How A Manicure Can Strengthen Your Career Prospects

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    November 16, 2022
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How A Manicure Can Strengthen Your Career Prospects

Most corporate proceedings, whether an interview, a presentation, or a business deal, start with a handshake. A short but memorable interaction which could work in or against your favour to the outcome of the meeting. Richard Branson once said that he tends to make up his mind about people within 30 seconds of meeting them. What this tells us is that first impressions count and it’s all in the detail. And with our hands leading the way on our first small step towards our future prospects, you better believe our nails are speaking for us too. ~How A Manicure Can Strengthen Your Career Prospects.

So I suppose you’re wondering what guidelines to follow when it comes to your nails once the meeting has been set. Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. After we’re done here I can assure that you will be putting your best hand forward at every opportunity. Your shiny new manicure will go hand in hand with your shiny new future, and a celebratory espresso martini of course. 

How A Manicure Can Strengthen Your Career Prospects

The psychology behind self care and why it says more about you than you think


Let’s start with the basics. Above anything else, you want your nails to look neat and clean. The first rule has to be no chips. A set of nails covered in old chipped polish can be interpreted as someone with a lazier attitude, and someone who may lack organisation and control. This especially goes for really pigmented and obvious colours such as black, red, navy or white. At the very least be sure to wipe off any old product and give them a little shape and buff, apply a layer of clear gloss if you can. 


When it comes to the safest style, your best bet is to keep them on the shorter side. Shorter nails are generally more hygeinic as there is less room for bacteria to get trapped underneath. Really long nails can also be associated with less effective hand washing practices as they can get in the way of a good scrub. And as we are all well aware this is more important today than ever, especially in a shared work space. 

I’m sure we have all also previously experienced the sound of some Cardi B style talons against a keyboard. After a long 8 hour day of that infamous tapping I can almost guarantee you wont have many fans left in the office. In a proffessional setting where you want to be taken seriously, it’s best to keep it classy and tame them back. There are plenty of other and impressive reasons for you to stand out and be remembered from the bunch. 


When it comes to colours, a tone of nude or a sheer polish are generally most accepted across the board, however if you’re looking for a little more flare a classic red is another staple that will never do you wrong. Minimal and understated colours like nudes and sheers have connotations of elegance and sophistication, where-as red signals a powerful woman. 

Nail art isn’t going anywhere soon, and it’s more than acceptable to want to express your personality and creativity through your manicure. When it comes to designs, you need to think about the type of company or job you are trying to excel in. If the role calls for a creative mind with fun, fresh and modern ideas then adding a pop of colour or some shapes and swirls is a great idea. But be sure to keep it within reason, so as not to distract from your proffessionality. If the position entails managing important deals and high stakes clients then maybe the glitters and smiley emojis are best saved for another day. In this case you could opt for a more minimal approach. There are plenty of nail technicians out there who focus solely on minimal nail art, a quick Instagram or Pinterest search will show you plenty of ideas, but a couple of my favourites are a coloured micro french tip, or a coloured dot placed just above the cuticle, both over a sheer base. 


So, it’s time to get out there. Time to decide what type of woman you are and what type of woman you want to be and align yourself with the styles and traits that embody her. Feeling your best and showing your most confident self to the world is the first step towards reaching your goals and the top of your game, and let’s face it nothing improves your mood like a good manicure. 

Megan Aileen

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