• Work Hard Play Hard

    Renske Roumen ''Work hard play hard, is a saying that really explains my lifestyle the past few years. This way of thinking got me here: six months to South Africa,  two weeks to Morocco,  5 months  to Bali and 1 month Thailand in JUST two years. How do I do it?''
  • by Chandria Lucious

    I Know What To Say When I Meet Oprah

    Determined individuals dream of the day an opportunity presents for them to shake hands, embrace, communicate, or be recognized from elite professionals in their field of interest.  We wonder how will the opportunity present, and what would the conversation entail? We might even say to ourselves, “If I could just meet XYZ… “
  • How To Get A Little Smarter Everyday!

    Pauleanna has been such an inspiration to the many young women that she mentors because she is a fighter. As a motivational speaker, people often see just what is on the surface which is a happy, smart and beautiful young woman that seems like she always had "it together" but at the core of her being (like many of us) she is a survivor who has had