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    July 24, 2015
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My name is Andrea Ocampo and I work in the world of sports media. I’m originally from Armenia, Colombia and have lived in South Florida my entire life. I went to school for broadcast journalism all while interning at NBC6 and cheering for the NFL Miami Dolphins which was a perfect combination to get started in the business.
I found a corner of the world where my voice and passion can be heard. I’ve devoted my life to being a voice for those that can’t speak for themselves and paving the way for women in sports media. I’m the arena host for the NHL Florida Panthers, FAU College Football, Fox Sports and Palm Beach Broadcasting. I love being able to connect with hockey and football fans during live broadcasts. And feel privileged to show women that they can be taken seriously with their work ethic, drive, passion and authenticity.
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I was always motivated by my parents especially knowing that they’ve always worked so hard to give me opportunity to pursue my hearts desires.
When I’m not in front of the camera I speak at colleges and media conferences about my unique perspective regarding women in sports, multimedia, content creation and social media. I have my own lifestyle blog, which is, “Entertainment for the Wandering Soul”. I’m a guest writer for, Hoy En Tec, Recruiter Magazine, and Miami Social Magazine where I write about lifestyle, business, marketing, and social media. I also work for Palm Beach Broadcasting as Digital Content Creator, where I oversee digital strategies of seven radio stations.
In terms of advice, I always give morsels of wisdom when I speak to talent wanting to break into the business. Three things, 1. Always treat everyone with respect. The person serving you water will be the next producer hiring you for your next job. 2. Don’t believe the hype and always stay humble.
3. With guts and grace anything is possible!
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