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K-Syran music career all started when she auditioned to join a published rock band and got accepted. Not long after, a producer from Nashville encouraged her to make an album, Paul Sutin heard it and fell in love with her favourite song Staring At The Wall, a song she wrote after moving countries and experience what loneliness means. 

Having started her career on an exciting note by opening the UK Tour for the prominent Blue, K-Syran has since been receiving the love and praise of music connoisseurs across the globe. Releasing two albums (Smoke In My Veins and Dizzy), topping several billboard charts and even having one of her singles being nominated as the anthem of International Women’s Day 2016, K-Syran’s journey continues to demonstrate an exciting path.

K-Syran follows up 2018’s monumental success with billboard charting singles, Shake that Booty and Dizzy, with her brand new offering, Carefree Careless. This infectious slice of pop heaven featuring K-Syran’s sultry vocals and remixes from Intimacy Records favourite Dan Thomas, is shaping up to be one of K-Syran’s most significant offering to date.

Dedicated to creating great music and versatile performances, K-Syran is at the forefront of creating an unparalleled music experience.

“The power and joy of song has the ability to comfort and inspire each individual, whatever their situation may be, which is why I’ve given my song ‘Intimacy’ as a gift to every woman.”

Can you remember the first time you wrote a song? Describe it

Yes my first ever written song is in French, I heard the melody and the lyrics just came out of me. I do feel blessed,  lyrics and melodies just flow straight through me, it comes from somewhere else and I’m just the lucky receiver. 

Professional songwriters spend years on their craft. Why not use their songs?

I’ve written all my life. First thing I would do after school was to tell my day to my diary. I can’t imagine not writing. My biggest pride is the play “Breaking The Silence”, written for Human Rights Watch. It brings up all the on going struggles for girls and women, domestic violence, child marriage, FGM, sexual violence in conflict just to mention a few. I did release just now a song by Véronique Sanson, Amoureuse. It’s a beautiful poetic and romantic French song.

What drew you to the music industry?

Chance! Sometimes in life doors seems to open and it feels “easy”.  I believe of course you create your own chance but if you are open minded and outgoing and brave, exciting things will happen.

What would you advise women who are interested in the music industry, where can they start finding a career in that industry?

That’s what I found so hard myself,  to find the right people to trust in this industry, especially when you are a woman, you are not really taken seriously and I found many speaking down at me, quite shocking! If I shared some of the emails I have with you, you would not believe it! Anyway this is why I have set up my own label, Intimacy Records with distribution and syncing through SonyUK, to help other artist out there to directly work with a trustworthy team who will look out for their best interests.

What are the pros and cons of the music industry?

Social media makes it accessible to everyone. Streaming makes it not profitable.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Please don’t give up! There are highs and lows but that you will find in everything you do. If you are an artist you must express yourself, it is crucial for your health. Persistency is key!

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Every time. Just before entering stage I ask myself why do I do this to myself. But when you are there and you are sharing your stories and emotions with everyone you realise why and you’ll do it again and again.

What advice do you give women who go on stage to give a performance or a speech?

As I told my mum who is petrified to make speeches;  no one is really interested in you but in what you have to say.  This helped her a lot! When you perform a song, a monologue or a speech think of yourself as a vessel. 

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

I believe that is practice, and of course it helps not to take yourself too seriously. Anything can happen when you are on stage you just have to deal with it and act professional. 

And what advise can you give others? 

Just be in the moment and embrace the mistakes.

Collaborations can take on many forms. What role do they play in your approach and what are your preferred ways of engaging with other creatives through, for example, file sharing, jamming or just talking about ideas?

I have worked with Amelle from Sugababes on a duo I wrote, Testify. That was a great experience. I’m open to work with other artists, we all have something to bring to the table. With my musicians we jam, they are super talented!

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