How A Strategic Communications Plan Can Help You Achieve Your Creative Goals

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    March 17, 2022
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How A Strategic Communications Plan Can Help You Achieve Your Creative Goals WOMEN ON TOPP

I believe in humanity and recognize the impact that society has on an individual’s flight and community development. Where we are geographically and who we surround ourselves with impacts us inextricably. As a researcher, topics such as sociology, leadership and government deeply fascinate me, as we are all impacted by society and human relationships. The human relationships that we invite in our lives. The ones in which we are born or married into. The routine relationships that change faces but keeps the same storyline. Each interaction impacts our human experience and forms routine ideologies within us.

I have had the opportunity to have conversations with people from different backgrounds. Some have shocked me. Some have been enlightening. Some were hoping for answers, understanding and empathy. Some, completely lost hope within their own development. This loss of meaning, purpose, and desire to aspire for more is always one in which I am dedicated to assist others in. My reasoning is simple. Life is unpredictable but it is for the living. Excitement and meaning can be a consistent force in your life if you can comprehend what is really in your hands. Many people have creative goals. Desiring to be a singer, painter, business owner, or writer, for example. But alas, minutes become years, and those goals become conversed about as if unattainable and the excuses are always valid. 

I have researched effective leadership in the creative, academic, political, and organizational sectors and came across a common thread. You can move forward into executing your goals only after you know three things. You need to have a deep understanding of who your targeted audience is, what your message is to your targeted group and what channels the group utilizes so that you can reach them. Until these three things are known, and you devote genuine time to consistently marketing yourself the goal will appear unattainable. Here is a breakdown of how to go from haziness to strategic.

  1. Targeted Audience

Let us say your creative aim is to become a fictional author. Well, before you begin to write, you need to know who will be reading your books. Once you choose your audience—young adult, teenager, toddlers, mature—then you can focus on what they are expecting and how you can contribute. 

  1. Message

Once you have selected your targeted audience then you form your message. Your message is what you want people to think about when they see your name. It could also be thought of as a slogan. It is what makes your writings yours. It is something that floats around you constantly and is a part of your essence. 

  1. Channel

The channel is how you will market yourself to the group and get noticed. If you are writing for teenagers then you should know what 13–17-year olders’ are doing in their free-time when looking for a new read, how they are gaining knowledge of new novels and what platforms they are using. Perhaps connecting with book clubs, writers of Instagram and bookstores are your channels, but you can only be sure through constant observation of your targeted group. 

Once you have taken the time to develop your strategic communications plan then you can look forward to being consistent in that space and marketing yourself to your targeted group. There is no secret pill to success. Nearly everyone that we publicly enjoy authors, politicians, singers, actors, and entrepreneurs had to be consistent in gaining recognition. As a believer in humanity I must say, life is for the living and goals are meant to be attained. 

MarQuella Falasade

MarQuella Falasade’ is a researcher who studies sociology, leadership and management. She analyses international community development focusing on western and middle eastern states and is interested in the ways in which society, relationships and management impacts diverse groups. She has experience in higher education but focuses on organizational leadership and human dynamics within her research. MarQuella is drawn to these topics through academia and her own experiences, as she is an American who resides in Saudi Arabia with an interesting personal backdrop that led her there. She is also a published poet with an appreciation for visual arts and modest fashion. To further connect with MarQuella click here:

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