Five Rules That Will Give You The Power You Need

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    December 28, 2021
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Five Rules That Will Give You The Power You Need women on topp

I know how hard it is to keep up with all your dreams and goals you´d set up in your childhood. When we get older we often meet people or circumstances that try to hold us back. I´ve met a lot of toxic people along the way who tried to bring me down just because they couldn´t stand to see someone is really trying to make a difference in this world. People like to be comfortable. I like it as well and I think every ambitious woman knows how hard it is to keep staying focused when bad days kick in. 

But the secret behind why we keep going is simply that we keep going. It´s easier said than done but here are my number five rules in life that really changed my attitude. 

 1. “Turn Pain into power.” 

I am a Singer and Songwriter, and basically, all my songs are about finding out that love is 50 % made of pain. Call me crazy, but I love to write about pain because this crap goes deep under our bones, and we can feel and create the most out of it. While I’m in that process of writing a song I feel so motivated and happy to see what I turned my pain into – a powerful song I’m totally proud of, and maybe it will help others who are going through the same. Create yourself a space where you can express your emotions. Even writing it all down into a diary will help you feeling better. Never ignore your feelings, or it might come out in ways controlled. 

2.  “You´re not the opinion of what others think of you.” 

I’d ALWAYS let people get me when I was younger. I don’t know why, but when I heard someone talked bad behind my back, it ruined the whole day. When I grew older, and I read this rule for the first time, my whole mindset changed (crazy that a few words can turn around everything). People who talk bad behind your back feel threatened by you. So congratulations! Something is bothering them so much about you that they can’t stop talking about it. Take it as a compliment and leave the room feeling powerful that you obviously did everything right. 

That tricks them the most. I remember the number one behind my back talker came up to me after my attitude changed, and she said: I wish I wouldn’t care what others think of me like you do. Well, you can see these people just want to fit in. 

3. “I only allow myself one day to feel sorry for myself.” 

Cry, scream, be depressed or sleep all day but make sure the next day you get up and get things done. 

I think this is kind of a good solution to not mess up completely, but to also not regret anything later when you’re totally back on track. This is what I realize since I read it for the first time, and it really helps me to get through. Even though you got one thing on your to-do list for the next day, it’s a step forward! At least you keep going. Don’t stress yourself because even baby steps are better than no steps at all. 

4. “Don´t compare your life to others. There´s no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it´s their time.” 

Comparing is toxic and dangerous, and an easy trick to let you quit. This quote calms me down whenever my mind starts to overthink again and again. Every person in this world is going in a different pace, even though maybe some of them follow the same dreams or goals. Your life is not levelled down just because another one made it faster. You never know what’s hidden behind the next door you’re about to go. So continue to work on your goal even when you wished you accomplished more by this time. Some people worked 10 years until they made it! Especially Instagram can give you such bad vibes because no one is showing their worse side and is even faking a whole new life. So if you find yourself comparing again, put your phone away or even better, unfollow the person who makes you doubt yourself. You never know what their life is up to next to Instagram. Get back to motivation. 

5. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” 

Be proud of yourself. Be proud of how far you’ve come. I know, it’s so easy to lose sight of what we accomplished in life when we are in pain and everything feels like falling apart. Maybe get yourself a box together out of quotes that lift you up. Create a book out of certifications or photos that show you along the way of being a badass. Take a look at it whenever you stress yourself out that nothing is working the way you want it to. As we heard a million times, but everything will fall into place. 

Maren Schlicht

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