Embracing the Femininity: An Interview with Embodiment Coach Dr. Christina Jerger

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    April 26, 2023
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Embracing the Femininity: An Interview with Embodiment Coach Dr. Christina Jerger

Meet Dr. Christina Jerger, a Female Embodiment & Femininity Coach, who helps high-achieving women embody their femininity again to achieve their dreams with ease. Christina aims to inspire women to tap into their feminine energy, attract opportunities, develop deeper relationships, and prioritize self-care. After experiencing burnout from chasing societal norms and neglecting her true self, Dr. Christina Jerger embarked on a journey of self-discovery, coaching, and therapy. Embracing her feminine side changed her life, and she is now passionate about helping other women do the same through her coaching program, the “FEMININE AGAIN IMMERSION.” In this interview, Dr. Christina Jerger shares her personal journey, how she overcame burnout, and how she helps women balance their masculine and feminine energies.

Can you tell us more about your personal journey toward reconnecting with your feminine side?

As a career-driven woman, I hustled and chased the next achievement for years thinking it would lead me to fulfillment. I made my career my priority and literally turned into a hard-hustling man, working hard and harder and neglecting my private life, self-care, relationships, emotions, and softer side. Years later, I had my personal moment of burnout. When I looked into the mirror, I had no idea who that woman was. I didn’t know what she really wanted in life and whose dreams she was pursuing, her own ones or the ones society wanted her to have. I realized that I had neglected my true feminine self and covered her up in business & private life as being feminine is often seen as weak and inappropriate. I had to learn the basics of femininity so I hopped on a long journey of self-discovery, coaching & therapy.

How did your professional and personal life change after embracing your feminine side?

Since I embody my feminine, keep my feminine and masculine energies balanced, and create my life in line with my menstrual cycle, my whole life has changed. From feeling burned out, anxious, and exhausted from hustling in my career, relationships lacking intimacy, low sex drive, and painful periods to attracting the right people and business opportunities into my life like a magnet. I absolutely love dating, having fulfilled relationships, rioting in the bedroom, and feeling feminine and sexy AF. I am clearer than ever about my personality, my goals, and boundaries, I understand my intuition and emotions and what I want for me and my life. When everything is aligned with your true self, it’s fuckin’ authentic and it’s in the flow.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during your journey towards self-discovery?

Definitely facing my own ego who was convinced that this is not going to work. Going through that pain of a deep transformation and the way to my new self was super hard on some days. The need to say goodbye to people who didn’t serve me well anymore and welcoming new wonderful people into my life were both great challenges along the way. Besides, keeping me motivated over and over again, not giving up and moving on was sometimes absolutely nerve-wracking. Working on myself, fully committing to myself, being accountable to myself is challenging, especially in the beginning when you can’t see success fast enough. But it takes time and it will be so amazing in the end, exactly that belief kept me going.

What advice would you give to other career-driven women who feel disconnected from their feminine side?

First of all, it’s totally ok to feel that way! Most women haven’t learned how to connect with their feminine self. We, women, were just told to be highly educated, give our best, work harder, never settle for less. All very masculine traits. Next to performance, investing time into e.g. self-care often seems like a waste of time that could better be used to fulfill another task. But it’s never too late to change that, we can redirect our focus from now on. Every woman out there should become aware of her wonderful feminine self and not neglect her for the sake of a burnout. Some of my tips for instant reconnecting are mirror self-talks (i.e. hop in front of the mirror, look into your gorgeous eyes, and talk to yourself for 5mins. and repeat it regularly), schedule time for self-care (e.g. getting a massage or a facial) and plan your tasks at work according to the seasons of your menstrual cycle (e.g. analyze during the period, create in the follicular phase, sell when ovulating, administrative tasks in the luteal phase). Start with baby steps and the more often you’ll do them the more you’ll love them and change your priorities accordingly.

What are your plans for the future, both personally and professionally?

It’s my vision to help as many high-achieving women as possible! I don’t want these gorgeous women out there to suffer any longer. I want to make them feminine, powerful, and magnetic AF and inspire them with my personal story. Overall, I’d want to change the beliefs about women in our society, the business world to finally wake up to see women as strong and powerful in their unique feminine ways. And all fempreneurs to learn that there is a smarter way to work hard and lead a business. And of course, I’d like to educate all men and create more understanding for the feminine side as well. Personally, I am the woman still dreaming to find her future husband, traveling to the most beautiful spots, buying a house in Los Angeles, and create even more magic for my life.

Can you tell us more about your “FEMININE AGAIN IMMERSION” program?

All the things I learned throughout the last years and that helped me to embody my femininity, I’ll teach in the FEMININE AGAIN IMMERSION. It’s my signature program and a shortcut for all career-driven women to tap into their feminine selves. The immersion is a 3-day in-person event with an intimate group of women. The setup ensures a deep transformation inside through personalized coaching, so we’ll work on each woman’s resistances and old beliefs and replace them with her future feminine self and new beliefs all around femininity. After that, we complete the outside transformation through an incredible makeover. Overall, all women will learn the core principles of femininity, self-love, confidence, pleasure, sensuality and sexuality and so much more. This immersion should definitely not be missed!

The FEMININE AGAIN IMMERSION marks the starting point for women to a new fulfilled life. They are able to shift patterns in all areas of their lives, they start to become magnetic AF for their dream career, fulfilled relationships, thriving sex life, improved health and more. They get all the knowledge and tools so that they can embody their femininity in their daily life.

What are some of the core principles of femininity that women will learn in your program?

Behind femininity stands for instance the concept of feminine and masculine energy. Being feminine means being, receiving, intuition, emotions, flowing and softness. In contrast, embodying the masculine is about doing, giving, purpose, protecting, logic, and planning. Through my amazing coaching approach, the women will gain an awareness for their own femininity, we will strengthen all aspects of femininity such as intuition, emotions, self-love, confidence, pleasure, sexuality, cycle & periods and many more. In general, a feminine woman is not the one who chases opportunities or people, she holds that balance of masculine and feminine energy and attracts like a magnet. Imagine that feminine confident woman everyone is looking at when she enters the room, she is magnetic and she is just her wonderful feminine self. I’d want all career-driven women to experience those kinds of moments!

What are some common misconceptions that women have about embracing their feminine side?

Nowadays, we live in a very male-dominated world who focuses on performance, hustling, pushing, and chasing. The more successful we are, the higher the appreciation. So many women have learned since they were kids, that being feminine equals being weak and that they have to be strong like a man to be successful, never give up, always on the run for the next achievement. Next to this, most women don’t know how to access their feminine, their true authentic selves. Instead, they always prioritize and mimic the masculine traits as this is what society appreciates!

What I often hear from women are beliefs like:

  • Being feminine is weak (e.g. showing my emotions means showing that I can’t succeed, I am weak, I have given up)
  • Being feminine is not a personality trait of a successful woman (e.g. I can’t relax or make time for self-care, because I have to work to be successful, my career is my priority)
  • Being feminine at work is unprofessional (e.g. I can’t talk about my period or that I get divorced, or that I had to cry in the restroom because I lost a client)

How do you see the role of femininity in the modern workplace?

Women are not men but get in some way socially forced to look like men, think like men, and adapt their behaviors in the workplace. It’s nothing wrong with working hard as a man as this is how we get things done as career-driven women. But we also need those moments when we can be ourselves, feminine women who by nature love the softer side, the being, the receiving, the surrender & our emotions. And if we learn to have a perfect balance of those feminine and masculine energies, tbh no one can ever stop us. This is our superpower!

A research study by Deloitte (2022) revealed that 46% of working women feel burned out and 47% state their work/life balance as poor or very poor. Those numbers are quite alarming and indicate that the modern workplace is still not ready to let women be wonderfully feminine. There is so much more educational work needed! We can start the “femvolution“ with empowering women and communicating the concept & strategies of femininity to companies.

Find out more about the Program on Femsloud.com & follow their latest on Instagram

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