How to Build an Outdoor Spa From Items at a Local Home & Leisure Store

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    June 7, 2023
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How to Build an Outdoor Spa From Items at a Local Home & Leisure Store

An outdoor hot tub provides several advantages over its indoor counterparts in terms of cost and installation ease. Once built, it requires no sunscreen application and allergy concerns are minimized; however, before beginning construction of your dream outdoor oasis there are some key aspects you need to consider first.


Outdoor spas provide a luxurious means of relaxing, especially when entertaining guests. But pool areas must also remain secure, so it is recommended that a four-sided isolation fence (that separates spa/pool areas from house/yard areas) and self-closing/latching gate be placed around it to reduce risk of children wandering near it and potentially drowning, according to American Red Cross recommendations.

Wooden privacy structures such as pergolas or trellises can help frame your hot tub, creating an outdoor sanctuary. Plus, planting greenery on them adds fresh aromas to your backyard!

If you’re shopping for an outdoor spa, it’s essential that you carefully consider both how much money and space are being dedicated towards its purchase and installation, as well as running and heating costs. You can check with your local home & leisure store for their recommendations. Just know that bigger isn’t always better; two-person spas offer plenty of seating without taking up too much room in most yards.


Create a relaxing retreat in your backyard no matter the size or scale. A hot tub, Jacuzzi or pool can serve as the perfect place for sun worshipers to unwind after enjoying summer activities – add decks around it to give it more privacy, surround it with flowers and greenery for aesthetic purposes and design it to fit in perfectly with your yard design!

Tactile plants around a hot tub create an inviting and relaxed environment, drawing the eye towards it as part of the garden, so your body will find even greater relaxation while you soak. Mexican feather grass and festuca glauca plants serve to further blur the edges between deck and spa space while creating the impression that this space is an organic extension of the outdoor space.

Frame the spa with plants or an eye-catching garden folly to make it the focal point of the garden. A gazebo or pergola may also offer shelter from wind while providing a safe haven.

To create the ideal setting, find a location for your spa that is quiet and natural, far from traffic noise and neighbors. Consider adding water features like these or sound systems that provide soothing music or nature sounds; this will set a relaxing ambience while helping drown out ambient noise from both outside the spa and within your own home.

Focal Points

Art is all about focal points; they draw our eyes in and can convey stories or emotions through captivating compositions. The same principles can be applied when designing an outdoor spa space. To create an opulent bathing zone that draws our gaze inward, add architectural features that provide depth and height – this way the viewer is sure to stay engaged for as long as they wish!

As an alternative to fencing all of your backyard space off completely, an elegant pergola or gazebo over a spa could serve to provide backyard privacy while making it feels part of the garden. If fencing the entire area isn’t possible, adding billowing curtains or trailing vines to add drama and romance could add another charming element.

An alternative solution for creating a natural, lush look in suburban settings where privacy concerns might arise about having a backyard pool or hot tub is by framing it with hedges for added natural texture and dimension. Hedge trimming also reduces maintenance needs as you can control their shape by simply trimming back their branches when necessary.

For optimal socializing and relaxation purposes, a larger swim spa design with integrated seating may be the way to go. These come in acrylic, concrete or gunite forms and can be fitted out with various jets – adjustable jet nozzles can target trouble spots like neck and back muscles while rotating or pulsing jets can further intensify massage feeling.


Spas are the ultimate focal point, inviting guests to relax, entertain and spend quality time with family and friends. By positioning it near main entertaining areas of your backyard, it will become a natural gathering spot. Some key landscaping features can help it blend in seamlessly, such as pergolas and curtains for privacy, trailing vines softening its appearance or trailing vines softening it aesthetically.

If you’re in search of a multifunctional backyard spa, consider upgrading to a swim spa. These designs ( and allow users to set a current for fitness activities or entertainment. With integrated seating and TV features available for integration into this type of spa design, it will serve as the centerpiece of backyard entertainment!

In-ground spas are typically constructed out of acrylic, though other materials like tile or concrete may also be used. Custom built in-ground spas may cost more due to construction and plumbing work involved.

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