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    June 13, 2019
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In this fast-paced high tech modern world, more and more people are finding it hard to find the time to seek out love and the perfect match for them. Searching for your soul-mate can be an exhausting task, and at times can seem hopeless.

Luckily for us, dating apps and websites are becoming much more prevalent and for those who are a bit more serious about finding their mate, professional matchmaking services are available who specialize and cater to many different demographics. From the ultra-rich seeking a luxury matchmaking service to the blue-collar country boy trying to find love, many great options are available for those looking to find the right match!

Michelle G is a Certified Dating and Relationship Specialist (CRS)® and holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology. She is the author of the #1 best selling book, Relationship SOS: Seven Lifelines to Rescue Your Emotional Intimacy Now. Her passion is to help singles and couples answer the questions “What does the word LOVE mean to me?” and “How can I have the relationship I desire?” Her mission is to change the way singles and couples approach relationships – including the one we have with ourselves. Michelle is frequently featured in media as a relationship expert and her articles have been featured in local and national publications.

Prior to becoming a dating and relationship expert, Michelle served in the United States Marine Corps where she analyzed intelligence, assisted in conflict resolution, and managed critical relationships to maintain US security for 13 years. This five foot tall dynamo teamed with U.S. agencies including the FBI, DOS, DOD and others where she led community outreach programs and acted as liaison with local city governments around the world.

Michelle G. matchmaking and life coaching company

Founded back in 2013, Michelle’s goal was to help clients restore and maintain healthy relationships through couples coaching. Couples were so happy with their remarkable results that they began referring her to their single friends who needed help finding love. At the same time, the online dating world was exploding recommends giving her the perfect opportunity to help singles find lasting love through the use of cutting edge technology. Now three years and dozens of happy clients later, Michelle G. is becoming one of the most trusted digital matchmaking services for singles. Though our company has evolved, we’ve never lost our focus in helping clients achieve and maintain healthy relationships.

How did you get into the world of relationship advice? 

We crave human connection, but for a lot of people, developing relationships is one of the most difficult ambitions to fulfill in life. 

I had a troubled childhood, and at a young age, I had to quickly learn how to operate as an adult so I could help my family survive in New York City. Money was tight, so the public library and books became my safe haven. One of my favorite books was Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, because it guided me to explore my spiritual self at a young age.  

As a young adult, I was also drawn to reading “self-help” books like Who Moved My Cheese? and Chicken Soup For The Soul because I wanted to understand the dysfunction in my own life. I couldn’t keep my hands off those kinds of books because I always learned something new, and they gave me hope that things in my life could be different. These books were my introduction into the world of life and relationship advice. 

What motivated you to become an entrepreneur and start Michelle G?

Becoming an entrepreneur was an accident. I come from an immigrant mother who always told my siblings and I to avoid debt, be great at your job, and be a good citizen. My mom always told me to dream big and that I could do anything I wanted. 

I wanted to be the first woman president of the United States, so I decided to join the United States Marine Corps after graduating high school to start my journey toward the White House. Then, I met a young man, fell in love, and got married. My life (and my goals) were about to change in the name of Love.

Although my career as an Intelligence Analyst was thriving with special assignments, international affairs, and foreign policy, my marriage was beginning to crumble.

We tried everything to make our marriage work, to communicate better, and to try to save what we could, but in the end, we filed for a divorce. That experience changed my life because it revealed to me my life’s purpose. It was in that moment, I decided I wanted to use my 13 years of military intelligence and international diplomacy experience to help people be successful in their love lives. Within 15 months of that decision, I launched Michelle G with the mission of helping professional and high achieving singles thrive at love. 

How does it work? How do you help your clients find relationships?

We recognize the challenges that successful women face when looking for a life partner, so our mission is to help ambitious women remove the obstacles that prevent success in love and in finding a meaningful relationship. 

We work with clients in two ways: 

  • For those women who are busy (executives, VPs, CEOs, lawyers, politicians, etc.) and either don’t have the time to date or are tired of online dating and not meeting quality men, we offer our Elite Matchmaking Services. Think of us as your real estate agent, but for your love life. We headhunt, recruit, and scrub potential suitors on your behalf before introducing them to you.
  • We also recognize that matchmaking isn’t for everyone, so another program we offer clients is Date Coaching. This program is ideal for women who are dating, but not having success in attracting the right type of man or for someone who needs help with crucial dating skills such as flirting, body language, conversation, and confidence. 

Every person is unique and has her own story to tell, which is why before working with us, we offer a consultation to learn more about the needs of our clients and provide them with our recommendation on what service would help them reach their goal. 

What makes Michelle G different than all the other relationship advice companies? 

What makes Michelle G International different than other matchmaking and relationship coaching companies is our science-based approach. We call it Love Psychology. Our proprietary methodology helps singles find love and thrive. We’re not interested in short term results. Instead, we’re fully invested in our clients’ long-term happiness. Everyone within our team is a professional and has a college degree in their area of expertise.

Other matchmakers and dating services bash online dating because they don’t understand its power, the same power other social media platforms use to influence change and find new markets. People use online dating tools to either find a hookup or find lasting love. The goal is to find like-minded people to meet and connect, just like on Facebook or Instagram. Beware matchmakers or dating coaches who bash online dating apps. They’re not going to offer you a full range of options to address the challenges in your love life. We understand online dating; we master the tools and we use them on behalf of our clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other women finding true love?

Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither is true love. The biggest myth out there is that you can only have one true love and that simply isn’t the case. Love presents itself in our lives to inspire us, stimulate creativity, and form deep friendships. Sometimes love lasts and other times it comes to give you something you needed to continue your search of the love you truly desire. When you think you’ve found “the one”, spend meaningful time together to build your friendship. Why is this important? Because once the infatuation stage passes and life returns to a normal pace, it’s easy to forget what brought you together in the first place and the lack of clarity on that “why” could be a recipe for relationship trouble.

What does a day in your life consist of?

I’m a firm believer in rituals, so my days start the same and end the same. However, the majority of my day is unscripted but focused on my objectives for the week. My day begins with a daily journal detailing any dreams I may have had the night prior, followed by a gratitude list I write every single day. Following my wakeup routine is a quick workout, and then I’m off to get ready for work (typically while listening to an audio book) and eat breakfast with my husband. I’m usually at the office by 10:30 am. I review my calendar and task list for the day. On some days, I have back-to-back client calls, meetings, or networking. On other occasions, I maybe traveling for a client or a project. 

What are your hobbies or non-work related activities?

I’m an undercover adrenaline junkie. I love zip lining, scuba diving, rock climbing, and pretty much anything that has to do with the water. Another favorite activity is traveling with my husband because we travel to enrich our cultural experiences. Because I spent 13 years away from family while I served in the military, I treasure visiting my family and vacationing with them, too. It makes me feel like I’m reclaiming the time lost with them.

Discipline and creativity: are they two forces in opposition, or are they complementary?

What an interesting question. To me, they’re a bit of both. Discipline can restrict the creative process if there is no flexibility. However, too much creativity can make it challenging to create the healthy habits necessary to succeed. As entrepreneurs, we need to adopt a training mindset to continue to grow, reach higher levels, and make a greater impact. Discipline gives shape to creativity which yields the final masterpiece. I read somewhere that even chaos has structure because without it, chaos wouldn’t thrive. 

What is your life motto?

For me, I believe life mottos change with the seasons of my life. I’m in my late 30s, and I feel more grounded than ever and refuse to apologize for who I am, so the motto for this season is, “It’s my time.” 

You have a team working for you, what would you advice for someone who is looking for a team? What do you recommend for them to look for?

The first question to ask yourself is what responsibilities will this person fulfill? Because a job description is one thing, but clearly outlining the tasks they will be performing will help you be better at interviewing. Secondly, a mentor of mine recommend this resource called Strengths Finder 2.0. She told me to use it as a part of the hiring process to identify candidates with the complementary strengths that would elevate the company. Lastly, be patient as your company grows; some team members will grow with you and others won’t.

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