How To Attract Luxury Clients: A Guide To Getting And Keeping “High End” Clients 

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    June 20, 2022
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How To Attract Luxury Clients: A Guide To Getting And Keeping "High End" Clients  | WOMENONTOPP.COM | WOMEN ON TOPP

Do you want to get high-paying clients in your business? You’re not alone in your desire to find high-paying clients and develop a high-end clientele. But, is it really possible? The fact is, most business owners struggle with this aspect of their operation. Selling real estate or professional services such as coaching, copywriting, consulting, etc is a great way to make money but also tough work at times. Read in. today’s article How To Attract Luxury Clients: A Guide To Getting And Keeping “High End” Clients.

These clients create a stronger foundation for your business because of their higher average sales and profit margin.

If you are struggling to land these types of clients and would like more information, this article will guide you in unlocking your best financial opportunity by learning how to identify, attract, and land premium, high-end clients in your business.

How To Attract Luxury Clients: A Guide To Getting And Keeping “High End” Clients 

Why high-end, high-paying clients?

Finding clients for small businesses, in general, is already quite challenging. An interesting fact about attracting clients is that it will take you the same amount of time, effort, and energy to sell a cheaper product or service.

A sobering fact that many service providers soon realize. Having a client roster of 50 clients for $10k a month will leave one burnout, whereas 2 clients for the amount will still allow one to have a better quality of life while providing top-tier service.

Premium, high-end clients are the best type of clients because there isn’t too much convincing to be done here. They already know what type of solutions they are looking for and what it would entail for them to get it. They are often on a time crunch. They want to solve the problem right now.

Price isn’t a problem for them. In fact, they expect to pay a premium for what they want and are suspicious of something cheap because they don’t believe that the cheap version could truly solve their problems.

Money isn’t a problem. They have the money or make a way to get the money because they want the best that is available. These clients are actively in shopper’s mode, and not price shopping either.

What makes your service a premium offer

We have established that premium buyers want the best, and to attract them you need the best, therefore your services have to come across as premium.

Have you ever walked into a high-end fashion store? Or a high-end hotel? You will have porters to take your bags. Will find snacks in your room Your services have to go the extra mile for your clients.

Clients may not always remember every detail of how you worked with them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Always take into account the touchpoints before and after a prospect becomes a client. Premium brands are always customer-centric and focuses on providing the best experience for their clients.

Attracting Premium clients

Because premium clients are already problem aware and are actively seeking a solution, it is important that your marketing message focuses on how you can solve the problem for them.

If you speak only about the problem, you will not get their attention, they will glance over you and move on.

They need you to speak on how you are going to get them from the point of pain and suffering to where they desire to be.

You have to be relevant to their issues, if it is not relevant they don’t pay attention. Remember, they are on a time crunch, they are ready to take action now.

Another thing about How To Attract Luxury Clients surely is the price. If you are priced lower than they expect to pay, they will dismiss you as a problem solver for other people by not for them.

Their perception is that the more they spend, the better the quality and experience of the service they get.

Reasons why you struggle with How To Attract Luxury Clients: A Guide To Getting And Keeping “High End” Clients.

Your price could be repelling them. You are under the false belief that you are “more accessible” and “more attractive” to the market when you are at a lower end of the market.

This is unfortunately untrue because you ignore the buyer’s sophistication in your market. People that seek coaching or consulting often are not in the lower-income bracket, therefore since we have established that they normally don’t believe something cheaper can solve their problems, they won’t buy.

You think “being more affordable” will make it easier for clients to buy. People buy from brands they have an affinity with and that they believe really get it. If clients truly believe you can solve the problems for them, they will pay you irrespective of the price.

Your resistance to raising your prices has more to do with you than with anyone else. Remember that once upon a time we bartered for goods and services.

Your content is not speaking to them. Here is the truth, your high-end clients are empowered, buyers. They trust themselves to make decisions. Their decision process isn’t related to the price tag per se, but rather the other most expensive commodity: Time. 

They operate from a place of “I want”, and satisfy a desire. No one “needs” an LV pochette Metis, they want & desire the bag. 

The same thing applies to your services when you are trying to appeal to the high-end market of your industry. 

Your content should be aimed at influencing, not convincing & proving your worth. This is a repelling force for high-end clients. 

A quick check would be for example you publishing an article that states “ why you should hire a wedding planner. The high-end client already knows she wants a wedding planner, so she doesn’t even pay attention to that article,

Getting new clients doesn’t need to be complicated. After all, the best way to get repeat business is to deliver exceptional services the first time around!

The fact is, if you want to play in the elite world of high-paying clients, you’re going to have to put in the time and hard work it takes to secure them. I can assure you that the hard work pays off in the long run. Why? Because they know firsthand that great things come to those who don’t stop pushing and they understand what it really takes to make a business succeed.

If you’re willing and able to put in the time, effort, and investment required, then you’re well on your way to landing premium, high-paying clients in your business.

Tanya Kabuya

Tanya Kabuya is a Business Coach and Marketing strategist who works with people of influence such as speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, and content creators to amplify their marketing message and increase their impact while remaining true to their core. Her work centers around teaching her clients to leverage their knowledge and experience to create premium group coaching programs that attract high paying clients. She is the Founder & CEO of Wizz Digital Academy, an online academy aimed at guiding entrepreneurs. Looking to productize their knowledge and create online businesses.

She started out online in 2018 as a freelance direct response copywriter, course designer, and funnel builder. Her desire to serve others continuously tugged at her heart to expand into coaching, which has since evolved into a thriving coaching business with a growing community on Facebook of people of Influence

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