How Three Sisters Launched a Multimillion-Dollar Business, Naked Wardrobe – Interview

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    September 13, 2021
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Today we hear the story of how 3 sisters —a techie, a PR executive and fashion designer—joined forces to turn a $7500 investment into the multi-million dollar LA-based clothing line, Naked Wardrobe. Sisters Shirin, Shida, and Shideh Kaviani pulled their varying talents together and started the fashion label in 2012—making their first million in profit that same year. 

Shirin, Shida and Shideh Kaviani share with Women On Topp’s readers how they got the idea to manufacture form-fitting viscose clothing, how they cleverly used Instagram to market the line and ultimately how they’re the women behind the celebrity-loved basics brand Naked Wardrobe worn by Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Olivia Munn, Sofia Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Shanina Shaik, Chrissy Teigen, Eva Longoria, Olivia Culpo, Cardi B, Ashley Graham, Lady Gaga, Ciara and Hailey Bieber. 

How is your fashion brand different, and what are the unique selling points of your business?

Naked Wardrobe is an affordable luxury brand vs. a fast-fashion brand.  We’ve mastered quality clothing at an affordable price point.

We are also inclusive. One of the many distinguishing characteristics of Naked Wardrobe is we design clothing that offers something for every woman.  We also celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  From the very beginning, we distinguished ourselves from other brands by casting models that have healthy figures and relatable body types.

Our social following and strategy has always been organic.  We do not compensate any influencers or celebrities. We like to let our products speak for themselves.

What has been the key to your success? 

Basics are fundamental to any wardrobe.  We saw a gap in the marketplace for quality, and affordable pieces. Nailing ‘the basics & the fit” have been one of the keys to our success. 

From the beginning, we were meticulous in ensuring each piece is made from the best quality materials and cut to flatter different body types and sizes.  We are three sisters ourselves and each one of us has a different body type, and this has always been important for us to reflect into our brand.  We always strive to celebrate, embrace and cater to diverse bodies.

Since day one, we have all been incredibly hands-on when it comes to our brand, and with every decision that needs to be made.  We also know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which in turn helps us in our day-to-day.  

What is the one thing that you think made Naked Wardrobe so big right now?

We recognized very early on the power that social media had on growing a brand.  We utilized the platforms to introduce our brand to the world.  We are fortunate to have some of the most influential people wearing Naked Wardrobe organically. When influencers post photos wearing Naked Wardrobe, it means a lot knowing they genuinely love our brand since we do not pay influencers or celebrities for any promotions.  We want people to love what they wear, and feel confident in our clothes.

There is something to be said when celebrities, who have access to the most expensive brands in the world, choose to wear Naked Wardrobe. We believe it’s also the quality and versatility that draws in our clients.  

What marketing strategy do you use for your business?

We invest in our products.  Some brands may spend on marketing but cut production costs to increase profit margins.  We are meticulous when it comes to the quality of our fabrics and construction of our designs. For us, it’s worth spending more to produce the best possible product because our products speak for themselves. Ultimately, it’s the quality and attention to detail that keeps our clients coming back.

Advice for female entrepreneurs?

Don’t let anyone discourage you, and always take risks!

Don’t allow other people’s insecurities to stand in your way.  

Also, besides having a catchy business name, ask yourself, “What makes my company, my brand, stand out from all of the others?”  It’s always a good start when you aim to do something that has yet to happen.

What’s the latest strategy that you’ve added to your business?

In 2020, Naked Wardrobe opened its doors to wholesale, and we have established successful partnerships with two reputable retailers.  Naked Wardrobe is available at all Nordstrom locations and Macy’s stores nationwide. It has been a great way for us to diversify our revenue model and raise brand awareness.  Our next goal will be to expand into the international wholesale market and further scale our business.

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