Career & Finance

  • by Ashley Coleman

    Save More YOU For YOU

    I often hear the word "selfish" used negatively to describe someone who invest time in themselves. As I grow older, I'm starting to see that we all need to become a little more selfish. We need to become selfish with our time, with our energy, and sometimes even with our things.
  • by Melissa Fino

    Four Signs your Client is Toxic

    Yay! Your business is flourishing. Sales are through the roof and you’re no longer struggling to get clients in through the doors. But alas here comes the client from hell. The one who always has a problem, drains you financially and emotionally, and wholeheartedly believes that there will never be a solution to their problem. You wonder why did th
  • by Melissa Fino

    4 Reads To Inspire Your Work Flow in 2018

    4 Reads To Inspire Your Work Flow in 2018. When stuck we tend to brew in self-loath and more often than not, are reluctant to ask for advice or discuss our failures with friends or partners at work. Here are brief reviews of books that you can look into if you are in need of an inspiration or a magic butt-kick.