CLEAVAGE ON FLEEK – Who Created The Most Popular Breast Tapes?

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Samantha Ryder CEO & Founder of Perky Pear

Perky Pear‘s CEO & Founder Samantha Ryder

If you are a woman who shops online on the unavoidable popular webshops such as Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo, then you have probably heard of Perky Pear, the lit & shape tape the first cotton based breast lift tape that is 100% sweat and motion proof and is extra stretchy to withstand heavy breasts. 

But did you know Perky Pear was founded by Samantha Ryder all by her self? Andd.. In just a few months Perky Pear has become so big and popular that her products have become the best seller products in the accessory department on &! Samantha Ryder’s successful Start-Up has led her to win the NatWest EVA (Enteprise Vision Awards) Highly Commended Businesswoman of the year, alongside many other awards like  winning the Digital Business award of the year.

It all started when Samantha Ryder was tired of the boob tapes on the market that were just not working for her. ‘’They are all designed by men and are plastic and the wrong shape to offer a nice natural rounded effect.’’ She tells us, so she decided to go for her own designed tape and it worked out pretty well because she launched her own tape that is trademarked, patented and owned by herself.

Samantha set out to create the perfect breast lift tape that not only lifted up to a G cup but also helped to shape the breasts to create a pushed in, rounded effect providing a comfortable and lasting hold! Perky Pear is the first premium cotton based breast lift tape to give the effect of a surgical breast lift! The products have been designed and created by Samantha – Perky Pear’s founder, an E cup who like many women around the world, had tried every breast lift tape and adhesive bra on the market but found that no product worked as well as it claimed.

"I realised that if nothing on the market was working for me, other women must also be in this frustrating position and something had to change"

Samantha Ryder, CEO & Founder

Perky Pear? What was going through your mind on that day?

I Had tried every single product on the market and google searched for every possible breast lift product for a particular dress I wanted to wear. I must have spent over £100 and nothing worked for me. It was all plastic-based tapes or silicone cups that didn’t mould to you or stretch so it just couldn’t hold the weight of heavy breasts. I found a particular material and created prototypes that I just made for myself to wear. It was a couple months in when I thought “I should share this with women all over the world” The confidence it gave me and the ability to wear things I would never have dared to wear before really needed to be shared and that was my drive. I wanted to give women globally the confidence to wear whatever they wanted!

What makes Perky Pear tapes different from all the other breast tapes?

Perky Pear lift & shape tape is the first cotton based stretchy breast lift tape on the market. The cotton fibers allow sweat and air to circulate underneath unlike plastic based tapes which means the tape doesn’t sweat off! The adhesive is also heat activated so the hotter your body temperature gets the stickier the tape gets so it works with your body in order to stay put! The design is also what gives the ultimate support and shape as it is designed to cup the breast and support from the top and the bottom. The side coverage gives you a nice rounded shape and the slanted side makes it super discreet in wide set deep plunge styles!

How do you test your products?

The tape was tested for a whole year before bringing it to market! The tape design was redesigned 8 times as each design was tested in a real life situation such as a night out dancing or at a gig so I could see which design worked the best to hold and last! I tested the products myself along with different size testers to test all of the sizes as we do cup sizes A-G!

You are selling a few different kinds of breast tapes. Which ones are they and which one is your favorite and why?

There are three styles in our lift & shape range. The Original lift & shape tape was the first and what we are known best for. It’s our iconic design! This style comes in sizes A-B, C-D, DD-E & F-G. This style holds heavy breasts due to the amount of material supporting you from the top of the breastbone, the sides and the bottom giving you an extreme lift! This style is my favorite! We also have the Bandeau tape which supports more from the sides instead of the top of the breastbone making this style perfect for strapless, bandeau and thin strap styles. This style is for A-DD cups as there is less material. The other style is the Mini Lifts. Small but mighty! They go more in the center of the breast perfect for extra revealing styles for A-C cups! 

Tell us about your first entrepreneurial experience as a kid?

 My mum installed a work ethic in me from a young age as she was a badass single mum bringing up twins and was always financially independent. I was entrepreneurial from a young age and my first experience has to be when I was 11 and I had coloured in earbuds (the things you clean your ears with) all different colours and took them to my mums work and sold them for 20p each. I guess I was always a fan of a high-profit margain! I also got told off in primary school for drawing on classmates arms with gel pens and charging them £1. I was always creative and I wanted to profit from it!

You built your own brand are you free from the 9-5 life? How do you spend your days now?

I am definitely free from the 9-5 but only in the sense that owning a business is a 24-hour thing! I rarely give myself a day off as I’ve built a life I don’t necessarily want a break from which in my eyes is complete freedom! I rarely stop working at a set time. Whether it’s replying to customers on social media or creating social media posts I could be doing this at 12 at night!  Every day is different which makes it so enjoyable!

Would you say you have to have specific potential needs in order to start an online business? If so, what are the specific potential needs?

In terms of needs, I think anyone who wants to start an online business needs to know the basics of online marketing and content creation. The more you know the more you can save money from getting other people to do it for you and the more your business will be visible in a sea of other online businesses! Whether it’s a website, social media pages, blogs, SEO, learn it and get passionate about it because all those things help grow an online business! I have written a book called Boss Babe 101 and it gives simple tips on how to create a professional looking brand and market it online as my business wouldn’t be what it is without online marketing!

You’re selling Perky Pear also via, Pretty Little thing and In The Style. How did you approach your first big stockist? How did you make sure anyone could find Perky Pear?

When I launched the business, it was only a week before we were sat in the Pretty Little thing offices. Even though the walls were covered in flowers and pink unicorns with pink fluffy pillows it didn’t help my nerves! The truth is I had planned to sell our tape via the Perky Pear website and wait a couple of months before even trying to approach stockists but we never had to approach anyone. As our tape is one of a kind they all approached us and in the words of Tina Faye we took her advice to “say yes and figure it out later” I say “we” because my twin sister joined me on the Perky Journey straight away and she is the key reason we have such a great working relationship with our stockists.

What is unique about your work with customers?

Our ethos is women supporting women. Not just boobs but we like to be as personal as we can with our customers and we work hard to ensure that they know we will always offer a personal shopping experience no matter how big we get. Whether it’s a customer sending us images of her dress so she knows what style tape is best for the dress, to us sending a sample for a bride to test our tape out in her wedding dress at a fitting. CLEAVAGE ON FLEEK

We want to be like the big sister they come to with all their boob queries, not just a faceless brand! We’ve also always had a strict rule to not sell using the usual clichés. Instead, we like to show our customer results and let their reviews do the talking.

What are your goals currently? As in vision and mission?

Our current goal is to just keep going! We hit the ground running and we haven’t turned back since! We want to continue improving our brand image and growing our exclusive stockist list globally to ensure that women all around the world can get their hands on their dream cleavage faster. Our mission is to continue supporting women in the cleavage area along with working with breast cancer charities to do our part in ensuring that boobs not only look good but remain healthy too! We’re ending 2018 on an absolute high!

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