How To Be Successful in The Early Stages Of Your Business

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    September 2, 2021
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Being successful starts with believing you already are. I get it. The entrepreneurial world seems like a vast jungle where it’s every woman for herself. However, it doesn’t have to actually be that way. If you set out on your journey in building your business with the idea that you are not currently successful or that it will be too hard for you to be successful, then you will stay in the cycle of lack and failure. I am positive that none of us who are grinding away at building our businesses want to stay at the bottom, so here are some tips on how to keep moving forward, professionally.


Live as if you already are where you want to be. It may seem counterintuitive to live this way because maybe you haven’t yet seen your dreams become reality but like I stated above, if you are focused on only what you have now, you will have a difficult time getting to the next step. Constantly see yourself at the top in your business. Invest in new clothing and training.

See yourself doing exactly what you want to do, be very specific. Hang a vision board with every goal and want you have and look at it every day. Meditate on it. Eat, breathe, sleep, your goals every day as if you have already achieved them. Like attracts like, so by doing this you are attracting exactly what you want and letting the universe and those around you know that you mean serious business. 


Shift your mindset about your capabilities. We can run into a lot of doubt when stepping into the professional world or when we decide to take our strengths and use them to build our visions of success. But negative self-talk never got anyone anywhere. Your experience and your passion about what you are doing is enough to qualify you for the job. There is nobody like you, with the knowledge and talents you have to bring to the table. Consistently stand firm in this belief and watch your confidence grow, and remember confidence is 90% of the game. We are all beginners at one point and you must not forget that. 


Trust that you are being guided every step of the way. Regardless of personal beliefs we are all being guided in some way. Maybe for you it’s your intuition, that gut feeling. Maybe for someone else it’s a divine presence or synchronicities. Maybe it’s just the mentorship of a good friend or boss. Either way, you are always being guided for your highest good. If one path for your business doesn’t work out, trust it’s moving you in a BETTER direction. Listen to your gut always and do not let fear be at the wheel of your business.


When you are tired and have had it, remember your why. We all start with a WHY. Maybe it’s for our children, or to better someone’s life in a certain way. Maybe we are working to change the world, or we just want a stable and financially independent life that allows us to travel the world. Whatever it is, keep that thought with you all the time.

When you are reaching for that promotion, or deadline, or goal, or working on a new product, etc. and you are feeling lost, or unsure, and want to throw your hands up, turn back and remember your why. The why is what gets you over the hard parts. It keeps you believing in your cause and all your hard work and long nights. My why keeps me moving. It keeps me in a constant state of knowing- knowing that I will succeed and that I am bringing value to the world, and it can keep you there also!

Madalyn Ziongas

Madalyn Ziongas is a professional Life & Health Coach and Reiki Master Teacher. She specializes in energy healing and holistic health and is passionate about teaching women how to be the best version of themselves, both professionally and personally. Madalyn received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Environmental Science and Zoology from UNC and loves using these foundations in her current business. As a military wife, she has endured the obstacle of continuously starting over and the stress that comes with that lifestyle. This experience has helped give her the tools to aid other women in finding their purpose and live a life of empowerment. She is currently working on building the Shine On Community; a community dedicated to the health and empowerment of women worldwide. Madalyn believes in the healing power of nature and when she’s not out hiking with her husband, son, and two dogs, she can be found traveling the world, petting dogs, gardening, at the yoga studio, crafting, reading, and writing.

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