How SISTERWOULD is Changing the Hair Care Game

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    December 9, 2020
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How SISTERWOULD is Changing the Hair Care Game women on topp

Armed with game-changing and innovative products, SISTERWOULD, a sustainable new beauty brand focused on inclusion and accessibility, is gearing up to take the beauty industry by storm in early 2021. 

The founders of SISTERWOULD, Rina and Flo, are two seasoned professional entrepreneurs who love the beauty and self-care scene and are keen on making impactful changes in the industry. 

In each other, Flo and Rina created a sisterhood. Thus, two years ago, when they first conceptualised the idea for a disruptive beauty brand, they decided to name it SISTERWOULD. Rina recalls the story fondly, ‘a sister would be there for you. She would support you, nurture you, and provide that safe space that we all sometimes need.’

The Mission

‘We put people and the planet first,’ Rina explains, ‘we want to bring sustainable products to the world that everyone, no matter their background, can enjoy.’

Both founders are from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds. They deeply believe in creating a brand that resonates with and represents women of all ages, colours, and ethnicities.  

‘Our target audience is everyone who wants to be the best version of themselves,’ Rina explains, ‘ inclusivity is very important to us, as is accessibility. We have a very diverse group of testers working with us on our signature shampoo and conditioner products.’

SISTERWOULD products are cruelty-free, made with clean vegan ingredients. The product containers and packaging are recycled and recyclable. The shampoo and conditioner bottles are highly accessible and will include braille and tactile printing – ensuring that blind and visually impaired consumers will be able to partake in the joy and pleasure of the product.

The Products

SISTERWOULD are launching with their ground-breaking shampoo and conditioner products – which could really be referred to as an experience.

‘We are really interested in bridging the gap between the hair and the skin,’ Rina explains, ‘so we have created a product that works with both. The shampoo will mildly detox the scalp while nourishing the hair and balancing the pH levels. It penetrates the scalp first, opening the pores and allowing for healthy hair growth.’

The product ingredients are very unique and serve as a feast to the senses. The shampoo creates a soft, thick lather. Gentle to the touch, you will experience micro particles that will both softly exfoliate your scalp and then dissolve to nourish your hair. As the water washes away, your hair will be left feeling fresh and smelling delightful. 

The product works with colored hair as well, as it does not affect the color, but gently neutralizes the pH levels and changes caused by the treatment chemicals.

The Community

Rina and Flo are dedicated to community building and the creation of a supportive and empowering sisterhood. They are just as passionate about giving back to the community and nurturing a culture of giving, as they are about diversity, inclusion and accessibility. 

‘Donation based products are definitely in the future of the company,’ Rina asserts. As they prepare for their launch, they are exploring donation and charity opportunities with numerous NGOs. Just recently, they have worked with the Pink Fund to showcase support to breast cancer awareness month and the organisations that are working hard to help survivors.

It seems that the sisters at SISTERWOULD have it all covered. A wonderful message built on principles of sustainability, eco-friendly production, diversity and inclusivity coupled with innovative products and a sensual hair experience! We cannot wait to try their products and follow them on their incredible journey!

SISTERWOULD will be launching initially as an online retailer, with a plan to eventually be shelved. If you would like to learn more about SISTERWOULD or connect with the founders please find their social details below


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