5 Powerful Detox Strategies That Have Nothing To Do With Food

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    September 16, 2022
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5 Powerful Detox Strategies That Have Nothing To Do With Food | WOMENONTOPP.com | WOMEN ON TOPP |

If you’re busy, stressed and tired, maybe you’ve thought about doing a detox. You know, a juice cleanse, raw food diet or some pills and potions to make you feel better? Let’s read 5 Powerful Detox Strategies That Have Nothing To Do With Food.

Well, maybe. But here are some effective ways to detox and feel better that have nothing to do with food or your body.

5 Powerful Detox Strategies That Have Nothing To Do With Food

1. Clean up your environment to Detox Strategies That Have Nothing To Do With Food

Take a look at the physical spaces you live and work in. Do they bring you joy? Make like Marie Kondo and declutter. Clean out your car — maybe even  just start with the front seat. Donate those clothes you haven’t worn since 2016.  Make your bed in the morning. If you have the means, hire a cleaning service.

And don’t forget your online environment. Delete apps you don’t use. Trash old files taking up space on your hard drive and cluttering your desktop.

Clearing your environment is like a breath of fresh air for your physical and mental health.

2. Unclutter your mind

Your busy mind can be hectic and unruly place, but here are some steps to calming down the noise.

Curate your social media feed

You get to choose who you follow…so be picky. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel upset or bad about yourself (even if they’re not doing it on purpose). If it triggers something in you, it’s adding to that mental chaos.

While you’re at it, turn off notifications from accounts you don’t want to get updates on all the time. You’re in charge of your experience!

Stop watching things that upset you

In a similar vein, be careful with the other media you consume – like news, TV shows and movies. If you’re watching something violent, scary or triggering, you’re exposing your nervous system to extra stress. It’s simple to avoid – just push the off button.

No phones in bed

When it’s time to wind down for bed, put your phone on Airplane mode or Do Not Disturb. This way, nothing will buzz or flash in the middle of the night. Uninterrupted sleep is important to your physical, mental and emotional health. 

3. Re-align your priorities

The way you spend your time says everything about your priorities. What are they?

Do you watch a lot of TV? Scroll mindlessly on social media? Maybe you can set some boundaries on that, and find more time for socializing, exercising or being in nature. 

Detoxing your time might mean asking yourself some hard questions about what you really want. It might mean shifting your schedule or re-examining your relationship with work. 

One of my clients recently realized that her nighttime work hours had trapped her in an unhealthy cycle of late night snacking. She didn’t have any time to herself on those evenings and would only get five hours of sleep, leaving her tired the next day. She made the decision to cancel a big project and stop working at night – allowing her to prioritize her health instead.

Where can you re-align your priorities with the way you spend your time? 

4. Detox your relationships

I’m not telling you to dump your boyfriend or get divorced (but if your significant other is a major negative energy source, maybe think about it?)

The same goes for friends. That one who always makes you feel bad about yourself? Maybe you’re not available for brunch next weekend with her.

Protect your energy by drawing boundaries around who you give your time to, and invest in the relationships that feed you.

5. Straighten out your finances

It feels so good when all the bills are paid and organized, and you know where your money is going (and coming from!)

Detoxing your finances might mean setting up a budget, getting rid of extraneous credit cards or paying off a loan. Look at where you’re spending and where you might not need to be spending. Cancel subscriptions you’re not using.

THIS is self care.

Notice how you feel

Final thought on Detox Strategies That Have Nothing To Do With Food

Now go cancel one or two subscriptions. Wipe some apps off your phone. Take that bag of stuff to Goodwill and notice how you feel! Hope you can use the 5 Powerful Detox Strategies That Have Nothing To Do With Food.

Michelle Leotta

Michelle Leotta

Michelle Leotta has been featured on ABC, CBS, NPR and in the movie “Lemonade” with her inspiring story of burnout recovery. Once working non-stop in the fast paced world of Big Advertising, she suffered with debilitating anxiety, fainting spells and IBS. As an Integrative & Functional Health Coach since 2009 and host of the She’s Got Power podcast, Michelle helps go-getter women reverse symptoms of chronic stress, “adrenal fatigue” and autoimmune disease. She has zero plans to cover up the hard-earned silver streaks in her curls. Are your health issues actually symptoms of burnout? Get Michelle’s free assessment at ShesGotPower.com/free.

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