Emotional Dieting – How to Reduce Your Emotional Weight & Stay Emotionally Stable/Healthy

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    November 25, 2020
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Emotional Dieting - How to Reduce Your Emotional Weight & Stay Emotionally Stable/Healthy womenontopp.com women on topp

When we put on weight, it can be easily measured using a weighing machine. Emotional weight can’t be measured but one can feel it’s a heaviness in thoughts. 

Physically if we put on weight it affects 3 aspects of our life – Beauty, Health and Efficiency (while performing Physical Activities). Similarly, if we put on emotional weight the same 3 aspects get affected as follows:

Beauty – Our original happy beautiful mind becomes angry and irritated. The inner ugliness of the mind also gets translated on our faces.

Health – Emotional health gets disturbed. And if emotional health declines sooner or later the physical health also starts declining.

Efficiency – All areas of our life whether it’s work, relationships or simple daily activities, everything gets affected by the health of our emotions. Even simple tasks look like a battle when we are not emotionally healthy.

The way we watch what we eat when on a diet, we need to watch what we think when on an emotional diet. We need to consume only healthy thoughts if we want a healthy mind.

How to reduce our emotional weight:

  • Keep a check – We need to check constantly ‘Are my thoughts heavy (negative) or light (positive)?’
  • Stop yourself the moment you catch yourself thinking negative.
  • Letting go – If you want peace you have to make space for it, you have to let go of criticism, hate, anger, etc. If we want peace and happiness, we need to let go of the opposite feelings. We can’t get both; we can’t feel happy and sad at the same time. We need to choose which feelings we want and let go of the unwanted ones. 
  • Don’t feed your negative thoughts – If we have sown seed but we don’t water it and nourish it, it won’t grow. Similarly, if we don’t feed your negative thoughts with our attention they will die on their own.
  • Withdraw your attention from negativity – We will see and hear everything happening around us (positive and negative). But what we give our attention and energy to is in our hands. Whatever we give our attention to it’ll settle on our mind. Give your attention to happy thoughts.

Every thought has its cause but every thought also has its effect! So think before you think.

Aditi Khamkar

By profession, Aditi Khamkar is a Show Caller and a Stage Manager. With over more than 10 years of experience working with the leading Event Management companies in India,
she specializes in live shows covering the whole gamut of Corporate Events, Musical Concerts, Award Shows, Fashion Shows, TV Reality Shows, Wedding Events, Sporting Events, etc

Aditi is a ‘Student of Life’; a Curious Soul who looks at everything and everyone with the intent of learning something new.

Aditi has a passion for growing, transforming, inspiring & getting inspired and writing is one of the tools that enable her to do so.

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