How To Make The Most Out Of a Networking Event

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    May 7, 2019
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How To Make The Most Out Of a Networking Event

Connected is defined as being brought together so that a real link or relationship is established. It is the base of human life as well as business. When we establish a relationship with our customers/clients or other business professionals, we create feelings, address needs and wants, and build relationships that create a network worth more than money. Same goes for personal relationships. Read on How To Make The Most Out Of a Networking Event.

Attempting to do business alone is the opposite of why you got into business in the first place. You started because you had a vision and a passion for what you do and it’s that feeling you should let drive your confidence and investment in relationships. 

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How To Make The Most Out Of a Networking Event


Although you don’t need to drag yourself to endless networking events and expos, you should get comfortable with going every now and then especially when you are just starting out. Since businesses are built off of relationships it’s important to remember that you never know who you are going to meet at an event. You may meet someone that is able to provide financial backing for your business or maybe you are able to collaborate on a project and bring your growth and exposure to the next level. You may find someone that simply knows more than you and doesn’t mind sharing some of their do’s and don’ts of business.

You might come across someone looking to write an article about your profession and here you are front and center: EXPOSURE = BUSINESS. Then there’s delegation. Maybe you don’t make any connections with someone that can help you in the business side but you meet someone that brings value to other aspects of your life such as health and wellness or home services. When you are busy building a business you don’t always have time for things such as cutting the grass or party planning your child’s 5th birthday. These connections help take some of the important tasks off your hands and give you time for other items.  

How to make the most out of a networking event


When you are heading out to a professional meet up. Unless otherwise stated it’s always a good idea to look your best. Look good, feel good, do good. Nobody wants to do business with someone that doesn’t even take the time to make themselves presentable. If you want to be taken seriously, first impressions are important. 


As you enter a room. Keep your head up and a smile on and be open to meeting new people and building new relationships. Don’t migrate to the back corner of a room by yourself because it makes it clear to people that you don’t want to interact.


When you are approached by someone or you approach them. Seriously, nobody cares if you’ve been in business for a week or three years. You clearly have something amazing to bring to the world and you should share that vision with confidence! There’s no room for self-doubt or fear in the presence of growth and confidence! So, work your vibe and let your light shine!


And ready to give out. There are apps that allow you to scan and sync info right from someones phone! Instead of having a pocket full of business cards, you’ll have the information right there on your phone where it can’t get lost. 

Don’t forget about community involvement as well. Facebook is an endless pit of resources and you should utilize them! There are tons of community festivals, networking events, seasonal festivals, business pages, meetup groups, mastermind groups, etc… If you are feeling lost and don’t know how to get connected, this is a great place to start where you can find events and free info locally. 

Nurture your relationships, and you’ll nurture your business. Remember that it all takes times though and patience is key. Move forward with authenticity and confidence and you won’t be able to go wrong! 

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Madalyn Ziongas

Madalyn Ziongas is a professional Life & Health Coach and Reiki Master Teacher. She specializes in energy healing and holistic health and is passionate about teaching women how to be the best version of themselves, both professionally and personally. Madalyn received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Environmental Science and Zoology from UNC and loves using these foundations in her current business. As a military wife, she has endured the obstacle of continuously starting over and the stress that comes with that lifestyle. This experience has helped give her the tools to aid other women in finding their purpose and live a life of empowerment. She is currently working on building the Shine On Community; a community dedicated to the health and empowerment of women worldwide. Madalyn believes in the healing power of nature and when she’s not out hiking with her husband, son, and two dogs, she can be found traveling the world, petting dogs, gardening, at the yoga studio, crafting, reading, and writing.

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