some crazy times, we saw the COVID-19 lockdown as an opportunity to kickstart a service that we knew would explode once restrictions had eased. 

When we started, Melbourne was in its second stage 4 lockdown. This meant we were unable to leave home unless it was for an essential reason, we were not allowed to travel more than five kilometres away or have guests over. This lasted for 111 days.

When the restrictions eventually eased, there were still limitations in place for restaurants and home visits. We were also unable to travel interstate or overseas. We thought picnics would be a perfect way to catch up with loved ones after such a harsh lockdown, so decided then to launch the luxe picnic side to our event styling business.

How are your businesses different and what are your unique selling points?

Event styling such competitive industries. We believe that what makes us stand out from other businesses in the industry is our passion for the finer details. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to not just meet, but also exceed, our clients’ expectations. This means we always deliver more than what the client expects and ensure that everything we create is nothing less than picturesque.
For example, for our event styling business, every element in the spread is thoroughly thought through, from the fresh blooms we use to our “no crease” napkins and tablecloths.

What challenges have you faced in your creative work?

Currently, our biggest challenge for the event styling business is COVID-19. 

Several of our wholesalers have been affected by supply shortages, due to international trade disruptions. Whereas prior to the pandemic, it was easy to source the items you needed and get them delivered in a short timeframe, the knock-on effect that the pandemic has had on our suppliers has meant that something as simple as finding the right coloured balloons can now be a challenging task.

What are you currently working on? 

Our current focus is on giving back to those who have struggled most – Our aim is to brighten the days of children with life threatening illnesses. We have teamed up with some other vendors to work alongside non-for-profit organisations in achieving this. “Often, sick kids have few opportunities to use their imagination, enjoy the moments others take for granted, and just be kids.” We are hoping to put some smiles on their faces and change that!

Tell us more about your business and what you offer.

At Indulgence Table, our luxury picnic experiences showcase our flair for the finer things in life. All you have to do is arrive to the chosen setup location and enjoy the picnic, without having the worry of planning and cleaning up afterwards. Our aim is to be a one stop shop, we take the hard work out of event planning and styling and look after everything for you!

Recently, we’ve branched out into table styling for larger events, which has been a wonderful way to expand our services and skills.

Through Indulgence Table, I have also conquered my fear of balloons. As a child, I had a balloon pop straight into my eyeball, which caused me to struggle with this fear for my entire life. However, I have now faced my fears, and branched out into balloon artistry as well. I now find this to be therapeutic art form, rather than being scary. It’s also a magnificent way for me to showcase my creativity.

As an entrepreneur and innovator, when do you prefer to work solo versus working in a team, what personal qualities have enabled you to lead and collaborate well?

I believe my childhood and life struggles, as well as my varied employment background, have fostered my resilience. I see this as one of my biggest strengths, and the key to my leadership journey.

Also, I have the ability to quickly adapt to different situations, which helps me to stay in control, even when things don’t go to plan.

My business is incredibly labour-intensive, so having good manpower behind you is essential. Whilst finding the ideal team can be a difficult process, I have been very fortunate in that I have now found the right people to represent me and my brand. I would not be where I am today if I did not have the right people surrounding me in both of my businesses. With that being said, I do find it more productive to work solo sometimes (such as when I am dealing with administrative responsibilities), as I am easily distracted!

However, I believe that above all, having fun with your work and rewarding your staff are the best ways to ensure productivity.

Where do you find your ideas?

We live in a world where anything and everything is easily accessible online.

Every evening, I spend time researching colour palettes, different materials, what’s popular, and what’s on trend. 

However, I use this research only as inspiration. Rather than copying the work of others, I always make sure that our work is a new take on an old idea, in a style that is unique to us. 

How can people view and stay up to date with your creative work?

Indulgence Table is very active on social media, as this is where most of our target audience find us. We aim to post new photos every other day, so our followers can keep up to date with our creative work. We also regularly update our user-friendly website with photos, for those who don’t use social media!

Tell us something we do not know about you yet?

I am a strong believer that when women support each other, incredible things happen. For this reason, I do not see other businesses as competition, but rather as an opportunity for collaboration. 

With that said, I only collaborate with vendors whose products, ambition, and perseverance I believe in.

Any words of advice for event stylists?

For event stylists that specialise in table styling or luxe picnics, we highly recommended that you buy in bulk. Initially when we first started, we made some costly mistakes buying in smaller quantities. If you are buying just enough supplies for your next booking, you may be saving in the short term, however as your business grows a, you will not have enough stock available. From our experience, 90% of the time you will not be able to find the exact items you originally purchased, you always want your displays to match and appear consistent, meaning that for these cases, where you don’t have enough stock, you’ll end up having to purchase a whole new set of items to complete the look.

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