The Eat Clean Lose Weight Struggle

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    July 5, 2016
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So I’m sure I’m not the only girl in the world who regularly faces this struggle. You know the drill: we see a horrible photo of ourselves, decide to get a serious meal plan, hire a personal trainer, and buy a membership right?! We become insanely obsessed with eating clean and working out and then (BOOM!) nothing changes. We feel frustrated, discouraged, defeated amongst other things I’m sure! Am I the only one?

Well, recently while pigging out on wing stop & Starbucks out of frustration, I came up with a commitment to myself. I decided for one full month- just one month to beat the odds! After all of i do all of my workouts, eat following my meal plan exactly, and don’t consume any alcohol or toxins I should see a difference. If I don’t, we know something is wrong beyond my control.

The issue with this struggle is that there are others we know who do all the wrong things and take a week of dieting and drop 40 pounds- super frustrating, I know! But we’ve got to stay encouraged. We can’t give up! After all we owe it to ourselves.

Just when you start to get defeated, have an honest talk with yourself and ask the following..

  1. Have I skipped a workout because I’m tired of just being lazy?
  2. Have a had a Starbucks, a glass of wine, or a slice or two of pizza?
  3. Have I been positive and optimistic speaking positivity into the universe throughout?
  4. Lastly, do I believe in myself?

If you’re honest about these then we know what to work on right! So let’s commit to it. The entire month of July, let’s do what we’ve got to do to be successful in our efforts and enjoy the results that follow.

Ashley Coleman

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