Coaching Entrepreneurs & CEOs With A Serious Sassy Attitude

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Michelle Bianco

Michelle Bianco knows a thing or two about crushing self-doubt. As an accomplished life coach with a born-and-raised New York attitude, Bianco built her successful career by using her “seriously sassy attitude” to inspire women through her mindset programs and one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Bianco’s coaching is not mainstream, because Bianco is not mainstream. In a world that promotes uniformity, Bianco honors her own intuition and trusts in her originality. And she believes everyone possesses the same ability to rise above mediocrity.  

It all starts with helping a client quiet her insecurities by focusing on what makes her powerful. The work is founded on getting clients to identify, discover and embrace what makes them different.

"Many people think they can ignore the little voices we hear in our heads that beat us up all the time. We have learned to put up with those little demon voices. Some of us listen to those voices way too often and it becomes part of our inner-core thinking."

Michelle Bianco

Bianco’s coaching uniquely focuses on how women can advance their careers and goals by revolutionizing the way they see themselves. She works to create lasting change for women who crave greater authority over their lives but who lack self-assurance by using the wisdom gained from conquering her own fears to guide women through personal and professional breakthroughs. 

“I help them harness that power and use it to their advantage,” Bianco says. “I believe all people possess the ability to create positive change in their lives and I am passionate about inspiring women to discover their voice.” 

If it sounds easy, it’s only because Bianco spent many years on her own road to self-empowerment. She knows how difficult reshaping your attitude can be, so she takes her experiences in life and applies the lessons she’s learned to coach and motivate her clients. Bianco draws inspiration from her triumphs and letdowns, the setbacks and achievements and personally connects with her clients because she knows what it feels like to pick up the pieces after an epic struggle with life’s challenges. 

Bianco’s path to coaching

Bianco’s path to coaching started with disappointment. After meeting Mr. Right, Bianco was ready to start a family. With life seemingly in order and new beginnings on the horizon, Bianco was everything but prepared for an infertility battle. What was supposed to be an exciting time in her life turned into a 10-year uphill climb to have children. Countless procedures, tests, injections and acupuncture left her feeling hopeless and completely alone. Her hopes for the perfect family started vanishing.

Constantly adhering to a demanding fertility schedule and feeling like a failure with the lack of progress, Bianco’s body took the physical hit of such high stress. She started getting insufferable, daily migraines and culminated in a basilar migraine that left her temporarily blinded with ambulance and trip to the hospital. Years of reproductive disappointment, feeling like she wasn’t enough and that she had no control over her own life, had finally plummeted her to her rock bottom. 

But the experience in the back of the ambulance is what inspired the successful coach to rewrite her own life story. She decided that she would conquer the obstacles she faced and find it within herself to reignite the fire that burned deep inside of her. She left a successful 20 year corporate career as an Employee Relations Director for a major company and dove headfirst into her “renaissance period.” 

"I refused to give up because that is my natural personality, I’m a pit bull at heart because I totally refuse to be told no"

Michelle Bianco

Feeling ready to take on the world, Bianco used her ferocious appetite for research and learning to lead her through a breakthrough. She was ready to start the next phase of her life, a more resilient phase. She used every self-development resource she could find to reshape her belief in her own destiny and began thinking about how she could use her story as an example for other women looking to rewrite their story. 

“These were my sister warriors who needed support and I was absolutely determined to be the one who could be there for them in their time of need and desperation,” she explains. 

“Learning how to feel more confident and comfortable in your skin requires a coach who has walked in those same shoes and beat it every day,” she says. 

Having found a way into a more meaningful and personal career and wielding a positive attitude, Bianco enrolled in a variety of programs and schools that helped her decide on her coaching niche. She was fascinated with the ‘disconnect’ between, the life a client envisions for herself, and where she’s at in the process of realizing her dreams. She wanted to help her clients discover what makes them “tick” and how they could overcome negative feelings to become a more confident person.  

As a Master Coach for Tony Robbins, Bianco has amassed thousands of hours of one-on-one personal coaching sessions.  The sheer repetition of one on one coaching interactions is what distinguishes her from most all other coaches. She started her own private practice specializing in mindset change and found a passion for methods of unlocking and unleashing the forces inside a person. She uses this strategy and experience with her clients to help them dismantle limiting beliefs about themselves to create the quality of life they desire. 

“I help my clients connect with their ultimate purpose and ignite their passion to achieve the ultimate vision of life, career, finances, health and relationships,” she says. “Coaching is an ever-changing and continuous journey to help my clients fill the gap between who they currently are and who they want to become.” 

Bianco finds that gap is usually a result of self-doubt, a sense of inadequacy or a surrendering to pessimism. Therefore, she helps her clients refresh how they think about their life, always using empowerment and confidence building as tools to achieve greatness.

"‘’Being powerful woman means that you are the keeper of your own destiny,’’"

Michelle Bianco

And Bianco believes every woman holds the key and the internal power to unlock the door to the life she wants, which is why she promotes a partnership approach to her coaching. She is a part of the process but knows that the successful end game is a result of her client taking control. 

As she’s collected several certifications and years of experience, Bianco’s coaching style has evolved into a dynamic practice that meets the various needs of her clients. Her résumé includes certifications as a life coach, master results coach, relationship coach, strategic intervention specialist and “mindset ass kicker.”

Her diverse perspective is therefore effective in getting women to declare themselves as their own boss, because she uses that high-standards, no-excuses approach. Clients can expect to walk away with greater success in their personal and professional lives, healthier relationships, the skills to handle stressful situations and knowledge on prioritizing life projects and timelines. 

“Everybody has a thing, and this is my thing,” Bianco explains. “Coaching, changing lives, and working with my clients to over-achieve their goals is what I do.”

Bianco wants the women she works with to share in the power she’s experienced by reclaiming their power. She’s discovered her own voice and has built a career working with others to experience that same authority and has changed lives by encouraging women to swap a negative self-image with a strong body, mind and spirit.

The magic happens when you face your fears, get off the sidelines, and become the main character in your own life story. She knows it’s not easy, but promises it’s worth it. 

“Change your mindset, change your life,” Bianco explains. “I now live my life by my own personal design, with explosive energy and laser-sharp focus.” 


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