Got hired from my rejection “Thank You” letter

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    May 25, 2015
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Got hired from my rejection-“Thank You” letter. Scored!

As painful as it may be, writing a thank-you letter upon rejection is an intelligent action to take. The goal is to continue being an ideal person for the company and to stay on their “good” side.

Being rejected is not a bad thing when it comes to job seeking. It is important for you to see the mutual “win-win” benefits of being employed with the company.

There are various reasons why a candidate may not be selected for next rounds or considerations.

I will provide you with three familiar reasons

#1. Unable to fit required compensations

#2. The role may be too entry-level for your skillset

#3. The employer may need someone who is really experienced.

However, making a lasting impression is the overall goal during an interview. If you are rejected, compose a thank you letter. Commend them on selecting a candidate, along with expressing understanding of the tedious process. Highlight your strong skill set; ask for a referral, or an examination of your high and low points during the conversation.

It is important to be unquenchable during the process of interviewing. Demonstrate your will to win, determination and your will to find the ideal job. Not only will exercising these tips demonstrate your overall professionalism, but they will also place you in a great place to be referred, considered for another role, and an opportunity to build relationships.

Chandria Lucious

Founder of BeYoung & Determined, HR Professional, Writer for

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  1. Wow! This article really stood out to me! Women are powerful and unfortunately, this can become a threat to some men. A lot of intelligent women sometimes find themselves single due to the fact that some men can’t bare to be with a women with more to offer than them. No woman should dumb themselves down for a man. Find someone that is willing to take ALL of you.

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