Catherine Colle, Boss Lady Founder of Glamour Nutrition

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Catherine Colle

Catherine Colle is one of those extraordinary founders who decided to dive straight into the world of entrepreneurship rather than going to college. And It has not been a disappointing decision since this boss lady knows exactly how to build AND to run a business that leads to one of the world’s most famous nutrition supplement business!

How, what, where & when? It all started when she was just 2 years old. Yup girl, you read that right! Well, Catherine didn’t literally work at the age of 2, she was just 2 years old when her dad took her to the meetings of his company Midway Labs. Catherine probably went to the meetings just because she thought it was all about candies, right?;)

Although there was a turning point at the age of 13 when Midway Labs went through tremendous injustices from an unjust government in Brazil. That’s when everything changed, Catherine knew it was time for her to stand up and to do something about it. So she started to work for her father’s company from launching social media to revamping the website, to learning from every other department such as legal, financial, production etc. She pushed through dips and challenges of her father’s company with passion and strength. From there, her self-taught expertise led her to the door of building a new brand.

Glamour Nutrition

Catherine is a truly is a gifted individual who started working at the nutritional supplement industry, when she was just 13 years old. Not much later Catherine starts her own brand and becomes South America’s most favorite nutritional expert and a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is pleased to announce the global launch of Midway International Labs’ latest brand for women, “Glamour Nutrition.” It is a revolutionary new line of supplements, specially formulated for women featuring a wide variety of products meant for weight loss, hair, nails, and skin. The products comprise of innovative, safe, premium and ultra-concentrated beautifying FDA approved ingredients, which deliver the optimum result within a short period of time.

What inspired you to start Glamour Nutrition?

The idea of starting a nutricosmetics line came to me by accident! After high school, I accepted an invitation to model and go to acting school in Los Angeles via Wunder Models for a year. While there I met many models and industry professionals, every audition we had to go in fresh-faced without makeup and to my surprise a lot of the models didn’t have good skin or hair. They always asked me what did I do to have such flawless skin and long thick hair. I said “supplements”. I gave them my routine of ingredients and it worked, they saw the results and that’s when I realized a big opportunity to fulfill a real need. Its just goes to show you that when you least expect you can turn situations into opportunities. 

What was your first entrepreneurial experience as a kid?

Since 2 years old I’ve been drawing, its something I was born with, so around 8 years old while at school in Brazil, I drew my friends and then more kids saw the drawings, they started to ask me to draw them too. The demand increased so l started charging $10 reais per drawing haha Eventually my drawings were posted up all over the school and that was such a cool experience for a kid, especially because my childhood was very depressing, drawing was my way to escape reality.

Do you use Glamour Nutrition products?

Of course, I use all of them but my favorite is the Glamour Collagen!

Which one is your favorite and why?

Its so practical, I carry the collagen packet in my purse, I add it to a bottle of water, shake it, drink it and that’s it, I get full 10 grams of Collagen plus Vitamin C. A lot of people don’t know but if you take Collagen without Vitamin C your body won’t’ absorb a lot of it, that’s because Vitamin C acts as a transporter and is essential in Collagen synthesis. That’s why I love our Collagen because it already contains vitamin C and tastes delicious! Plus ours is hydrolyzed branded peptides (Peptinex B), the meaning is really high-quality raw material with studies to back it up, not the cheap gelatin quality that other brands use.  

Tell us how the Love Spell really works. Would you say if you’re having a high libido the Love Spell would not work?

Love Spell is such an exciting product! The formulation contains a blend of herbs and roots traditionally known to improve women’s libido, mood, and muscle relaxation. However the surprise effect is that it acts through a slow build up sensation which is ideal for women, since we have so much in our minds sometimes the last thing we want to do at the end of a busy day is to have sex, it takes time to get into the mood and Love Spell works perfectly. If you have a high libido Love Spell will magnify it, all women have different hormone levels so it depends per individual.  

How do you make sure anyone can find Glamour Nutrition

You can find a store near you via the store locator button at Bed Bath and Beyond, Harmon Stores, over 1,000 nutrition shops carries Glamour products and of course online at Amazon,,, and 

What sacrifices have you had to make while building Glamour Nutrition?

I had to sacrifice weekends, friendships and many relationships including breaking off an engagement. That was the hardest sacrifice of all but necessary because it was affecting my performance at work and for someone to be with me, they have to understand and support my passion for work. I’m not the traditional stay at home woman. It takes a very confident man to be with someone that is always traveling, having meetings with other men, attending events and barely at home. Either way, I believe that there is a perfect match for everyone and I will not lose hope!

Do you believe in destiny or do you think you can control your fate?

I believe that life is a mix of both. Some experiences are destined while you ultimately have free will to change your fate. You create your reality but you have the tools that were handed to you prior, for example, your body, your mindset, your family and the country you were born, those aspects of your life were already predetermined so can be considered destined but what you do with them afterward is your free will changing the circumstances. Also, your mind and focus will have a big impact in your future so the present moment is the most important to change any outcome you want. 

What is your favorite aspect of becoming an entrepreneur?

That you have no routine! I love that every day is different, I have to wear so many hats and learned so much so quickly, one day is focused on legal matters, next marketing, next sales, next administrative, next events, next design, next financial, next production and so on … I love the variety that my work provides because I would quickly become bored if I had to just do the same repetitive work every day. 

Would you say you like being an entrepreneur more than being a model/actress?

100%! It is so much more fulfilling! I get to really use my intellect and talents. Although I loved acting too because I’m very artistic, but modeling was very boring and sometimes straight up uncomfortable because I felt like a piece of meat a lot of the times and that I hated it. 

How would you describe your work style while running your business?

A balance between intuitive and logical insights. I use my internal compass and I always gather my priorities for the week on Sunday.  I get intuitive insights throughout my day on who should I call, what to say, where to go etc.. but I logically organize and plan with my team, so it’s very unique and casual style at the same time. I give my team freedom to make suggestions, but they know to keep focused on the goal. I have an open dialogue with them because I’m really big on teamwork, it’s a good flow. When it feels like everything is flowing we get much better results rather than just pure pressure. 

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